The Smok Stick 80w is one of the latest starter kits from Smok.

smok stick 80w in handSmok have been in the game now from 2010, probably one of the biggest household vape names in the business and the contributor to one of the longest running debates in the vaping industry……..Just how do you pronounce Smok???

Their products are easily available online and in literally every brick and mortar store on the planet

Smok have tons of products and a number of recent releases such as the Nord pod system, Morph 219 vape mod and SMOK TFV16 sub ohm tank that have really hit the mark. There are also several variants of the TF tank range out there.

What Can We Expect From the Smok Stick 80w?

The Smok Stick 80w is a tube mod and tank combo, heavier than you would probably expect but it is a solid bit of steel. Currently available in 6 colours there is bound to be one you will like.colour options

The device has a built in 2800mAh battery and is a variable wattage mod, meaning you can fine tune the vape the way you like it unlike other Smok tube mod variants.

The TFV Mini V2 tank has a 2ml capacity, unlike the TF Tank that has a 6ml capacity. Being in the UK, the one we will be talking about has come with the TFV Mini V2 tank. You have to love those TPD rules.

So let’s get underway and find out how this setup performs and if it is one of the best sub ohm vape pens this year.

The Smok Stick 80w was sent to me for the purposes of this review, I will give you my honest opinion after testing the product for a couple of weeks.

UK/Europe – Spend £40 Save £12 – Code ECC
USA – Save 10% With Code DNA10
Rest of World – Free Shipping

In The Box

  • 1 x TFV-Mini V2 Tank (2ml Capacity)
  • 1 x Stick 80w Battery mod
  • 1 x USB cable
  • 1 x Mini V2 S1 0.15ohm Single Mesh Coil (Preinstalled)
  • 1 x Mini V2 S2 0.15ohm Quadruple Coil
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Spare parts

Kit Contents


Battery Mod

  • Dimensions: 95mm x 24.5mm
  • Weight 117g
  • Battery Capacity 2800mAh
  • Input Voltage 3.3V-4.2V
  • Output Voltage 0.6V-4.1V
  • Resistance Range 0.15ohm – 2.5ohm
  • Output Power 5 – 80w

TFV-Mini V2 Tank

  • Material Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions 25.4mm x 54mm
  • Weight 65g
  • Capacity 2ml
  • 510 thread

Design and Build Quality

This is a tried and proven design style, although the tube style may not be everyone’s style choice but I have to say, I’m quite a fan of it. The Smok Stick 80w feels good and solid in the hand.smok stick 80w in hand

The finish is fantastic even with matching O rings through the device including the tank and fire button, a nice wee touch.

The tank screws onto a spring mounted 510 connection, meaning you are not stuck with just the TFV tank, anything up to 24.5mm in diameter will give you zero overhang.

On the base where you change to wattage, the turn dial feels solid and secure, after two weeks of twisting and turning it is showing no signs of weakness. smok stick 80w base with wattage and stick logo

Fire Button

The fire button is positioned perfectly for either thumb or finger hits, whatever is your preference.

It also has a 8 second safety cutoff to stop any overheating.

5 clicks turns the Smok Stick 80w on, 5 clicks will turn it off.

The Smok TFV Mini V2 Tank

As a Smok tank, you can be pretty confident that the vapour production is going to be spot on, flavour on the other hand over the past year could be called questionable.smok TFV mini V2 Tank mouthpiece

The TFV Mini V2 tank has a push button and twist opening mechanism, this is solid and you will have no fears of it opening in your pocket.

With its 2ml capacity, this has been opened and closed quite a few times and absolutely no sign of failure. The drip tip is not a standard 510 or 810 tip but you can buy alternative tips online if you wish.

The Coils

You get two coils with this kit, a 0.15ohm mesh coil and a 0.15 Kanthal coil. new mesh coil

The mesh coil comes preinstalled in the tank, I would totally recommend starting off with this coil to get the absolute full potential of the tanks flavour and vapour production.New S2 coil

The Mini V2 coils have been specifically redesigned for this tank.

How To Change the TFV Mini V2 Tank Coil

It’s quite simple to change the coil, however, if you do have some juice left in the tank you will lose it, so best to empty it first.

  1. Unscrew the bottom of the tank, the tank base will come off with the coil.
  2. Unscrew the coil from the base, screw in a new one and re-screw it all onto the tank.

You can prime the coil first with a few drops of juice, or put it all together, fill the tank and leave it for five or so minutes.SMOK TFV mini v2 tank parts

How to fill the Smok TFV Mini V2 tank

It’s very easy to do:

  1. Press the button on top of the tank and turn counter clockwise
  2. Squeeze your juice into the bean shaped hole, making sure not to place it in the central air hole
  3. Turn the lid clockwise, closing firmly.

how to fill the SMOK TFV Mini V2 tank

How Does The Smok Stick 80w Perform?

So when I received this, I was quite excited until I saw the tank. If I’m being honest, I’ve had several variants of the TFV tank over the last few years with varying levels of success.

They have always had fantastic cloud production but the flavour has not always been there. This time though, we could be onto a winner.
Outdoor image of Stick 80WThe mod itself is simple to use, a simple twist of the base adjusts your wattage, no over complicated menu layouts, no fighting with how to get it off temperature control.

Just simply twist to your wattage, which increases in 5’s and press the button. The instant you press that button the coil is going to ramp up, it really is an impressively fast ramp up.
wattage control stick 80wThe wattage is between 5 to 80 watts, simply twist left or right to select your preference.

Once you have turned to 80, you cannot round robin (continue turning) to 5, you have to go the opposite direction.

Flavour and Cloud Production

This was were I was worried, as it happens, unnecessarily so.

The vapour production is excellent from both variants of coils and the flavour, well, I can’t fault it.

The mesh coils pips the Kanthal coil for flavour but only just.

I have tried a few different juices over the last couple of weeks, Drip Hacks Smashberry, Titanic Vapours Lemon Custard, Vaponairs Chestnut Cake and Barista Bew Co’s Salted Caramel Macchiato.

All bang on the money, again the mesh coil is top of the two coils.

Coil Life

With a couple of weeks testing under my belt I each coil for a week.

Both coils after one week of use show no signs of drop in flavour or vapour production, I would confidently say you could potentially get a couple of weeks if not 3 from a coil.mesh coil after 7 days use

Obviously, the sweeter the juice you use, the quicker of shorter the lifespan of the coil could be.


So this is a direct to lung setup, the airflow for me wide open is spot on, not too airy.

The airflow can be loud but doesn’t whistle as you inhale, just a bit of a turbulence noise.smok TFV mini V2 Tank airflow

You will find a more restrictive pull with the Kanthal coil, which does make sense considering there are smaller holes where the coils are compared to the mesh coil.

Juice Consumption

Again, this is a 2ml tank it’s a cloud chucker. If you are out for a 15 minute vape break from the office, you will drain that tank.

So, if you are going to be out and about for any more than 15 minutes, don’t forget to bring your bottle of juice with you.

Vapour Production

Clouds, clouds everywhere. It’s a Smok tank, the vapour production is first class, nice thick bellowing clouds, you’ll hotbox a small room in only a few pulls.

SMOK Stick 80W Battery Life

The 2800 mAh battery under a full charge should last you a full day of reserved vaping, if you a serial chain vaper, you should get about 3 to 4 hours out of the battery.charging the SMOK Stick 80w

Charging the battery couldn’t be simpler, plug in the Micro USB cable into the side and walk away.

You can use the device while charging, but I really would not recommend this with any vape device.

To get the battery fully charged will only take a couple of hours.


  • Design
  • Easy to use
  • Fits in the pocket
  • Excellent Battery Life
  • Variable Wattage
  • Excellent flavour


  • The only thing I didn’t like was the 2ml tank but this is no fault of SMOKtech

Final Review Verdict

The SMOK Stick 80W is a cracking piece of kit that I have thoroughly enjoyed using and will continue to use when out and about.

Perfect for anyone wanting to break into direct lung vaping and even for the hardcore vaper that wants something for a nice and easy change. This kit performs for all levels.

Would I buy the SMOK Stick 80W again if I somehow lost it? I would indeed.

In fact, the kit is staying in my regular use selection of kit. Lets just say, I’ve just ordered more coils!

UK/Europe – Spend £40 Save £12 – Code ECC
USA – Save 10% With Code DNA10
Rest of World – Free Shipping

Build Quality - Mod
Build Quality - Tank
Design - Mod
Design - Tank
Ease of Use
Ease of Use
Buy Again if Lost?
Vaping since 2015, I started an Instagram page dedicated to the vape that has over 2k followers and climbing. A fan of all things tech (Geek and Proud), vaping was a natural step as it included both nicotine and technology. I started vaping with a simple budget pen setup, now, vaping is my main hobby and I'm passionate about getting people to switch from smoking to vaping.


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