VApril challenge

The UK Vape Industry Launches Campaign To Help Smokers Switch To E-Cigarettes This April

Smokers are being urged to try the 3 step VApril Challenge by using e-cigarettes to help them quit smoking.

The campaign is being organized by the UK Vaping Industry Association [UKVIA] and has received celebrity endorsement!

The month long event is being fronted by TV celebrity doctor Dr Christian Jessen – who’s best known for shining a light in some very nasty places in the hit show Embarrassing Bodies.

UKVIA – who are the largest body in the sector represent manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, distributors and ancillary service providers say this is the biggest campaign ever run by the UK vaping industry and will feature:

  • Vaping Master Classes
  • A Free Guide To Vaping
  • And A Huge Social Media Campaign

John Dunne one of the directors of the UKVIA said:

This will be the largest campaign ever run by the vaping industry and reflects how far the sector has come in a relatively short period of time.

The challenge for the industry, government and the public health community is to get across the message that e-cigarettes are a very small risk compared to smoking and that nearly 3m smokers are now vaping, with a significant number having switched over altogether.

VApril aims to be the starting point for more smokers to quit their habit.

Absolutely and let’s hope the VApril campaign gets more of the UK’s estimated 7.5million smokers off the cancer sticks and into vaping or at least far safer alternatives.

Vaping Master Classes And Guide To Vaping Booklet

Vape shops up and down the country will be holding Vaping Master Classes where staff will introduce smokers and new vapers to the right vaping products and crucially the right e-liquid flavours and nicotine strengths to help them make the switch.

The classes are to be held in selected vape shops up and down the country and over in Northern Ireland and a full list of participating stores is available on the site.

vapril booklet

There will also be an opportunity for new vapers to get a FREE smoker2vaper starter kit – click the VApril links for more info.

The FREE 6 page vaping guide can be collected from participating vape shops OR downloaded from the VApril website and includes advice on:

  • The best way to make the transition from smoker to vaper
  • The different nicotine strengths to select in line with your smoking habits
  • The range of devices on the market to use at different stages in your vaping journey from ‘vaping first timers’ to ‘vaping veterans’
  • The different components that make up a vape device
  • 5 vaping facts to encourage you to quit smoking

Vapril campaign

Dr Christian Jessen is 100% behind the campaign and is indeed the public face of VApril and said:

I have never smoked, but know all too well through the struggles of my patients that smoking is one of the hardest bad health habits to break. I now always advise them to vape or go cold turkey as first choices in stopping smoking.

I am always amazed and disappointed to hear that we still have 7m smokers in this country and, according to PHE, around 40% of them have never tried vaping.

Furthermore, more than half of the population don’t realize that vaping is a fraction of the risk of smoking.

That’s why I’m a big supporter of the idea of a national vaping awareness campaign such as VApril, which is being organised by the UK Vaping Industry Association.

Vapril Vaping Awareness Dr Christian Jessen
Vapril Vaping Awareness Dr Christian Jessen

I’d encourage you to take the first steps to quitting by taking the VApril challenge and learn about how vaping can be a life changing decision for the good of your health.

That’s why I’m a committed supporter of the idea of a national vaping awareness campaign such as VApril to encourage smokers to take the first steps to quitting their habit.

Already some 1.5m vapers have given up smoking altogether, but more education is needed to ensure this figure keeps growing.

Public Health England (PHE) has just published further evidence that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking and that it represents one of the most successful ways to quit.

Big name vaping advocates are also throwing their weight behind the campaign with none other than Clive Bates tweeting this message to Dr Jessen:

vapril clive bates

Jac Vapour is also backing the campaign saying:

JAC Vapour are proud to be supporting VApril. Organised by UKVIA, the UK Vaping Industry Association, the campaign runs throughout April aiming raise awareness about vaping, vaping responsibly and the health benefits of vaping compared to smoking.

I have to say this looks like it’s going to be massive and we’ll keep you informed of all the VApril events as they unfold.

Follow the hashtag #vapril over on Twitter for up to the moment information and I can tell you it’s already a very busy topic!

And of course check out the VApril website for more information.

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