Tiny TC Box Mod From SMY But How Does It Perform?

The SMY60 TC Mini is a variable wattage box mod capable of 5-60 Watts featuring temperature control. This mod is highly compact and supports Kanthal, Nickel and Titanium coils.TC Mini SMY60

SMY60 TC Mini Features

  • Variable wattage. 5-60 Watts.
  • Requires a single 18650 battery. (Sold separately)
  • Spring loaded 510 pin.
  • Constructed from Aluminium and Zinc alloy materials. Battery cover is carbon fibre.
  • Strong magnetic battery door.
  • Large LCD display which shows vaping information as well as date and time.
  • 200° – 600°F temperature control adjustment.
  • Height: 82mm. Width: 46.8mm. Depth: 26mm.
  • Atomizer resistance: 0.1-6.0 Ohm.
  • Input Voltage: 3.2-4.2 Volts.

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Box Contents

  • 1x SMY60 TC Mini.
  • 1x Micro USB Charging Cable.
  • 1x Authenticity Card.
  • 1x Microfibre Cleaning Cloth.
  • 1x User Manual

Everything comes in a compact box very much like the mod itself. The manual is detailed complete with pictures.

Looks / Build / Ease of Use

One thing you can be sure of with this mod is that it has some very unique styling. On one side of you have this hologram style carbon fibre pattern and on the other you have a large LCD display.Front smy60

When I first showed the display to a friend of mine his first response was “Does it play Snake?” While the remark was somewhat facetious you really do notice the difference with the SMY60’s display compared to typical mods. In many ways it would give some older models of smart phones a run for their money.

The display features every piece of information a vaper could possibly want ranging from battery charge, resistance, puff counter, temperature (when in that mode), wattage, voltage. It even displays the time and date. The wattage or temperature is displayed very much like a car speedometer.SMY60 TC Mod Review

Now while all this sounds somewhat over the top I personally think its kind of cool because it makes the mod very unique and the features are certainly handy.

The mod itself has very solid construction. The 510 pin is spring loaded and I have had no issues when using any of my drippers and tanks, everything has fitted completely flush. The 510 pin mount also features grooved air channels so any Sub Ohm tanks you use will be sufficiently cooled.510 connection

The buttons do feel a little bit cheap but they are suitably clicky. The main fire button wobbles ever so slightly at times but only by a very small degree but it always works. The plus and minus buttons have no issues at all.

The battery compartment lid is held on by magnets and while it is easily removed, perhaps a little too easily it is a extremely good fit and very secure. The mod takes a single 18650 battery which has to be inserted with the positive connection facing down.Battery compartment on smy60

There is also a ribbon inside to help with battery removal and while it does the job it is a little bit too long and often you have to fuss with it so you can fit the lid down properly. Personally I would just be tempted to cut it a little shorter.

Ease of use

The SMY60 is very straightforward to use. The user manual is decent enough at explaining things so if you buy this mod you certainly won’t feel totally lost.

  • Five clicks switches the device on and five clicks switches it off.
  • Hold the fire button to vape.
  • The plus and minus buttons increase or decrease the wattage or temperature when in that mode.
  • Holding the plus and minus buttons down together locks and unlocks the device.
  • Three clicks activates the menu system and the plus minus buttons allow you to swap. between options. The fire button selects/confirms a option.
  • The menu also allows you to swap between wattage mode or temperature control mode.
  • You can select either “TC” (Celsius), “TF” (Fahrenheit) or “P” for Power/Wattage.

This mod has a lot of various options that would take me far too long to cover but like I said it is all in the manual and a lot of it is easy to work out for yourself.

The only one minor concern I noticed was that the menu features a option called automatic vaping. Be very careful with that since I hit it by accident and noticed my dripper continued to fire. I presume there is a cut off and it can probably be adjusted by yet another menu option but just to be on the safe side make sure that the vaping mode is set to manual.

How does the SMY60 TC Mini vape?

I first tested my Freakshow Mini with this mod and it performed solidly. At 35 Watts with a 1.0 Ohm single coil I got a great vape.

I then tested the temperature control using my Sense Herakles Sub Ohm tank which was fitted with one of the new Ni200 coils. This mod works like many others and will ask you if you are fitting a new atomizer, so in my case I selected the “Yes” option. After that I had to go into the menu and select “TF” (Temperature Farenheit) since this mod doesn’t automatically switch modes for you.REM Entry RDA on SMY60 TC Mod

At 460F with my Herakles full of Epic Juices’ Wake “n” Vape I got a absolutely lovely vape and while it might be some minor annoyance to some that the wattage isn’t also adjustable in this mode it didn’t actually bother me in the slightest.Doge X2 on the SMY60 TC

I think what I enjoy the most about vaping with the SMY60 is the way it feels in the hand. It has just the right weight, size and balance.

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Final Review Verdict

All in all I really like the SMY60 TC Mini. It is very compact and feels comfortable in the hand.

I’m sure there will be some people that don’t especially care for the large speedometer style display but the mod does feature stealth mode so it’s nothing that can’t be hidden away.

For a solid, well constructed and great performing 60 Watt mod that features temperature control and takes a replaceable battery I really can find nothing to fault about it.

The Good

  • Compact
  • Uses a replaceable 18650 battery, which can be both a pro and a con depending on the individual.
  • Well made
  • Lots of features
  • Includes temperature control

The Not So Good

  • Display could seem somewhat over the top to some people
  • Menu has lots of options so might initially be very confusing
  • Wattage cannot be adjusted when temperature control is enabled
  • Temperature mode cannot be cycled with the plus and minus buttons between Celsius or
  • Fahrenheit like with other mods. You need to go into the menu and choose one or the other.
Build Quality
Ease of Use
I have been vaping for four years now. I was a 20 a day smoker and a friend of mine encouraged me to give vaping a try. He gifted me with a ego/ce4 set up and some juice and to be fair I found it reasonable but not ideal so I was still also smoking. I went to my local B&M and got some good advice regarding what vaping gear would suit me, as well as finding some juice more to my liking. For a couple of months I used a Vamo V5 but I kept seeing these shiny tube mods and I wondered what they were. After some investigation I discovered they were called mechanical mods and I had to buy my own. From that point I was completely off the cigarettes and quite satisfied with my set up. I eventually moved on the rebuildable devices with my first RDA and RTA. I love vaping and I have no plans to ever stop because there are so many new flavours to discover and a vast amount of different devices with newer technologies to try. While I still own a couple of mechanical mods my preference these days is VW box mods and I really do enjoy a vape with temperature control. I also make my own e-juice as time allows.


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