The Snowplus Pro pod system is looking to offer something that little bit different to the growing number of pod systems on the market.

They say this unassuming pod can be charged in 18 minutes. Of course this is done by their ‘Super Charge Technology’. We will of course test that out later.Snowplus Pro Vape

Almost forgot to mention.. the Snowplus Pro also has a party mode and we all love a good party right?

What Can We expect from the Snowplus Pro Pod?

The Pro comes with a 450mAh battery under the hood as well as USB-C fast charging and a claim of an 18 Minute charge. The pod system is aimed at the ‘no fuss’ vaper with pre filled pods and no buttons to press, simply inhale and you’re vaping.

The classic pods are available in 15 flavours with various nic strengths of 3 or 5% (30mg / 50mg) so these cannot be legally sold out of the UK or TPD controlled countries. Also available are zero nicotine pods and smokeless which as the name suggest emits no vapour on the exhale.

OK.. That’s the short of it. Now let’s have a look in a bit more detail and see how the Snowplus Pro pod system performs!

This device was sent free of charge for the purposes of review. As always our views are our own.

In The Box

  • Snowplus Pro (Battery only – No pod!)
  • USB-C charge cable
  • Instruction Manual


  • 450 mAh Battery
  • Type C Charge Port
  • IPX5 Dust & Water resistant coating
  • Zinc Alloy Build
  • 18 Minute Charge Time
  • Smart Battery Indicator (Device vibrates when a charge is needed)
  • Automatic (Inhale to vape, no buttons to press)

Design and Build Quality


The Snowplus Pro body is made from Zinc Alloy and IPX5 dust and water resistant coating.

I’ve got to say this does give a very nice smooth feel in the hand. Nothing plasticy here either. It’s solid.Snowplus Pro pod system review

The weight.. Ooh yeah.. I like the weight. A pod system that you know is there and doesn’t leave you searching every pocket wondering where you put it.

On the body of the device there are a couple of indicator lights sit at the bottom front of the device, one in the shape of a snowflake and the other a ‘+’. Ahhhhhh.. I see what they did there..Snowplus Pro Pod and Battery

The + sign acts as the battery indicator and is activated by tapping the device twice, this will show you the status of the battery. At first this seemed to be a bit hit and miss but the key here is to give it two firm taps then it works every time.

Party Mode

Now don’t get too excited here.. The term party should be taken extremely lightly. This function is activated by tapping 5 times in quick succession.

What do you get?

The ‘+’ sign flashes through a number of colours for 4-5 seconds and stops. I guess the vibration bit could get some ready to party but this only lasts for half a second or so.

Not entirely sure why that’s there. Maybe just to show off the haptic feedback tapping feature a little more me thinks..


The pods are made from Easterman Tritan Copolyster which is a BPA free material, if you want to know a little more about that you can check this page out.Snowplus Pro pods

The coil/atomiser on the inside is ‘Truefeel HoneyComb Ceramic’ which is said to help with a smooth mouthfeel and strong throat hit. Not sure what a smooth mouth feel is but I guess we will find out soon!Snowplus Pro refills

Their sales page also states they are leak free so we will be sure to check that out below.

Placing the pods into the battery also causes a small vibration of the battery to let you know the pod is securely in place. Not necessarily needed but a nice touch nonetheless.

Overall Impression

Overall I’m pretty impressed with the Snowplus Pro device design and build quality as a whole. From the images on their sales page I was thinking it just looks like all the other pod systems out there.

And while that is true.. haha..

They have improved on the current designs. It feels superb in the hand, being the saddo that I am it was almost a pleasure. (Disclaimer: I’ve been in lockdown for 6 weeks).

The other thing is the weight which I have already touched on. I really like the fact it feels heavier than most pod systems that seem to drive toward the lightest they can possibly make them.

This in turn feels like you have a solid device that will last an age no matter how clumsy you are.

Branding is minimal√ – Lines are smooth √. The more I have this in hand the more I appreciate it. Even the packaging ticks all the boxes, straight out of the Apple school of design. Even the pod boxes have a smooth to touch finish.Snowplus Pro packaging

OK, enough sounding off to what, in pictures, looks like a bog standard design. We all know it’s not all about the aesthetics. It’s all about the performance.

How Does the Snowplus Pro Vape Perform?

Very well! As should be expected from vape devices today.

On the inhale the device reacts instantly with no lag to your vape and the vape is smooth as they promised.

The only immediate issue I haven’t touched on above is that the kit doesn’t come with a pod included in the kit. Not single one. Not great in my book and not sure why companies still do this.

It’s not very clear on their sales page that there is no pod included so if you are buying this please remember to buy a pack of pods or you will be sorely disappointed.

Flavour Pods

There are 23 flavours across their Nicotine (Classic), Smoke Free and Nicotine free ranges.

They are colour coded as well so if you have a few flavours on the go you will be able to keep track of what’s what.Snowplus pro coloured flavour pods

We received 5 to test from the Classic range. The pods contain 1.5ml of e-liquid.

There are no descriptions for the flavours themselves apart from a star rating (out of 5) for ‘Coolness’. ‘Sweetness’ and ‘Richness’.

They do however state the following:

SNOWPLUS Classic Pods are made using our original vapor formula based on vegetable glycerin and rich flavors developed in-house by our expert team. They produce a smooth, satisfying vapor, which our 4th generation double-seal technology radically minimizes leaks.

OK, onto the flavours.

Peach Tea

Snowplus pro peach tea pods

They Say

  • Coolness – 4
  • Sweetness – 4
  • Richness – 2

I Say:

I’ve got a thing for iced tea vapes ever since I tried a Lemon Iced Tea vape a few months back. If I hadn’t of tried that it wouldn’t have been something I would have personally bought.

I have to say, they are super refreshing and this is no different. The peach is there in just the right amounts, it is touching on floral but not too sweet as alluded to in the star rating.

The coolness is definitely a plus point for me. Paired with the Peach it really does a damn good job of replicating the Iced tea flavour.

Very refreshing, very moorish and an easy all day vape for me. I’d definitely buy this one again.

Orange Soda Pops

Snowplus pro orange soda pods

They Say:

  • Coolness – 3
  • Sweetness – 3
  • Richness – 3

I Say:

Now I’m guessing that most people have had a can or bottle of fizzy orange before. If so then this is pretty close. The orange is on the sweeter side, rather than the sharp fresh kind. The cooling effect, again, delivers a refreshing vape.

Not as strong as ‘cool’ as the Peach Ice Tea flavour but in this case a good thing for my tastes.

I like this one, not far off the taste of Fanta with a slight fizz coming through. Could I vape this all day? While I’m not normally a huge fan of the sweeter fruit vapes I’ve been vaping this regularly throughout the day no problem.

Cappuccino – Nicotine Free

Snowplus pro cappuccino coffee pods

They Say:

  • Coolness – 4
  • Sweetness – 4
  • Richness – 2

I Say:

This is part of the nicotine free range but does have 0.4mg/g of caffeine.

Despite being an avid coffee drinker I’ve only found one coffee vape that I really liked, that was Vaporfi Catch ya Latte. That’s not to say I could vape it all day, more of an occasional vape for me.

The Snowplus Cappuccino has slight chocolate notes to it with hint of creamy milk coming through on the exhale. The throat hit is none existent, unsurprisingly, due to the zero nic content.

As for the caffeine, I’m pretty heavy on that through the day so couldn’t notice any major difference! 🙂

This isn’t a flavour for me, just not to my tastes for a vape. So keep that in mind. If you personally like coffee vapes then it offers what it says on the tin so to speak.

Ice Cola – Smokeless

Snowplus pro ice cola pods

They Say:

  • Coolness – 4
  • Sweetness – 3
  • Richness – 3

I Say:

I like this one straight away, mainly because it it got cleared the previous cappuccino flavour out of my mouth quicktime! ha

This is straight from the old school cola bottles, if you are a fan of them you are in luck. This is pretty much a spot on replication of the fizzy variety. Again a nice cooling comes into play that leaves the cola lingering in the mouth after exhale.

Only downside to this is that the vapour volume is pretty weak. OK.. After taking some images I realised this is a ‘smokeless’ flavour.. Like I said, lock down brain!

So with that in mind these are definitely ‘vapourless’ with a mouth to lung vape and with a deeper direct to lung you get a little vapour. One for the stealth vapers!

Classic Tobacco

Snowplus pro classic tobacco pods

They Say:

  • Coolness – 1
  • Sweetness – 2
  • Richness – 5

I Say:

The Classic Tobacco gives that earthy tobacco flavour. There is a slight sweetness to it on the exhale that takes that rich edge off just a touch.

While my last cigarette was around 10 years, for me, it does a good job in rekindling that distant memory of what tobacco tasted like. I think smokers making the switch will take to it well as an alternative.

So, overall the flavours were very good. Whether I liked them or not (personal taste) they matched the descriptions on the box. The vape, despite the high nic strengths, were smooth while still giving you that all familiar throat tickle.


They claim zero leaks and that I can confirm. Even when I unplugged the stoppers that come in the pod cartridge holes there wasn’t so much as a drop of e-liquid anywhere at any time. Very well done.

Battery Life / Charging Time

The 450mAh battery is a good capacity for this type of device. It saw me through a day of vaping moderately which is great for a pod system. With these high nic strengths chain vaping is out of the question for me so less vape time needed.

As always, this will differ from vaper to vaper.Snowplus Pro Vape Pod

Charging was impressive as well. The ‘+’ sign light turned red, so I popped it on charge using a 2A charger. The ‘+’ sign light pulsed white as it was charging then on approx 20 minutes turned off. So if that indicates a full charge then it’s pretty good going.


  • Excellent build quality
  • Good flavours
  • Quick charging
  • Very good battery life
  • Zero leakage


  • Kit doesn’t come with any pods (They need to be purchased separately at time of order)

Final Thoughts

On seeing the product online I thought this was just going to be a rebranded version of many pods we have seen before. As it turns out the Snowplus Pro pod system is a great choice in the ever increasing world of pod vapes. It ticks a lot of boxes.

The build quality is one of the best for a pod I’ve had my hands on, charging time is excellent as is the battery life and there’s no sign of leaking anywhere. While it may not fit the needs for long standing vapers, the simplicity is perfect for smokers making the switch.

The flavours I received didn’t all hit the spot but this is more down to personal preference. What they all did was deliver the flavour they promised on the box.

The main downside for me is that there is no pod included in the kit so please keep this in mind if buying.

Would I buy the Snowplus Pro again if lost or damaged? Yes I would.

Jonny - Ecigclick

As the founder of Ecigclick, I've been vaping since 2010 and been cigarette free ever since. Ecigclick began with the aim to simplify & help smokers make an informed decision to make the switch to vaping. The Ecigclick team have personally tried and tested over 2000 products over the past 12 years. If you need help getting started vaping or just want to say hi then please feel free to get in touch. The team and I will help where we can!

Build Quality
Ease of Use
Orange Soda Pop
Ice Cola
Classic Tobacco
Peach ice Tea
Replace if Lost
As the founder of Ecigclick, I've been vaping since 2010 and been cigarette free ever since. Ecigclick began with the aim to simplify & help smokers make an informed decision to make the switch to vaping. The Ecigclick team have personally tried and tested over 2000 products over the past 12 years. If you need help getting started vaping or just want to say hi then please feel free to get in touch. The team and I will help where we can!
snowplus-pro-reviewA quality pod system that delivers very good battery life, quick charging and good flavours.


  1. For the party mode, after switching it to party mode it does two things. When you inhale the plus indicator cycles through colors. For the actual party mode, you have to shake it to keep the color cycle going. Pretty cool. I discovered it by accident.


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