Improved Health and Tips on Issues With Your New Vape Device

As we come to the end of the first week of Stoptober – for those of you quitting the cancer sticks first up well done and secondly we’ll take a look at a few common issues newcomers have with their vape devices.Stoptober End of Week one

OK so let’s look at week one without smoking via vaping and the benefits you – your body and indeed bank balance has gained!

We know by now the human body is a remarkable thing and after just 20 minutes without a cigarette it has begun healing itself – in this case your pulse rate has dropped.

According to research 8 hours in is when you get those first hard cravings – I remember being on a long haul flight to India when I was a smoker and literally eating a packet of that gum 9 hours into the flight lol.

If you’ve got your vape device set up correctly and have a reasonably high level of nicotine in your e-liquid you really do need to remind yourself it’s the nic not the cig causing your cravings!

So if you’ve got through this stage then well done you for sticking it out!

If you’ve lapsed don’t worry and certainly don’t give up vaping – very many people myself included were dual smokers and vapers for a long time.

Wow I Can Smell the Coffee and Taste the Coffee!

You might have noticed after 2 or 3 days of completely cutting out the fags that if by a miracle your smell and taste – buds have suddenly pinged back into life.

The most amazing effect on me when I finally quit completely was the taste of the strong lager I’d drank for years – bloody horrible lol – I’m now a real ale man and whilst my waistline doesn’t like it my taste buds do!

OK after one week without a cigarette and vaping the correct amount of nicotine strength in your chosen e-liquid the worst of it is pretty much over.

vapers tongue

The physical effects that is – because now comes the brain telling you all the time ‘you need a fag’.

Make sure your vape device is never far away at these times and when that smoking devil on your shoulder chatters in your ear – vape on!

It’s also about this time the body begins to purge all the crap from your lungs – so developing a cough is perfectly natural.

However a small minority of vapers can be a little sensitive to the PG [Propylene Glycol] that’s found in e-liquid – for more info read my piece on Vaping Side Effects.

OK so just one week in and by keeping your nic levels at an acceptable level and the 95% safer than smoking e-cigarette mimicking muscle memories and throat hit from years of smoking you’re well on your way to quitting.

Excellent and well done you 🙂


BTW here’s a handy link to a calculator that shows you how much cash you’ve saved by quitting smoking – it’s an eye opener to say the least!

For instance if your packet of 20 cigs costs say £10 and you smoke 40 per day – you will have saved a mind blowing £140 this week.


Common Issues With New Vape Devices

So one week in how are you getting on with your chosen device?

If your struggling with the one you’ve got then do check out our detailed article on the very best vaping starter kits.

Obviously I can’t list every single device out there you’re having an issue with but here’s a few tips.

Nasty or Burning Taste

There’s a lot of reasons for this including vaping with too much wattage – check the coil and follow the recommended wattage etched on the side.

If you’re using a tank with a coil this could mean the coil needs changing – but after just a week there may be an issue with how you have managed the coil.

One habit you need to get into is so called ‘priming your coil’.

All this means is before adding any coil to your tank drizzle the tiniest amount of e-liquid into the exposed cotton areas – not too much just enough to get it going.

Then once in your tank correctly and filled leave for at least 10minutes for the juice to soak to the core – not doing this will result in burning your coils hence the nasty taste.

Tank is Leaking

Again without knowing exactly what tank you have I can only list the more obvious reasons some tanks and e-cigs do indeed leak!

First up if it’s a cheap one from the corner shop or market then maybe that’s just the way it is!

So the most common reasons for leaking are:

  • Faulty O Rings – check the rubber rings on all seals are intact and replace with your spares
  • Check Threads – make sure there’s not e-liquid in the threads and they are not cross threaded
  • Coil Seated Correctly – your coil should be screwed into place firmly
  • High PG – e-liquids with high PG ratios can be thinner/runnier for some tanks
  • Stand Upright – don’t leave it on it’s side and maybe take it apart at night

void vape pen in hand

Tank Gets Very Hot

  • Chain Vaping – take a pause between inhaling to let everything cool down
  • Open Airflow – if your tank has airflow open it up more
  • Drip Tip – try changing your drip tip to one made of Delrin which dissipates heat better

Awful Flavour

This could be down to the coil in your tank reaching its end of life because of after a week most coils on low wattage should still be good to go for a while yet!

If the inside of your coil looks gunky or burned then you have no choice but to swap it out.

Make sure next time you add a coil you follow the steps above – prime it – fill it – wait ten minutes – vape!

Week One Done Phew Well Done You!

Yeah once again well done for getting through what many ex-smokers say was the toughest week on their quitting journey.

It’s all down hill from now on – well kind of – just keep reminding yourself it’s the nicotine not the cigarette you miss and you’ll get there!

OK if you are having a few issues with your device take a look at our complete vape tank guide covering pretty much everything than can and does go wrong with your tank.

In that detailed article you’ll find many issues vapers have with their tanks and the steps you need to take to remedy them.

And as always we are here to answer any questions or issues you may be having so don’t be afraid to leave us a comment – if we can help we will!

Vape on you can do it!

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