Researchers say it’s young people using mods not banned sealed pods like JUUL that eventually go on to smoke 8x more lit cigarettes.

Oh the irony lol…

teen vaping ban mods and pods

But wait…experience tells me this is no laughing matter…

And you’d better batten down the hatches and prepare yourselves for an onslaught of anti-vape stories about open systems now being the cause behind the totally dis-proven teen and smoking epidemic

OK, the scientists say that pen or pod users in the 12 month study eventually smoked 2.83 times more than none e-cig users of the same age.

Whilst those using dippers or tanks were shown to be smoking 8.38 times more cigarettes 12 months down the line.

1,312 ‘youngsters’ were included in the trial and their ‘e-cigarette habits’ were measured over 30 days for a year.

The kids data was taken from the US Children’s Health Study run from the same university this study originates from – The University of South California – a state known for being as anti-vaping as you can get.

Jessica Barrington-Trimis is an assistant professor who took part in this latest study and says:

The type of device that participants use may be an important risk factor for higher levels of cigarette smoking.

Device type may be an important target for regulation to reduce the burden of tobacco-related disease stemming from e-cigarette use.

Seems like they’re already lining up their ducks – or in this case mods – tanks and drippers – to shoot down now sealed pods are banned from sale in the USA.

Interesting timing to say the least…

The Lady Doth Protest Too Much!

Barrington-Trimis appears to be a ‘serial’ anti-vaping researcher with a number of such studies against her name.

A quick use of Google ‘scholarly articles’ shows she pops up all the time with her name attached to everything from studies asking if flavoured e-liquids cause lung damage [they don’t] to young vapers are more likely to suffer from numerous mental health issues or psychiatric comorbidity – yes really.

Like I said, the lady’s whole career [and wage one assumes] seems to be built around e-cigarette research and all results appear to prove vaping bad!

Science e cigarette research

Pretty sure, and given the amount of research she’s conducted or been involved in, at least one piece of good news might have come from the results – surely the law of averages suggests that!

But nope – all results are vaping bad…imagine my shock…

The funding for her research is also interesting.

It comes from a number of anti-vaping heavy hitters:

  • National Cancer Institute of the National Institutes of Health
  • National Institute on Drug Abuse
  • Tobacco-Related Disease Research Program
  • National Institutes of Health

That last one, was involved in the vaping gives mice cancer story I covered in the article: No…Vaping Won’t Give You Lung and Bladder Cancer But It Will Kill Mice – like I said – anti-vaping at their core to say the least!

So call me a cynic, but if e-cigarette research is funded consistently by anti-vaping groups at a national level, and run by serial anti-ecigarette researchers, how can we trust the findings?

Biased much?

I’m surprised this one hasn’t hit the headlines yet – still time lol. I guess COVID-19 scaremongering reporting is taking up all the column space.

Pod Ban WILL Lead To More Young and Old Smokers!

Sealed pods have been banned for sale in the USA, and this kind of research will one day attract the attention of the rabid anti-vaping Bloomberg backed charities out there, and mods, tanks and drippers will probably be the next ban target.

My thoughts on if there’s any validity to this?

vapers lock down easy to build drippers

Common sense tells me that with over 1,000 kids studied, at least a small percentage of them will be very likely, in the scheme of things, to become smokers anyway – again the law of averages suggests that!

Look, given there’s currently almost 35 million smokers in the US, that number has to be continued or topped up, by new smokers taking up the habit!

So, the kids that start with pods in general are doing so to ‘experiment’ and as the real numbers show, the vast majority try it once and move on.

And as my article shows, the real numbers concerning the so called ‘teen vape epidemic’ have and are misrepresented:

Teen Vaping and Smoking – The Cold Hard Facts Revealed

The TRUE data shows if anything smoking AND vaping rates is falling and continues to fall among teens in America – and indeed here in the UK!

  • Those who have never smoked has dropped by 43%
  • Past week smoking is just 2.4%
  • Smoking rates have dropped significantly among young people at all levels
  • A rise in young people trying vaping from 2012 – those rates are now falling dramatically to around 20%
  • Dramatic fall in those occasionally vaping to around 5% [from 8%]
  • Regular young vapers dropped to around 3%

However, I’m convinced those with a predisposition to become smokers, try the pods – try the mods – and move on to smoking ANYWAY…sad but true.

As we vapers know – pods tend to have a stronger nicotine content – now they’re banned, the cloud chucking youth of America will be using significantly LESS nicotine e-liquids.

By taking away sealed pods the result is obvious.

More kids that would have been smokers whatever is allowed to be sold now have absolutely nothing else as a healthier alternative – and it’s the same with adult smokers looking to quit.

IMHO – and an unscientific one at that – the banning of stronger nic based pods is ADDING to the smoking figures in young and old – it’s that simple.

Therefore it naturally follows, that by banning sealed pods, more vapers that might have stayed with them are now turning to smoking…

Nice job on pushing more kids to smoking you bloody idiots…

Read the full study: E-cigarette Product Characteristics and Subsequent Frequency of Cigarette Smoking


Hopefully we’ll have a round-up of Vaping News on Wednesday…

Due to the global COVID-19 crisis, things are as you might expect, a little quiet on the vape news front.

Until then here’s some food for thought…

Maybe her ‘smoker’s cough’ wouldn’t exist if she switched to vaping…

no smokers cough from vaping

So…if you have a family member, friend or colleague that smokes and indeed coughs their lungs up daily…

Remind them that smokers NOT vapers are at more risk of complications through COVID-19!!!

So PLEASE, get them to check out or better still take part in this years UK wide stop smoking campaign VAPRIL 2020…

vapril goes digital coronavirus

You could be saving lives.

Cheers…and stay safe 🙂

BTW…a very Happy Easter to you all from all of us here at EcigClick 🙂

It’s a weird one to say the least!

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