From world renowned manufacturers Svoemesto comes the Kayfun 5, an RTA that has a similar design to the Kayfun Mini V3, yet it offers the most amount of airflow on a Kayfun yet.kayfun 5 review

This means those that use sub ohm builds and like a direct lung hit can use a Kayfun atomiser right out of the box for the first time.

What Can We Expect From The Kayfun 5 by Svoemesto

Full juice flow control is present, allowing you to adjust the flow of juice as per your own preference. It features a top filling system, access to the build deck regardless of whether it is full or not, and a modified build deck that is now even easier to build on and even easier to slot large diameter coils into.

Kayfun atomisers have always been regarded by many as being best in class when it comes to flavour, does an airier Kayfun still provide the same excellent performance?

Let’s find out..

Kit Contents

  • 1x Kayfun 5 with steel tank section fitted
  • 1x Quartz glass tank section
  • 1x Spares kit
  • 1x User manual

Key Features

  • Removable anti heat drip tip with POM inlay
  • 4/5 ml capacity
  • 22mm width
  • 60mm height
  • Top filling
  • Juice flow control
  • PEEK Insulators
  • Enlarged build deck for easier building
  • M2 build screws for larger gauge wires
  • Airflow control ring
  • 1.8mm-3.2mm airflow holes
  • 316L stainless steel construction
  • 510 connector
  • Individual serial number
  • Easy to assemble and maintain

Build Quality and Design

Kayfun atomisers have always sported some of the very best build quality found on an atomiser, and the Kayfun 5 continues this long tradition.svoemesto kayfun v5 review

Manufactured from 316L Stainless Steel, everything is manufactured to perfection, with the smallest machine tolerances, with no burrs or sharp edges present.

Everything slides together as it should, however you will want to ensure you lubricate the o-rings at the bottom of the deck to prevent the juice flow control from becoming stuck during use!svoemesto kayfun 5

The Kayfun 5 is 22mm in width, and measures a rather tall 60mm without taking into account the 510 connector and drip tip.

When it comes to the capacity of the Kayfun 5, you have two options. If you use the steel tank section, that comes pre fitted to the Kayfun 5, you will have a 5ml capacity but won’t be able to see your e juice level.svoemesto kayfun 5 stainless steel

If you swap this out for the glass tank section the capacity will reduce to 4ml however you will be able to check how much juice is left in the tank.

Juice flow control is present, allowing you to adjust the juice flow depending on the mix ratio of juice by rotating the tank, and in conjunction with the pressure based juice feeding system you will find you won’t have any issues with any type of juice mix ratio.

You can completely take the Kayfun 5 apart in order to maintain it. The drip tip is 510 threaded and can be removed, you can even unscrew the POM part of the drip tip and thread in a different coloured one if you wish.kayfun 5 parts

The 510 connector is adjustable, however an issue I picked up on was that unless you screwed this in real tight it had a tendency to come loose over time, meaning the Kayfun 5 would wobble on the mod, and causing the resistance to become unstable.

Kayfun 5 Build Deck

Kayfuns have always been known for possessing single coil two post build decks that are very easy to build on, but could sometimes be a bit of a devil to wick.

With the Kayfun 5, you have the same style of build deck, however it has been modified to make building and wicking easy. There is more space than ever to build on, and large M2 screws are present so thicker gauges of wire can be used.kayfun 5 build deck

There are also notches cut under the screws at either side of the deck, allowing you to loop thicker wire around and trap it under the post screw heads with ease.

With the Kayfun 5 build deck, you will notice that there is a large airflow hole in between the two posts, and you will want to make sure your coil sits over this, raised up around 1mm.

Either side of the deck there are two slots for your wick tails, juice is fed up through the holes in the base of these slots so you will want to make sure your wick tails are fluffed up and rest nicely in these slots.

Overall the Kayfun 5 is a really simple RTA to build on, you will get to grips with it extremely quickly no matter how experienced you are with building your own coils, and you’ll find you will be able to rebuild your Kayfun 5 in absolutely no time at all.

It’s really forgiving too, and provides outstanding results.

Kayfun 5 Airflow

For the first time with a Kayfun, mouth to lung and direct lung vaping options are available right out of the box.

There is even a mouth to lung reducer kit available separately that tightens the draw even further, if you find the 1.8mm airflow setting is too tight for you/

Thankfully you don’t need to mess around with airflow screws or go up through the 510 connector with a screwdriver to adjust the airflow on the Kayfun 5 like you did with previous Kayfun tanks. There is now a dedicated airflow control ring is present and you can adjust the airflow whilst the Kayfun 5 is screwed onto a mod.

Changing the airflow setting on the Kayfun 5 is quite simple.

You lift up the airflow control ring, and rotate it to position the airflow holes over your desired setting before pushing it back down over the setting.

The different settings are represented by a dot on the base, 1 dot is 1.8mm, 2 dots are 2.2mm, 3 dots are 2.7mm and 4 dots are 3.2mm.

Essentially the airflow goes from a mouth to lung draw, a looser mouth to lung draw, a restricted lung draw to an unrestricted lung hit.

How Does The Kayfun 5 Perform?

What Kayfun RTA’s are known for is exceptional flavour and the Kayfun 5 may well be the very best of the lot at this!

The flavour really is outstanding, intense flavour that allows you to savour every single individual note present in your vape juice, and the flavour delivery is exceptionally smooth as well.

Taking a nice long hit on your Kayfun 5 will reward you with flavour notes you possibly haven’t yet experienced before, and it consistently delivers as well.

Wicking is perfect, the Kayfun 5 has a pressure based feeding system that means juice is fed to the wick constantly.

Combined with the adjustable juice flow control, you can adjust how quickly juice gets fed to you wick, and enables even the highest of VG vape juice to wick.

It does wick so well however, that the Kayfun 5 can get through an awful amount of juice very quickly, especially if you use a low resistance sub ohm build.

When it comes to clouds, the Kayfun 5 is no slouch either. It can produce plenty of vapour if that is your thing, the more open airflow settings of 2.7mm and 3.2mm definitely produce a pretty impressive level of vapour.

What I Liked

You don’t get much better than a Kayfun when it comes to build quality. The Kayfun 5 is near flawless and a really exceptionally designed and made piece of kit.

Airflow options on offer are fantastic, and cater for everyone from mouth to lung to direct lung inhalers. The Kayfun 5 also can produce some quite impressive clouds if that is your thing as well!

The wicking is exceptional on the Kayfun 5, and you can use any mix ratio with no issues. In fact, it wicks so well, I don’t think I’ve ever had a dry hit or any spitback/gurgling from this tank.

Rebuildable tanks don’t come much easier than the Kayfun 5.

It’s an exceptionally easy tank to build and wick, with a simple two post single coil deck, that is really forgiving as well.

With the enlarged deck and new M2 post screws used, you can fit some pretty big coils in there as well without having to struggle to trap the coil legs under the post screws like you used to on older Kayfuns!

What I Didn’t Like

You absolutely must lubricate the o-rings present underneath the deck to prevent the juice flow control from becoming firmly stuck to the base of the tank.

If it does get stuck, you have got a hell of a job on your hands getting it off. The most common fix is to use rubber bands to help loosen the juice flow control.

It’s a really tall tank, that actually looks a little out of place on a lot of small box mods, and I would really like to see a mini kit become available to reduce the size a little, even if it means compromising on the tank capacity.

Although the build quality is stellar, the 510 pin tends to inexplicably loosen during use sometimes, meaning you get a wobbly tank, poor connection and jumping resistance.

I’ve found you really need to give this a good tighten in order to keep it in place.

Final Review Verdict

Svoemesto have done it again with the Kayfun 5 and released a true game changer, an atomiser that can be utilised by mouth to lung and direct lung vapers alike.

It offers some of the best flavour you will ever experience, contained in one of the most well constructed tanks that has ever been produced, and one of the easiest to build as well.

It’s simply an atomiser right at the top of the vaping game, an exquisite piece of kit that performs outstandingly.

Certain people may scoff at the price charged for the Kayfun 5. However there is good reason why this tank costs what it does, as you are paying for an atomiser that will last you for years to come.

With almost unparalleled build quality, the performance of this tank truly does blow away the vast majority of the competition.

It’s definitely my favourite RTA at the moment, providing a mixture of outstanding flavour and plenty of vapour, that gets me reaching for the Kayfun 5 each and every time!


  • The best flavour tank on the market
  • Best in market build quality
  • MTL and direct to lung airflow options
  • Extremely simple to build and wick
  • Juice flow control allows for any mix ratio of juice to be used
  • Top filling
  • 4 or 5ml capacity
  • Glass and steel tank sections included
  • Disassembles fully for cleaning


  • If you don’t lubricate the o-rings at the base of the deck then the juice flow control will stick
  • MTL airflow reducer kit is available at extra cost
  • 510 connector pin loosens easily
  • It’s a pretty large tank
  • Out of budget for many
Build Quality
Likelyhood Of Replacing If Lost Or Damaged
Been vaping full time for three and a half years, started on cigalikes for a fair while then curiosity got the better of me and I moved onto an ego/ce5 set up after, a month or two later I was seeing people walking around with these interesting shiny tubes and I thought 'I gotta get one of those'. Before I knew it a trip down to my local B&M got me my first VW mod, an Innokin SVD, paired with an iClear 30, and I was hooked. Soon after that I was jumping to VW mods both box and tube shaped, before I then made the jump to rebuilding and thus sub ohming, with my first RDA and mech mod. These days I'm still preferring mechanical mods, but using VW mods with both RDA's and tanks alike whilst on the move, most importantly I am still loving vaping!


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