Clever Use of Sweeteners Sets these E-Liquids Apart

I had the pleasure of spending quite some time chatting to the owner and brains behind the UK based SYCO e-liquid range at the recent Vaper Expo.

Whenever I attend these events I always try to look past the big household names and find some little gems – particularly when it comes to e-liquids and if they’re UK based then even better.

Before I get into the 3 standout e-liquids from his extremely tasty range a quick word about those sweeteners!

When choosing an all day vape [ADV] particularly fruit flavours I’ve found that very many of them are far far too sweet.

That’s not the case with this brand indeed owner Rakesh Hallan was delighted I’d picked up the ‘sweetness wizardry‘ he’d managed to create.


However when I pushed him on how he’d created the sensation he said with a chuckle and wink:

Top secret!

I can’t justify in words how these e-liquids work on your tongue – they’re fruity sweet but not if that makes any sense at all!

I’m at a loss – but the result is extraordinary!

Whilst on the inhale you get a perfectly balanced sweetness it isn’t overpowering and the exhale again whilst sweet is perfect but kind of disappears leaving a clean taste that your tongue says ‘this is sweet‘ but your brain says ‘yeah but keep on vaping the sweetness is there…I think!

I know that sounds a bit daft – but trust me once you try one you’ll get what I mean lol.

Anyway let’s take a look at the 3 I sampled using their set-up of the Nautilus 2 tank and my Drop RDA.

SYCO e-liquids come in 3 and 6mg and the company also sells the concentrates.

Blu Vim

SYCO says:

Grape Raspberry & Blackcurrant Sweet Mix


I say:

As the name suggests this is a take on the popular [in my childhood any way] soft drink by a similar name.

Unlike others based on that flavour I’ve tried the grape in this isn’t at all chemical indeed it’s quite sharp before the sweeter blackcurrant calms that down creating a wondrous fruity cocktail with a hint of fizz.

Pretty sure I was getting a hint of blue raspberry too.

An extremely refreshing fruity ADV to say the least.

Pastel Fruits

SYCO says:

Jelly Fruit Chews


I say:

They like to keep their descriptions simple and to the point don’t they – which in this day and age of hard marketing is refreshing!

If you enjoy those fruity sweets covered in sugar crystals then this is most definitely for you – my brain was convinced I’d got one in my gob and the amount of mouthwatering going on meant I was desperate to chomp and chew!

Again the sweetness is perfect and again – and this is really hard to explain – it kind of disappears leaving that clean fruity taste – absolutely an ADV.

Strawberry Milkshake

SYCO says:

Strawberry Milkshake


I say:

Again there’s no fancy description lol – just straight to the point to say the least!

And once again you are getting exactly what it says on the bottle.

I’m not a big fan of any of the milkshake e-liquids out there – even the legendary ones – however this is a milkshake for the grown-ups.

The strawberry taste is clean and almost on the tart side like a wild strawberry before the milk washes in brightening up your taste buds with an exhale that is bloody gorgeous – wow!

SYCO E-liquids Final Verdict

I’m known for being a bit of a ‘hard to please‘ kind of e-liquid reviewer but these 3 flavours from a lesser known UK brand have blown me away.

No fancy bottles or clever marketing campaigns – these guys know they have an amazing product and let that do the talking.

I just hope some of the larger retail and online chains and stores out there start stocking these as they are absolutely delicious.

Fantastic flavours – awesome clouds and superb value for money – I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Blu Vim
Pastel Fruits
Strawberry Milkshake
Overall Flavour
Overall Clouds
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