Flavour Factory: Pear Drop

Flavour Factory E-Liquid ReviewThe Flavour Factory are a new company based in Manchester that produce their own e-liquid range.

Their website is set out like an old fashioned traditional sweet shop and they make flavours to match such as Rhubarb & Custard, Cola Bottles, Pineapple Cubes and the flavour we will be reviewing Pear Drops.

Pear Drops were a favourite of mine back in the day so I was quite looking forward to trying this flavour.

I received a PG/VG mix, although not quite sure what the ratio of the mix is.

E Cig used in this review: eMode set to 6.5w with 2.4oHm atomiser


The unmistakable aroma of pear drops drifting out of the bottle immediately took me on a trip down memory lane! Good start for sure!

On vaping the nostalgia continued, a real strong (not too much though) candy pear flavour comes through leaving an all familiar aftertaste that I for one really like.

Definitely a flavour that had me coming back for more and one that I could use all day no problem.

Vapour Volume

The vapour volume was very good, the VG in the mix will go some way to helping with this.

Throat Hit

The throat hit was just right for me as well, not too harsh but still enough to notice you are vaping.


A great flavour, if you like pear drops then I would recommend you give this one a try. The pricing is good to coming in at £4.99 for 10ml and £9.99 for 30ml.

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