The Cheetah 2 Mini RDA by OBS – Stylish Looking RDA – But Does it Have Bite?

The original OBS Cheetah RDA was a much loved dripper and the release of the Cheetah II minihas been highly anticipated.

The new version comes in a standard 24mm and the Mini at 22mm which is the one I received for review.

It’s had a major makeover and gone is the traditional velocity style post replaced by a very clever post hole and clamp system – which I have to say is bloody brilliant for building on!

cheetah II mini rda

The dual airflow is slightly different too being dropped down to almost the center of the barrel and there’s an extremely generous juice well.

OK I’ve set the scene now let’s see how the OBS Cheetah II Mini vapes.

As always my thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Inside the Box

Nice packaging as always from OBS with a smart pull-out box covered by a sleeve.

cheetah II box

Inside you’ll find:

  • One OBS Cheetah II Mini RDA
  • One Mini Phillips Screwdriver
  • One ULTEM Drip Tip
  • One Pair Prebuilt Clapton Coils
  • One Piece Organic Cotton
  • Spare Part Pack

cheetah II contents

Cheetah II Mini Specs

  • 22mm Diameter
  • Two Post Build Deck
  • Single Terminal and Bottom Clamp System
  • Top Mounted Phillips Screws
  • 3mm by 2mm Each Terminal
  • 3.5mm by 2mm Each Clamp Opening
  • PEEK Insulator
  • 18mm Deck Diameter
  • 6mm Deep Juice Well
  • Dual Adjustable top Airslots
  • 24K Gold Plated 510 Contact
  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • 810 ULTEM Drip Tip

cheetah II rda obs

Key Features

Ok you’re looking at a very cool two post build deck with a single terminal either side and below that a clamp system.

As I found in the OBS Crius RDTA building on this is an absolute doddle to say the least with a large 18mm deck and an extremely deep juice well at 6mm.

cheetah II mini deck

You can use them together or as a combination of the two – one lead into the post hole the other clamped – either way works extremely well.

You will be able to get some large coils on the Cheetah Mini 2 deck and probably even bigger ones on the 24mm version.

Airflow is dual adjustable and about half way up the barrel – sadly there’s no single coil option nor is there a squonk pin.

There’s a 24K gold plated 510 contact that does protrude slightly.

cheetah II 510

The drip tip is PEI – but still that God awful piddle colour – and we are told this is better for heat resistance and the environment – just make them in a different colour already!

The drip tip can be swapped out and the 810 or Goon styles will fit snugly – or at least mine did.

Design and Build Quality

This is only the second item from OBS that I’ve reviewed or got my hands on and once again I am extremely impressed on both the design and build quality.

The machining is quite lovely and the O rings – even when juiced up – hold together well taking quite a tug to get them off.

cheetah II components

Design wise the 22mm is a looker to say the least with the name engraved on one side and the awesome double heads of a Cheetah.

I know some folks think OBS has ‘borrowed’ this logo from the Goon – however I’m assured this was in production way before 😉

For me the only thing that lets this down design wise is the drip tip and in particular the colour – purely a personal thing and of course it can be switched out.

drip down chuff cap

Speaking of colour the Cheetah II Mini comes in a choice of: blue – black – gold and the stainless steel version I received.

How Does OBS Cheetah II Mini RDA Perform?

As I’ve already said building on this beauty is as simple as it gets and for the purpose of this review I used the Clapton coils that were included.

A tip I picked up when positioning the coils is to hold the barrel next to it so you can see exactly where the airflow will hit and then move the coils accordingly.

Given this is an RDA wicking was as simple as leaving just enough cotton to rest on the deck and for the record it wicks like a dream.

OK, the coils that came in the box read out at 0.2ohms and I began vaping at a steady 40 watts on the VaporFi Vox 40.

wicked cheetah II mini

There’s no doubt the flavor was on point and the vapour production was excellent with the Cheetah Mini 2 RDA.

Popping it onto my current out and about mod the Livepor 160 and kicking it up to 65 watts gave a superb vape – intense flavor and tons of billowing clouds.

It did seem a little lost on there [it’s a 25mm top] so maybe your smaller mods will look much better with this on top.

Not sure if it was the coils but anything above 70 watts and things got a little too warm for me – not hot by any means just out of my comfort zone!

I absolutely packed the first build with cotton and the wick was saturated and kept up admirably when chain vaping.

cheetah II mini on mod

I was able to drip down the chuff but did get a bit of leakage from the airflow holes – maybe just my aim – because despite being a messy over-dripper at times I was pleased to see hardly any leakage otherwise.

Have to say this is a solid little dripper!

What I Like

Great taste – great clouds – easy to build and it looks good – what’s not to like!

The deck is the stand out here – as you may be able to see from my scruffy build I utilized both post holes and the clamps and despite having issues with other clamp systems in the past – this one is a dream to build on.

I’m assuming the gently domed top cap helps with the flavor here and given it is such a low profile RDA that’s going to help too.

The engraving on the barrel is superb and that double headed cheetah really looks badass – something that is important to style warrior granddads like me 😉

cheetah II mini firing

What I Don’t Like

Obviously the drip tip – but I say that about most ULTEM and PEI tips given the horrid colour – so don’t hold that against it.

So I guess – and I still don’t squonk lol – it’s what is not in there and that’s obviously a squonk pin that you could say is a ‘dislike’ – not so much for me but most new RDAs seem to come with one as standard nowadays.

And of course single coil builders may be a tad disappointed as there’s only the dual coil option.

Otherwise I’d have probably bought the 24mm version as the 22mm looked a bit lost on my larger mods – but hey this is as they say #FreeShit so who am I to complain!

Final Review Verdict

I don’t tend to drip very much at all except on juice reviews – however the OBS Cheetah II Mini has certainly got my taste for drippers back.

In fact I’ve taken this little beauty out and about during the hot weather given I was dripping with sweat I thought I might as well drip ‘n vape too.

It’s stylish dead easy to build on with superb flavor and amazing clouds – quiet too.

Yeah I like this very much and it’s got me back in love with dripping 😉


  • Simple build deck
  • Plenty of room for exotic larger coils
  • 6ml juice well
  • Wicks like a dream
  • Built well
  • Awesome design
  • Superb flavor
  • Amazing clouds
  • Quiet


  • Dual coil only
  • No squonk pin

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Build Quality
Likelihood of Replacing if Lost or Damaged
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