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The Originals E Liquid ReviewHailing from Los Angeles, California, The Originals E-Liquid is a result of a collaboration between three of the most highly regarded mixologists in the US- Lonnie from Jackson Vapor Co/The Standard Vape, Chris from Mr Good Vape and Dave from Black Label.

Between them, they have poured their talents into producing a unique and premium E-Liquid line that serves to showcase their exceptional talents.

What They Say:

The Originals boasts a level of craftsmanship and sophistication never before seen in the vape industry, combining unique, proprietary extracts, ground-breaking creativity, months of research and development, and a state of the art mixing facility to create an e-liquid line that sets a new standard for the vape industry.

There’s a lot to get excited about here, as these juices are produced by some of the finest minds in the industry, so let’s dive in and have a look!

The Fillmore

The Originals E Liquid ReviewThe Fillmore is a leading venue in San Francisco known for fun, food, great music, and just general good times!

The Originals pays tribute to this with a fruity blend that combines three very distinct peach flavours to create incredible realism, mixed with a generous serving of mango, smooth vanilla and a rich, sweet cream topping, mixed with a 75 VG and 25 VG ratio.

Sounds sumptuous, and in practice it is absolutely delicious.

The peach is like nothing I have tried before, in previous peach juices the peach just tends to taste either artificial or like it came out of a tin, however here it really does taste like you are taking a bite out of the real thing.

The mango creeps in on the aftertaste, and the whole juice has a creamy vanilla undertone. Complex, realistic and delicious!

The Garden

The Originals E Liquid ReviewNamed after Madison Square Garden, one of the most iconic stadia in the world, the Garden is an outstanding vape worthy of the name.

The Garden takes two varieties of fresh apples, pears for variety, tossed in cinnamon and brown sugar, followed up with a dollop of honey for good measure, mixed to a 50/50 ratio.

The result is an excellent, complex blend of realistic fruits with a dessert edge, and a hugely enjoyable honey finish.

If I’m going to be picky, it does get a bit heavy going after a while, but if you vape this as a treat it’s incredible.

I can definitely see why The Garden was crowned ‘Best in Show’ at the Vape Summit III 2015 in Las Vegas.

It’s a really astonishing juice.


The Originals E juice ReviewTaking its name from the famous music festival, Creamfields is a light and summery blend of dessert and fruit flavors that combine waffles, sweet biscuits and strawberry shortcake with ripe blueberry, maple syrup and Bavarian cream.

It sounds mouthwatering, and this complex flavor profile definitely delivers, with a beautiful fruit and dessert combination that has a lot of different flavors, all mixed to expert perfection.

Creamfields is one complex juice, that just delivers so well on flavor. One minute you are enjoying realistic juicy blueberry, the next minute the sweet biscuit and waffle comes in to give a dessert edge, then the maple syrup and Bavarian cream comes to the fore.

It changes and shifts constantly but never becomes a juice that is too overwhelming.

The Shrine

The Originals E juice ReviewThe Shrine Auditorium has been a film set, live music venue and the home of the Academy Awards.

The Originals tribute to this is a sweet delight that starts you off with a buttery biscuit, blends in cinnamon rolls and Danish pastries to create a baked treat.

It’s blended to an 80 vg 20 pg mix ratio for maximum clouds.

Even though The Shrine is a high VG juice, it doesn’t compromise on flavor. Anything but, this juice is jam packed with flavor and delivers an intense, cinnamon and graham cracker mixed with pastry, flavorful vape with a real sweet edge.

The mix ratio is perfect for this as with how much flavour this juice is carrying, I believe that any less VG would make this a little too intense.

Instead, at 80vg, its perfect and a juice I can vape all day without getting tired of!

Throat Hit

There’s not a huge amount of throat hit to be found here, with these flavor profiles that is a good thing, as these flavor profiles are delivered smoothly. I believe that they have got the throat hit spot on for each juice, any more and in my opinion it would ruin the e juice.

Vapour Volume

Even though the mix ratio varies between each juice in The Originals range, one thing stays consistent- the vapor volume. These juices are chock full of vapor volume and definitely do not disappoint on the vapor front!

Even The Garden, which has the most PG in it at a 50/50 ratio, still produces thick, rolling clouds of deliciously tasty vapor. Definitely one that will not disappoint if you do enjoy your clouds!

Production Details

The Originals E-Liquid is produced by three of the biggest names within the US E-Liquid industry- Lonnie, Chris and Dave, the respective brains behind Jackson Vapor Co/ The Standard Vape, Mr Good Vape and Black Label.

Every bottle is produced in a lab grade facility from only the finest US ingredients, and each juice from the Originals line is subject to regular testing and quality control to ensure only quality juice goes out of the door.

Final The Originals Review Verdict

The Originals goes down in my book as one of the greatest juice lines I have ever had the pleasure of trying. There is complexity in droves, and each juice is absolutely rammed with clean and realistic flavor.

Flavor profiles are unique and although they do give a nod to some of Lonnie, Chris and Dave’s previous work, the overall taste is somewhat different, but in a very good way!

The quality of each of these juices is simply outstanding and these are going to become a staple of my own juice rotation for a long time to come. I can’t actually pick a favorite out of any of these, as they are all completely exceptional juices.

There’s a good reason these are multi award winning juices in the US, and I would urge you to try these as soon as you possibly can, as they truly are in my eyes among the very best I’ve tried.

The Fillmore
The Garden
The Shrine
Throat Hit (Suits The Flavours)
Vapour Volume
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