Once you purchase your electronic cigarette, you may be wondering if it’s better to refill your cartridges with e-liquid or to purchase the cartridges pre-filled. Electronic cigarette cartridges include a small plastic casing, and inside pre-filled cartridges is a substance known as e-liquid, or e-juice which “fuels” the electronic cigarette.

E-liquid provides the flavoring and the nicotine (if desired), for the electronic cigarette When heated by the atomizer, this e-liquid provides the vapor that mimics cigarette smoke. With empty cartridges, it is necessary to fill the cartridge with the e-liquid yourself. So is refilling electronic cigarette cartridges yourself better, or should you go with prefilled cartridges?

How Cartridges for Electronic Cigs Work

First, let us explain how the electronic cigarette works. With electronic cigarettes, the atomizer first vaporizes the e-liquid that is at the top of the cartridge, therefore, the more you “vape”, the top of the cartridge starts to dry up, and, therefore, the atomizer must work harder to vaporize the e-liquid in the bottom of the cartridge.

While sellers of most electronic cigarettes claim that a pre-filled cartridge is equivalent to anywhere 10 to 30 cigarettes, it’s been found that this estimate is a bit of an exaggeration, and to get the best vaping experience the cartridge should be full.

Pros & Cons of Pre-filled Cartridges


Pre-filled cartridges are very convenient, because you do not have to bother with filling the cartridges yourself. When a cartridge is empty, you simply throw it away and place a new cartridge on your electronic cigarette, which is quick and easy.


One downside of pre-filled cartridges is that many of these pre-filled cartridges are shipped from China, and even though they have a rubber stopper, there is little doubt that with pre-filled cartridges, some of the e-liquid leaks out into the mouthpiece, meaning that the cartridge may not be 100% full. Because the cartridges may not be 100% full, you obviously get less vapor.

Also, cartridges are more expensive than using e-eliquid. Cartridges last approximately the length of 10 to 30 cigarettes, and a small bottle of e-liquid will fill 5 cartridges.

Pros & Cons of Filling Cartridges with E-Liquid


how to fill Voopoo Drag Baby TrioFilling your own cartridge allows you to keep the cartridge full, and you will get more vapor with a completely full cartridge.

Filling cartridges with e-liquid, rather than purchasing pre-filled cartridges, is certainly the more economical choice.

Of, of course, filling your cartridges with e-liquid, rather than purchasing and throwing away the pre-filled cartridges, is the “greener choice”. A 15 ml bottle of e-liquid will fill approximately 5 cartridges. Using the equivalent in pre-filled cartridges would take at least 45 cartridges.


The downside of purchasing e-liquid and filling cartridges yourself is that it does take a little time and effort, and, it still does not prevent you from getting e-liquid in your mouth, which can also happened with pre-filled cartridges.


It’s your choice as to whether you purchase pre-filled cartridges or use e-liquid and refill the cartridges yourself. Both have advantages and disadvantages. If you want to save money, and make the better environmental choice, the e-liquid is the obvious choice; however, if you are looking for convenience, pre-filled cartridges may be the better option.

Have you used both? What is your preference?

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  1. i have used both n filling them myself is much cheaper but is time taken but not that much time, I wonder if anyone has any knowledge on totally wicked eliquid if they are any good just seen the eliquid is priced very good and great offers thanks

  2. I tried smokeless cigs. A regular cig has about 15 drags, the smokeless ones I bought advertised that theirs were about 2 packs per filter, In all actually each filter equaled about 71/5 cigs. For a box of 5 filters it cost $20. So I paid $100. a carton, Where I live you can get a carton of 100’s for $22.68. The price I gave you was for regulars. Are you really getting the deal you thought you were??? I don’t know about refillables yet. but it has to be a better deal.

  3. I smoked for 11 years. Never got up to a full pack a day, but I was well on my way. So I started with an e-cig with the cartridges and a cute little light on the end. I was so proud of myself….at first. Then I realized I coughed more than with regular cigarettes and I still felt the urge to smoke a “real one”. After 2 weeks of juggling real cigs and the e-cig, I stuck with the real ones.

    Then, a coworker introduced me to the Joye-tech E-Go Twist! It looks nothing like a cigarette, so it’s a great conversation starter. This thing works!! If you purchase a good quality cartomizer (the casing that houses the atomizer), it’s virtually leak-proof. It’s refillable, so there’s a drawback if you don’t like that sort of thing. But for those that enjoy total control over their vaping experience, you can completely take it a part and clean the individual pieces, saving mucho dinero for your bottom line. The battery has adjustable voltage, hence the “Twist” name. So if I’m under more stress (which is where I’d usually pick up a real one), I crank up the voltage until it passes. I haven’t smoked an actual cigarette in the day I received it in the mail.

    No, I’m not a spokesperson or wholesaler. And the only commercials I like are the ones the pig holding a windmill. Too Cute!!! But upon my recommendation, many of my “well seasoned” co-workers have also purchased the device and subsequently quit smoking cigarettes. So there you go!


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