Introduction – The Charon TS 218W Mod By Smoant

Smoant is a relatively new name in the vaping world but they hit the mark with every release. Their mods, like the Battlestar and the beautiful Charon 218 TC were a clear indication that this brand has a big future ahead of them and I’m happy to say that their touch screen Charon TS 218 mod is even better than the rest and one very, very classy piece of gear.

This mod really takes customizable TC and VW settings to the next level,with the inclusion of a comprehensive, diagrammatic touch screen system making adjustments funner and easier for those who might not have been that keen on customizing with temp curves and the like in the past.

Above and beyond that, this is a vape machine that’s bound to appeal strongly to your inner gadget snob. It looks a bit like a Rolls Royce and will get those non-vapers wondering if they aren’t maybe on the wrong side of the fence after all.

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What’s In The Box

  • 1 X Smoant TS 218 Mod
  • 1 X USB Charge Cable
  • 1 X Instruction Manual
  • 1 X Warranty Card
  • Kick stand for phone (from certain vendors)


  • Wattage 1-218W
  • Minimum Resistance in VW 0.1 Ohm
  • Minimum Resistance in TC 0.05 Ohm
  • 5 Heating Modes
  • 2.4 Inch Touch Screen
  • Customizable VW and TC Curves
  • Screen Lock Button
  • Fire Lock
  • TC for Ni, Ti and SS
  • 100 – 300 C Temp
  • 2.0 Ohm Max Resistance
  • 59.5 x 85 x 29.3 Dimensions
  • 268 g Without Batteries
  • Dual 18650
  • Magnetic Battery Cover
  • Pass Through Charge
  • Available In Blue, Black, SS, Rainbow, Wood and Camo

Build Quality & Design

On opening up the good quality, white, printed box packaging and taking the screen protector covered, curved rectangular Smoant Charon TS 218 mod out of its snug packaging, I’m instantly pleased.

There’s something very good looking about this curve cornered rectangular, dual 18650 mod.

Both of the larger surfaces of the mod are glass finished and if you’ve never seen this mod in action, you’d be excused for thinking that both sides are going to light up with TS (touch screen) displays.

I didn’t know what to expect and found myself looking for anything but a magnetic pull away battery cover. It just didn’t look like it had one, about 15 minutes later I discovered that one of the glass ‘screens’ pulled away to reveal a nice, neat battery chamber with big, gold plated connects.

There is a telltale sign in the form of a tiny thumbnail slit on the bottom left of said side. Also, it’s the side with the extra bit of print on the bottom of the screen. I felt a bit foolish but I doubt I’ll be the only one.

The first thing I did was put in batteries, I wanted to see this mod in all its TS glory… but we’ll get to that later.

The strip which is colored in one of six edgy choices (mine is Digi-camo) runs right around the mod with a nice deep, springy, gold plated 510 pin on top, within a rounded area that slightly extends that section of the strip to accommodate a 25mm tank perfectly, any more and your atomizer will overhang.

Down the side beneath the atomizer connection you’ll find some beautifully finished buttons, a thin, elongated, brushed metal ‘screen lock/screen off’ button on top and a thumb sized, tyre grip finished, silver framed fire button which isn’t shaky at all and has a fairly good click to it.

Below that is a Micro USB port for charging (though an external charger is recommended.)

It definitely has a zinc alloy feel so I’m going with Zinc Alloy and Glass for the construction, since I can’t find any info on that.

There are 6 big battery ventilation slits at the bottom of the device and minimal white branding on both glass sides at the top.

I fit it with my iJoy Combo 2, with a two ohm Clapton build, it looks magnificent, 5 Clicks and the show really starts.

How Does The Smoant TS 218 Mod Perform?

Being that I usually am not very keen on curve setting, TC and the like…I thought that this big touch screen was going to be a waste of my time.Charon ts218 mod in hand

Not only is the screen incredibly appealing, looks wise, it also makes customizing your TC or VW curves FUN, who would have thought?

The pictorial display design is so intuitive that I didn’t need to look at the manual at all to navigate my way through this intensely comprehensive playing field of functions and features. I’m surprised by how easy this system makes those sometimes complicated settings seem.

I have to say one thing though…you need to actually have a gadget nerd or gadget snob inside you to appreciate this mod since performing a normal act such as setting wattage and then having a good vape with the mod in your hand will require a little more effort than normal.

You first have to enter wattage mode, then set it, then be sure to lock that screen otherwise holding it in your hand will see you ending up with some unintended settings.

Locking the screen may unintentionally result in you turning the screen off (same button, different length press) unintentionally. You pay certain prices but you do get something in return so you’re either going to like this or you won’t!

I get really good power from this mod, with as good a ramp as the Charon TC 218 for sure.

I’ve also found myself enjoying playing with wattage curves on this thing (and you can do the same thing with TC). It’s got that same effect that shoving your face in your phone does, it sort of sucks you in but at the end of the day, it works too.

I love the fact that you adjust settings by dragging your finger around a graph instead of just pressing + and – repeatedly. Like I said, this is a great way to get into the idea of customization, in a fun way and probably in a big way.

The TC seems very accurate and what’s more, I ENJOYED using it this time, there’s a first time for everything!!

I get a good, solid, true wattage vape throughout the range and very minimal heating when I push it to the max. I’ve tried various sub-ohm atomizers ranging from mini to super, as well as RDA’s and RDTA’s and got a very good vape all round.

The new atomizer readings are 100% accurate and it won’t ask you if there’s a new atty, it’ll just read and adjust accordingly.

The fire button is so responsive that it always locks fire in the middle of power down, since fire lock is 3 clicks and power down is 5.

It’s a very different experience, if you’re used to a simple +- and fire system but one thing I must give is commendations to Smoant for the layout of this menu and display setup…how intuitive it is and truly a pleasure to use.

Oh, the only thing I’d have enjoyed even more is a bit of color on the screen! Then again, color may have made it a bit harder to navigate, they’ve kept it simple and it works.

Oh…and the screen is very responsive! No issues there!

How To Operate the Menu System

  • 5 fire click on/off
  • 3 fire to lock fire and touch
  • Quick press on screen lock to switch screen on/off
  • 1S press on screen lock to lock screen
  • Fire to vape
  • 3Hexagram display on startup, press VW mode to go in and adjust wattage using touch screen, then lock the screen and vape
  • Or you can enter the TC settings sector or the settings, where you can adjust brightness, timeout and a lot more
  • There are a host of other functions and controls, to many to cover here but you’ll find the menu system easy to navigate and the manual very comprehensive.

How To Replace The batteries

Pull off the magnetic battery cover and Bob’s your Uncle!!!!

Battery Life

Unless you make a real effort to keep the device in stealth all the time, this screen seems to eat battery power, I get a good 2 hours less of this device than I do off the Smoant Charon 218 TC, for example. In stealth, expect about 8 hours.

What I Liked

Incredible menu layout, makes customization fun with graph adjustments, accurate TC and VW modes. I appreciate the screen lock and stealth functions and I really, really like the looks and the quality hand feel of this device. Oh…aint nothing wrong with the vape either!!!

What I Dislike

It’s a forensic detective’s dream as you can see your entire day mapped out in fingerprints all over this thing….The batteries drain fast when you don’t stealth it.

Final Review Verdict

I’m very impressed with the Smoant Charon TS 218 mod, I’d expected a nightmare of complications with a touchscreen but they’ve designed the menu system so brilliantly that this is a pleasure to use.

If you use it for a while it’ll change the way you think about touch screen mods, especially when it comes to VW and TC curve setting and TCR…the touch screen makes these things make sense!

If you don’t like touch screens, this might change your mind, except for the fingerprints, of course. That said, with a periodic polish this is one of the classiest looking mods around and it fires like a pro with complete customizability…good job, Smoant!


Would I buy the Smoant Charon TS 218 if I lost/broke the device? 110% Yes!!


  • Screen Lock & Stealth
  • Superior finishes and looks
  • Incredible menu lay out
  • Responsive touchscreen
  • Accurate features and highly customizable settings
  • Outstanding performance
  • Ease of use


  • Fingerprint check, anyone?
  • TS chows battery life

WorldWide Shipping

Design and Build
Touch Screen and Button Responsiveness
TC Functions
User Friendliness
Likelihood of Replacing If Lost or Damaged
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