Introduction: Sailboat 85W Mod by Think Vape

Here we have the sleek new Think Vape Sailboat 85W Mod. On first looks, you may catch a slight resemblance to a rather popular SX mini MX class.

When we dig a little deeper though, it is it’s own Mod within a Sea of others.
Think Vape Sailboat review
It has a sleek, modern looking, ergonomic design that sits very well in your hand.

The Think Vape Sailboat is a single 18650 battery Mod but could have been so much more.

I received the Red Think Vape Sailboat as you can see from the image above. The Mod does come in five other colours.

The Think Vape Sailboat was sent to me direct for review. As always, I will give you my own, honest opinion of this product after a lengthy testing period.

Hands On Sailboat Mod Video Review

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What’s in the Box?

  • 1 x Think Vape Sailboat Mod
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x USB Cable

Think Vape Sailboat kit contents


  • Mod Size: 93 x 45 x 30mm
  • Output Wattage: 5–85 Watts
  • Resistance Range: 0.1Ω-3Ω
  • Display: 0.96 inch OLED
  • Battery Type: Single 18650
  • USB Charging available

Design and Build Quality

The Think Vape Sailboat is a sleek, modern looking design and very ergonomically built. The device sits very well in the hand. I said it sits very well in the hand, however, it does not sit very well when you place the Mod down.

The mod is very prone indeed to falling over due to the small base to rest it on.Sailboat by Think Vape in the hand

There has been no issues during the testing with the build quality. It is a very solid, well built device that fits together perfectly. There are no sharp or protruding edges.

The Sailboat is designed to take a single 18650 battery, though I firmly believe, with a little effort it could have been made to easily accommodate a 20700 battery with the space that is left over by just using a single 18650 battery.Think Vape Sailboat mod


The screen on the Sailboat lays under a dark layer of plastic. The screen is a 0.96” OLED screen with the fire button built in to the plastic screen cover.

However, you can’t just press anywhere on the screen to enable the Sailboat to fire, it is only the top third of the screen that can be pressed, the remaining screen surface is solid.thinkvape sailboat chipset

As with so many screens lately, indoors or in a dimly lit room, the screen quality is sufficient but as soon as you take the Sailboat outdoors, even if it is not in direct sunlight, you will really struggle to see the text and digits under the darkened layer of plastic.

How Does the Think Vape Sailboat Perform?

The Think Vape Sailboat overall is a very solid, useable device. It is a single 18650 Mod so you will have to carry spare batteries with you if you are out and about and need to get through the day with only this device.Thinkvape-Sailboate-colours.jpg_640x640

There is some delay from pressing the fire button to when the device reacts. That said, you aren’t waiting more than perhaps one or two seconds at worst for the device to fire, it certainly isn’t instantaneous. Throughout my seven day testing period, the Sailboat has been very reliable.

I’ve been vaping the Mod constantly with a dual coil set up. I have been using fused Clapton coils with an inside diameter of 3mm coming out at 0.16Ω and vaping at a constant 75.0 Watt.

The average puffs I have been getting from a single 18650 25r, 2500mAh battery is 89.

Basic operation

thinkvape sailboat menu

  • The mod is brought into life as soon as a battery is fitted
  • The Mod is locked by five presses on the fire button (there is no on or off)
  • Mode change to the device is by three clicks of the fire button(Wattage, Bypass, Ni200, Ti01, SS316)
  • Adjustment to any settings is via the plus or minus buttons
  • To Vape, press the fire button (Auto cut off after 10 seconds)

How To Install The Batteries

The battery door is located on the back of the device. The battery door is removed by a firm pull away from the main device. The magnets keeping the battery door to the device are strong so the door is held in place firmly.

The Think Vape Sailboat only takes a singular 18650 battery. Positive down, negative up. It should also be noted that if you sometimes struggle with your eyesight, the positive and negative markings are not very clear.

battery sled on sailboat by think vapeThe amount of Puffs generated on average from a Samsung 25r 18650 2500mAh battery is 89


  • Elegant ergonomic design
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Basic easy to navigate menu system


  • Poor display outdoors
  • Only accommodates an 18650 battery
  • Not as responsive as it could be
  • Falls over easily
  • No way to turn off the Mod without removing the battery

My Final Thoughts

I truly have been enjoying my time spent with the Think Vape Sailboat. I took it out on a day trip with the family, it is very portable and fits right in my jeans pocket if needed.

It vapes well and does what it says on the tin, to a point. I am scared to put the device down on the bottom platform, because, without fail, it will fall like a mighty oak with a bang.

The maximum 85w output should be enough for most vapers out there and has easily been enough for me during the testing period.

The one major gripe I have with the Sailboat is the use of only an 18650 battery. In this day and age, we should be at least looking to accommodate a 20700 battery. Especially with the amount of room that is left between the 18650 battery once fitted and the outer battery door.

A couple of minor adjustments to the Sailboat to allow for a bigger battery would have been perfect and seen you sailing off into the night very happily indeed.

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Build Quality
Ease of Use
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