Despite Mountains Of Positive Evidence Some UK Medics Are Ignorant Over Benefits of Vaping Versus Smoking!

Despite it being almost common knowledge e-cigarettes are 95% safer than lit tobacco a quarter of the UK’s medical cancer specialists say they are ‘unclear’ if they should suggest vaping to their patients.

Researchers from Oxford Brookes University surveyed 500 health care professionals and found a staggering 29% would not recommend e-cigs whilst 25% were unclear if vaping was safer than smoking.

vaping best way to quit smoking

Those figures are really quite shocking…

Given the huge amount of fake news and bad publicity around vaping in the mainstream media alone – you could say this is hardly surprising – the vape scene – especially the science – can be confusing for even vape insiders like myself.

However it’s their jobs to know the facts around vaping – and of any of the doctors – GPs – consultants out there the cancer specialists in particular should really be well versed in the arguments – especially the positives. It’s actually quite worrying to see the level of ignorance shown given Public Health EnglandThe BMANICE and even the UK Government has come out so strongly in favour of e-cigarettes as a harm reduction tool.

You’d have to have been a doctor in hibernation – or more likely one with their head in the sand – NOT to have at least considered the debate raging around e-cigarettes this past few years!

Add to that the tsunami of studies – research papers – surveys and guidance in health professionals’ publications and it’s bordering on dereliction of duty NOT to be at least even a tad up to date with the latest advice or thoughts.

No Clear Hospital Policy On E-Cigarettes and Vaping

Perhaps even more worrying was 46% didn’t even know if the hospital they worked in had a vaping policy. Which to be fair not many do apart from outright bans – however one would think given they specialize in cancer treatment they at least should be asking…Personally I’d like to see them banging down the doors of the hospital bosses to ask for one!

If there’s any oncologists reading this – or indeed an hospital bosses mulling over a policy on vaping on their grounds then here’s a quote from PHE on the matter:

Allowing vaping in all or part of the hospital grounds can support compliance with the smokefree policy. And, the easier you make compliance, the less you depend on enforcement.

What’s important is that when trusts set their vaping policies, they strike a balance that works for everyone, whether that’s staff, patients or visitors.

We know that unlike cigarette smoke, there is no evidence that passive exposure to vapour is harmful to health which is why vaping may be permitted where smoking is not.

Sounds good to me…but hey perhaps oncologists and cancer specialists don’t read anything put out by Public Health England…worrying lol…

Big Tobacco Is the Killer Big Pharma The Winner

OK in all seriousness now…the results of the survey were released at the recent 2018 National Cancer Research Institute Conference in Glasgow and lead research author Dr Jo Brett said:

Smoking is a well-established risk factor for many common cancers. It is the single biggest avoidable cause of cancer in the world.

Problems caused by smoking continue after a cancer diagnosis. It increases the risk of treatment complications, cancer recurrence and the development of a second primary tumour, leading to an increased risk of death.

So it’s vital that these patients are encouraged to stop smoking.

Giving patients a clear message that they can reduce harm by switching from smoking to using e-cigarettes may help them cut down or quit smoking tobacco.

This could help patients by reducing the risk of cancer recurrence, a second primary cancer or other complications.

Wise words indeed – hardcore smokers even with cancer have shown they will and do return to smoking – however this clearly worsens the illness and obviously could make death more painful and swifter – unlike e-cigarettes.


Remember it’s NOT the nicotine that gives cancer but the contents in the smoke from lit tobacco that’s inhaled. That’s basic medical 101 so why oh why aren’t the oncologists in particular savvy with this? It’s definitely NOT lack of information out there as the links earlier show – so what could be the reason?

Let’s put my conspiracy theory hat on for a moment and consider this. Big Tobacco is the killer – Big Pharma is the winner – it’s those to huge global corporations that cause illness and death and offer the cure…and when it comes to cancer the cash cow of research – treatment and drugs is multi billion dollars per year…so some little upstart like a £19.99 vape kit that actually helps is obviously going to be attacked and ignored.

I could get even more snippy and suggest that your average e-cig company doesn’t visit doctors and consultants with a bag full of drugs with an even bigger bag full of incentives such as cash and first class junkets around the world…I know a medical sales rep and wow the stuff she can give out to get doctors to use her drugs is mind boggling.

The Information And Training Is There For ALL To See

Martin Dockrell – Public Health England’s tobacco specialist is a little bemused at the apparent lack of knowledge shown by oncologists towards vaping saying:

E-cigarettes aren’t risk free but they are far less harmful than tobacco and it’s important for healthcare professionals to talk to patients about this.

That’s why as part of our NHS Smokefree campaign, we’re encouraging professionals to take free, online courses offered by the National Centre for Smoking Cessation and Training.

I’ve actually ‘sat’ the online training titled: E-cigarettes: a guide for healthcare professionals and it didn’t take long at all…certainly not as long as a long lunch or quick 9 holes at the golf club…

e-cig training

If and I say IF our cancer specialists in particular are serious about their profession and you know actually helping patients then once again I have to say its almost criminal they at least aren’t up to date with the obvious benefits of e-cigarettes compared to lit tobacco.

I suggest the consultants in particular step out of their ivory towers and spend a few minutes reading the latest PHE – BMA and UK Government publications on the benefits of e-cigarettes and dare I suggest they even sit the basic – very basic but informative – training course from the NCSCT..?

One can hope because these people are literally on the front line and they more than anyone should be promoting vaping as a harm reduction tool.

More importantly if almost a third of them wouldn’t even consider offering cancer patients the option of e-cigarettes then the message needs to become more forcible — it’s really that simple.

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