Totally Wicked: ‘Red Label’ American Red Tobacco

This is the third e-liquid I have tried from Totally Wicked, the first was the Green Apple that went down well and the second, Blueberry that was just OK for my particular tastes.

This review flavour is American Red Tobacco. This is described on their website as

“The cowboy’s classic tobacco flavour. Silky, creamy tobacco with a hint of caramel and a fresh cut grass taste on the inhale with a smooth and distinct finish.”

E Cig used in this review: eMode set to 4v with 2.4oHm atomiser


The first thing I notice with this juice is that it does have a sweetness to it, the caramel is definitely at the forefront of the flavour for me with a hint of tobacco coming in behind that. Is this a good thing?

Well it is all personal preference of course but for me I just found this too sweet for a tobacco vape and even after a bit of time it didn’t grow on me.

Definitely not for my tastes although it does do what it says on ‘the tin’, so if that sounds more like your thing then it could be good for you.

Vapour Volume

The vapour produced is good, helped by the 50/50 PG/VG mix.


Totally Wicked Red Label proves to be good value and is available in the following sizes and prices:

  • 10ml – £4.99
  • 20ml – £8.99
  • 50ml – £19.99


The American Red Label certainly wasn’t for me, it was as Totally Wicked described but I just found it to be too sweet  for my taste buds and ultimately a touch on the sickly side.

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