A Rousing Speech on How We as Vapers Fight the TPD

In a fiery speech to Vaper Expo New Nicotine Alliance spokesman Dave Dorn called on vapers to fight the TPD through direct action.

dave dorn vaper expo

The popular presenter of Vapour Trails TV took to the stage on Day 2 of the largest Vaper Expo yet and with his inimitable style – a mix of firebrand union leader and Northern comedian – he had the crowd gripped.

He was joined on stage by Dimitris aka @VapinGreek who is a radio host and the Executive Director of the Tennessee Smoke Free Association and NNA member Andy Morrison aka @GMFCfantasy.

It began as a kind of ‘good cop bad cop’ routine – one liked the TPD because…and the other didn’t – sadly microphone difficulties meant I couldn’t hear most of Andy’s comments.

nna expo

Dimitris did suggest as an American he would prefer to have vaping governed by the TRPR and TPD – rather than what they were facing in the US – which received a wry chuckle from me lol.

However, it was Dave Dorn who took the crowd through a series of emotions from excitement at the #freeshit giveaway – in this case NNA battery condoms – to getting them chanting the word ‘SHITE’ every time he led them with lines such as ‘10ml bottles are…?”

Dorn took us on a brief history of the NNA – what they are about – what they stand for – what exactly they do and asked for folks to dig into their pockets to help with funding.

NNA and Snus Legal Action

He spoke about the current court battle over SNUS – a tiny pouch of tobacco popular in Sweden that users place under their lip.

It is thought to be an effective tobacco reduction product helping thousands of smokers give up the habit with Norway and Sweden showing the lowest lung cancer rates in Europe.


The EU and indeed the UK has banned SNUS and the NNA is fighting a high court battle to overturn the ban – read more on that HERE.

Dorn told the crowd this was step one in the fight to rid us of the TRPR and TPD:

If we can get Snus un-banned then we can show the NNA are the ‘go to people’ when it comes to fighting the TPD.

Winning this will set us up for the next court case which is going to happen here in the UK post Brexit.

For obvious reasons he couldn’t expand on just what that court case may centre on.

Direct Action and False Advertising

However it was to the ridiculous nicotine warnings on vape related items – e-liquids – tanks – devices that he turned to next and called upon a form of ‘direct action’ to get rid of them under the banner of ‘false advertising’.

He gave an example of buying a vape kit from a supermarket with the nicotine warning on the front.


On getting it home he was annoyed there was actually no e-liquid – and therefore no nicotine either – in the box!

This he told the crowd was false advertising as there was no nicotine in there – and explained what he wanted them and indeed every vaper out there to do.

It’s misleading advertising so we need to email a photo of that warning label to the Advertising Standards Authority telling them!

If one of two do it they’ll have to take notice but if everyone at expo does then they’ll have to listen!

3 people complained about an e-cigarette advert and the ASA banned it – so please write to them and complain!

There’s no nicotine warning on a packet of fags is there!

If we can get this going it sets the path for the next move the NNA can make – I can’t say what that will be just yet!

You might remember the advert in question as I covered it in Vaping News back in February and featured Santa and the Gingerbread man.

So if you want to get involved in the Great British TPD fightback – then send your images of the nicotine warnings on vape stuff and complain directly to the ASA via their dedicated COMPLAINTS Page.

Make Vaping an Election Issue

He rounded off the speech by pointing out that we were in the middle of a General Election campaign and suggested every vaper out there made the TRPR and TPD an issue on the doorstep.

gen election 2017

When the politicians from any of the parties turn up and ask which way you’re voting tell them you want the silly TPD regulations sorted out – make it a real election issue!

Make it a Brexit issue and get it onto the Great Repeal Bill!

[the Great Repeal Bill is UK laws post Brexit and what EU legislation we keep]

It was a great speech but what stood out for me more than anything else was unlike some events I’ve seen where once the #FreeShit throw outs has ended people tend to move away – this time more folks came to the stage.

It seems to me that now the TRPR and TPD has come into force and vapers are seeing the effects more and more of them want to know how the hell we’ve come to this and just as importantly what we can do to fight it.

A good first step would be to sign up and donate to the New Nicotine Alliance after of course you’ve sent your complaint to the ASA 😉

nna vaper expo dave dorn

Neil Humber
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  1. A good first step would be to sign up and donate to the New Nicotine Alliance after of course you’ve sent your complaint to the ASA 😉 I have tried to sign up today but the CAPTCHA on their web site is faulty when trying to contact them on their contact form i received the same message


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