As you’re probably aware the European Union is gearing up for a major TPD review – so what will that mean for vapers?

We’ve already seen the EU push through a tax on vaping – that could eventually mean higher prices for all – and given that organizations isn’t a big fan of vaping, is that just the start?

nna clive bate tpd review 2020 zoom video

And come to that – given the UK is about to make a break from the EU, will we create our own vape legislation or follow like sheep?

Clive reckons here in the UK, the government has x3 choices:

  • The UK will end up complying with TPD2 and TPD3 (if there is one)
  • The UK will have the option to diverge from TPD2 and TPD3 but will not exercise its freedom in this area and continue to comply
  • The UK will diverge from these Directives – the divergence may or may not be helpful

So technically and until we know what exactly the ‘powers that be‘ are proposing – the best thing we vapers from across Europe can do, is to get active.

As always in these cases of the people against monolithic establishments like the EU [oops personal politics Neil tsk tsk] is to band together to get our voices heard.

In this case we all really should be getting behind the New Nicotine Alliance – the NNA – and indeed the European Tobacco Harm Reduction Advocates [ETHRA].

NNA_ Support

As Clive rightly writes:

Asked what vapers can do… my basic argument is about organizing and investing in capacity: get behind consumer organizations like NNA with money, time, commitment, networking, responsiveness to calls to action etc.

As an individual, you will be far more effective if you have guidance from one of these groups on how and when to engage.

As organizations, these groups will be far more effective if they have the numbers behind them.

That doesn’t mean robotically following instructions – the key is to express yourself and views authentically.

These groups will help you do that effectively.

The key for vapers is to activate the democratically responsive channels that oversee EU legislation – the European Parliament, UK parliament, the UK government.

This can be daunting, but with advice from consumer advocacy groups, it will be less daunting and much easier to be effective.

So it’s really quite simple – GET ADVOCATING!!!

If you don’t – then expect the consequences – that new mod or bottle of e-liquid may end up costing you more or worse – be ‘unavailable‘ due to some silly piece of legislation.

So could we see the end of the frustating 2ml rules? The removal of the 10ml bottle limit..?

Watch the excellent interview between Clive and chair of the NNA Martin Cullip to find out more:

Useful links to get involved and get your voice heard during the TPD Review:

ETHRA – European Vaping Manifesto

european vaping manifesto ethra
Read in full below

The manifesto has 6 points it wants ‘policy makers‘ to consider:

  • 1. Access to harm reduction, including tobacco harm reduction, must be recognized as a human right.
  • 2. Consumers of safer nicotine products must be recognized as essential stakeholders in discussions of policy.
  • 3. Regulation for safer nicotine products must reflect the risks relative to the risks from smoking.
  • 4. Regulators must recognize that having a wide choice of products and flavours is key to the success of safer nicotine products in enabling people to stop smoking.
  • 5. Regulation must consider the harm to adults when considering bans intended to protect youth.
  • 6. Tax policy must take into account that high taxation of safer nicotine products increases rates of smoking.

Make your vaping voice heard!

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