The UD Gaxi 60W Kit is from a brand also known as Youde located on the coast of the South China Sea, is a young and upcoming vape brand, specializing in stylish and affordable gear.gaxi kit ud main

The name most likely won’t ring any bells for you currently but we may be hearing a lot more from them in future as the company has recently undergone a massive expansion project and hit the ground running with the delightful little GAXI kit I’m reviewing for you today.

Now…the brand seems to have some pretty interesting gear on the market already, probably best known for the Youde Goblin range of RTA and the Zephryus Sub-Ohm Tank which I’d absolutely love to get my hands on.

Their kits section seems to have been reserved in the past, mostly, for teeny tiny all in ones and cigalike sized pods like the VIE, which I am lucky enough to own (a great little, draw activated, nic-salt loving pod mod) but today’s review is about a mini mod kit, the UD GAXI.

What Can We Expect From The Gaxi Mini Mod Kit By UD

The Gaxi is a simplistic and altogether delicious 60W mini mod that comes with one of best MTL tanks I’ve ever vaped.

It’s seldom that a tank can pull off out of control MTL and really decent DL as well, without the need to change coil or drip-tip and yet, this one does. The mod, is pretty damn cool too…read on to find out more!

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What’s In The Box

  • 1 x UD Gaxi Box Mod
  • 1 x Tinis Atomizer
  • 2 x CV14 Coilheads, Ni80, 0.8 and 1.5 Ohms
  • 1 x Shaded replacement glass
  • 1 x Spares kit
  • 1 x Micro USB Cable
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Warranty Cardgaxi kit ud contents

Mod Features

  • 96 x 50 x 30 mm
  • Wattage 1-60W
  • Voltage 1-8.5V
  • 2A Charge
  • Built in 3200 mAh battery
  • Made of SS, Zinc Alloy and Brass
  • Huge fire button
  • 3 Colour led light battery level indicator
  • 510 Threaded
  • Comes in Silver/Black, Pink/White and Blue/White

Tank Features

  • 22 x 30mm
  • 2ml Capacity
  • Sliding cap for topfill
  • Bottom adjustable airflow
  • 510 Threaded

Build Quality & Design

Gaxi Mod

On receiving the attractive and very well presented, black Gaxi boxes (I got two colours! The black and the blue, lucky me!) I was excited to sample goods from a relatively unknown brand (to me) but to be fair, was not expecting much…especially when I saw the size of the spare coils they sent me for the tiny Tinis tank…some of the smallest coils I’ve laid eyes on!gaxi kit ud hand

The brand’s motto is ‘Unification of Design’ and this really shines through in the unique ergonomics and visual appeal of this mod.

A short, round edged rectangle with racing twin stripes down both sides, one side’s stripes interrupted with the biggest, roundest fire button you could hope for. The fire button doesn’t make an audible click but it has a tactile click and something about the aesthetic just makes you ask, “why haven’t I seen a mod that looks like this before?”.gaxi kit ud front

This isn’t a TC mod and it makes sense that the brand has given the fire button pride of place over the screen, since it’s really all about simple, straight-fire vaping on this little beastie. I love the concept!

This little guy features a built in 3200 battery but no battery vents are to be seen. Only 2 little screws on the bottom, which I doubt I’ll unscrew unless my battery packs in!

When facing the fire button, the narrow vertical side on the left has a micro USB port at the bottom and a small but bright 22mm long screen above that.gaxi kit ud 510

I can’t help but notice the parallels (22mm tank, 22mm screen) and adherence to form like this is what makes this little mod and tank come across so, well…perfect, I guess.

On top is a centralized 510 connection that’s tight but spring loaded, set inside an SS tank seating that’s emblazoned with some pretty cool decorations.

The front side has the monster FIREBUTTON which has a bright LED behind it so that a ring lights up around the button when you fire, changing colour as battery levels wane.

There is a sizeable gap beneath the fire button which would mean that e-liquid leaking down the side of the mod should definitely be avoided although after a little research, I discover that the circuitboard is water, dust and static proof, which certainly makes me feel better!

gaxi kit ud screen

The fire button is a magnificent 25mm in diameter, whoop whoop, and sits flush with the mod’s side.

Both mod and tank combined weigh in at 174g so a nice weight to this mini, which adds even more of a quality feel to this zinc alloy mod, who’s immaculate, racing stripe finish makes it look the absolute business.UD Gaxi review

Below the firebutton are two conjoined adjustment buttons, long and just 1 mm thin, not clicky but very responsive, nonetheless.

All buttons are made of black plastic.

I was keen to take off the Tinis tank and fit some bigger ones, the first of which was the Prince tank by Smok. No overhang and what a unique look, with the length of the mod and tank almost the same but the squat design of the Gaxi actually complementing the bubble glass on the Prince nicely.gaxi kit ud back

This mini mod looks awesome with all the tanks and RDA’s I fitted, anything up to a 24mm and it manages to hold its own!

Tinis Tank

The Tinis tank is a sturdy little thing, surprising really. It’s really small, don’t get me wrong…but it just feels so solid and strong.

The airlow ring, which is adjustable, has 4 tiny, evenly spaced slots along its upper edge, although the size of the ring makes it a little difficult to adjust while screwed in. The airflow ring is black.

Above that is a small 2ml tank and above that, a complex looking top cap, which slides and swivels open at once with an extremely firm but very satisfactory movement, to reveal to particularly small fill holes which only really work with the smallest nozzles.

There is a white arrow indicating the point away from which you need to push the cap to open it.

It will only open when the mouthpiece section, a delrin disk, connected to the proprietary drip tip, is unlocked, there are markings so that you know what’s what on this section also.

The drip tip is about the thickness of a 510 on the outside, but its walls are extra thick so that the opening through which you draw is just 4mm across.gaxi kit ud tinis tank exploded view

The tank is colour coded to match your mod and while I’m not one for itty bitty 22mls, this one was set to surprise me more than once.

It feels very, very well made indeed. Nothing rattly or flimsy at all, whatsoever, nice…

Break down was super easy, with quality o-rings all round. I was interested to find that the coil head, which is minuscule, slips into a shaft connected to the top cap, from underneath, and is held in place by an o-ring…as opposed to being screwed into a base seating…the central shaft screws into the base seating instead.

Let me just say, the size of these coils is very misleading, I later found out.

How Does The UD Gaxi Kit Perform?

The Gaxi Mod

Look, this mod is not about fancy power curves and TC functions, it’s not about navigating through a colourful interface that takes up half the side of the mod…it’s clearly just about good, clean and convenient vaping on the go.

Beyond the obvious good looks of the Gaxi mod, it’s a phenomenal performer and I really put it through the motions, vaping it on numerous coil sizes and with tanks of varying description, I found its performance to be flawless, throughout its 60W range.

gaxi kit ud lightAs mentioned earlier, I spent a good deal of time vaping the Prince tank (probably one of my favourites, I have 5 of them now) on this little guy and enjoyed better performance at 60W on the Gaxi, than I had with the prince on some of my larger mods.

Ramp time is near instantaneous, even on the biggest coils. I’m currently vaping the Prince with a huge 0.15Ohm coil head, firing at 50W and the Ramp is INSTANT, vapour production excellent and it actually feels like 70W! This is the lower end of that coilheads spectrum but this mod pulls it off really well.

I also like the fact that the mod sets itself to 15W with the 1.5Ohm coilhead and 25W with the 0.8 Ohm head…I’d usually have aimed higher but soon discovered that with this mod and these coils , it simply wasn’t necessary.

It sets a 0.15Ohm coil head to 55W and vapes it like a dream at that wattage, it’s an awesome little mini-mod!

New atomizer readings are instantaneous and flawless. Battery life is brilliant!

I can’t fault this mod, one of the simplest but also, without doubt, one of the best small vape mods I own of this tiny size…and cute as a button!

The Tinis Tank

The Tinis tank is sooo small and the drip tip so narrow that I expected nothing but mouth to lung (MTL) here but I tell you, this tank does awesome restricted DL and, wait for it, outstanding MTL…Flavour and cloud through the roof but we will get to that in the coils section.

I’m seriously blown away by this tank’s ability to do MTL and restricted DL perfectly with no need to change coils or drip tip (you can’t change drip tips anyway). And…as someone who usually doesn’t enjoy MTL that much, it’s tanks like these that make me wanna carry an MTL device on me more and more. Wow, really satisfying!

I do find that the airflow adjustment can be tricky, there isn’t the best knurling on the airflow ring…that’s my only complaint, that and the fact that with this kind of vapour production, 2mls ends up being too little and I wish there was a tank glass extension, even for MTL!

How To Fillgaxi kit ud tinis refill

  • Look for the unlock marking on the top cap and twist to unlock
  • Look for the arrow marking on the side of the top cap and push the top of the top cap away from it
  • Swivel and open
  • Refill through one of the holes

How To Change the Coil

  • Unscrew the glass from the base
  • Pull the coilhead out of the central shaft
  • Screw the tank back onto its base

Stock Coil Performance

Now, don’t get me wrong, the 1.5 Ohm, 13-18W option is an excellent one for the stealth vaper or someone looking to conserve even more battery power; it’s got good flavour and does 15 W like not a lot of coils can, with decent cloud to boot. Not a big range but a good performer for lighter vaping.

This 0.8 ohm coil, however, is the beeezkneeez. This coil loves MTL, the thickest, fullest, most outstanding MTL you could ask for, with awesome flavour, between 20 and 28 W, though I’ve vaped it up to 40 with no qualms!

Wow, what really gets me is how well this coil in the Tinis does both DL (restricted) and MTL. Definitely my favourite of the two…and it’s so small!gaxi kit ud tinis coils

Do yourself a favour though, buy an extra coil pack, small coils like this can’t be expected to run forever, I’ve had mine in just over a week and it’s still going strong but I’d give it another week at most.

How To Operate the Menu System

  • 5 Clicks on or off
  • Long hold + and – to set resistance
  • Hold – and fire to lock or unlock
  • Hold + and fire to see the serial number

Battery Life

This 3200 mAh battery lasts for ages, battery life is soo damn good, especially since this mod makes lower wattages feel like higher ones!

I get a good 8-10 hours vaping the 0.8 ohm coil at 25W, with charge as fast as lightning in under an hour!

The Indicator light behind the fire button shines red from 0-20% (when you fire), blue from 21-60% and white from 60-100%.


  • Compact and ergonomic
  • Sexy, racing stripe finish
  • Looks sharp with larger 23mm tanks
  • Superior battery life with fast charge
  • low wattage MTL and DL vape with awesome cloud and flavour
  • Simple operation
  • Massive, responsive fire button
  • Instant Ramp


  • Airflow ring not easy to adjust, very small
  • Tank empties fast

Final Review Verdict

I have a bunch of mini mods which I reserve as spares and emergency mods when my 18650s or 20700s run out of power. Many come in kits with mini tanks which, while convenient and effective for beginners, don’t necessarily float MY boat and often feel flimsy or leak.

I found the Tinis to be such an enjoyable MTL tank to use, which such great flavour and cloud on the 0.8 Ohm coils, that I will keep it near by as a go-to MTL tank in future. It never leaks, it’s brilliantly made. The Gaxi mod is versatile, sitting happily with large and small tanks, with a stunning finish and ergonomic size that packs punch and battery life. If you’re looking for a pocket mod, you can’t beat the Gaxi 60W Kit by UD.


Would I buy the UD Gaxi if I lost/broke the device? Definitely

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Build Quality
Ease of Use
Likelihood I'd buy It Again
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