Taking A Closer Look At The High VG E Liquid Range From UK E Cigstore

The new Enhanced VG range from UK Ecig Store is made up of classic e-liquids from the UK Ecig Store juice range that have been reworked to enhance flavour and vapour production, with fruit, menthol and tobacco based juices all making up the range.Enhanced VG E liquid by UKEcigstore.com

An increased level of VG in this juices means that there is added smoothness and an enhanced taste experience.

The UK Ecig Store Enhanced VG range is available in glass bottles with droppers, in 0,3,6 and 12mg nicotine strengths in bottle sizes of 10ml. The mix ratio is 60/40 VG/PG.

You can purchase multipacks of these juices to save even more money, or to give as a gift to someone! Also we have a special Uk E Cigstore discount code at the end of this e-liquid review to save even more.

Lets have a look at 7 of these reworked flavours, and I’ll be using my Subtank Mini and Freakshow Mini RDA to test these juices out….


The juices come in glass bottles with droppers that are child safe and labels are printed with the relevant safety information and warnings. The juice names are clearly labeled with simple designs that stand out.

enhanced vg blueberry reviewed


UK Ecig Store’s original Blue Berry liquid was one of the most popular from their original range, and the Enhanced VG version promises to be just as popular.

A nice sweet blueberry that has the harsh sharp edge Blueberry vapes can have rounded off with the smoothness of the increased VG content, and the blueberry flavouring content is just right to give it that authentic blueberry taste.

Uk E Cigstore Enhanced Tobacco Royale E Liquid

Tobacco Royale

There was a long trial and testing period with Tobacco Royale before they settled on the blend they felt is ‘fit for a Queen’!

The end result is a rich and earthy tobacco vape reminiscent of Virginia tobacco, with a nice woody aftertaste and pleasing sharp throat hit.

The Enhanced VG makes this almost akin to smoking a cigar, with the pleasing vapour production that goes with it.

An ideal evening vape or a great one for people looking to give up smoking and looking to replicate the taste of tobacco.

UK E Cigstore Purple Rain High VGPurple Rain

Purple Rain is a really juicy and mouthwatering e-liquid, that is especially appealing to me as I love blackcurrant, so much to the point that I get through glass upon glass of Ribena daily!

Purple Rain reminds me of one of my favourite sweets as a child, Blackcurrant Chewits, and this could quite happily be an all day vape for me. Really good, sweet yet smooth, blackcurrant with almost a hint of candy.

ukecigstore cola vg eliquid reviewBlue Cola

Blue Cola was a bit of a strange one for me at first, but a juice that I nevertheless ended up really enjoying by the time I got close to the end of the bottle.

To me it almost reminded me of a Cola Slush Puppie, that would make for a perfect summer vape on a hot day.

There’s almost a hint of a cooling aftertaste on the exhale that really suits this flavour profile perfectly!

raspberry enhanced vg ukecigstoreRaspberry

I haven’t yet tasted a raspberry e-liquid that actually tastes like the real thing, however Enhanced VG Raspberry has gone a long way to changing that for me.

This tastes like real fresh and ripe raspberries, with a smooth sweet and juicy aftertaste.

It’s a little too sweet for an all day vape for me personally, but it’s a really nice juice to enjoy a tankful of from time to time.

One that I found myself returning to between vaping other flavours.

UKecigstore.com pomegranate pleasure e-liquidPomegranate Pleasure

Unfortunately I’m not the biggest fan of Pomegranate, however I still gave this juice a try.

There’s definitely a real Pomegranate vibe to this juice, that does remind me of the real thing, and this has got to be the first time I’ve ever tried Pomegranate in a juice!

The menthol gives this a nice throat hit and it also nips your tongue on the exhale, this isn’t one for me personally and my least favourite but if Pomegranate is your thing then this surely won’t disappoint.

Green Gorilla Enhanced VG rangeGreen Gorilla

Green Gorilla is described as a mix of grape, apple and menthol, and I tend to get those flavours coming through in that order.

The grape is the first to land on my tongue, with the taste of fresh green grapes, followed up with a sharp green apple that goes hand in hand with the menthol to give this juice a real nice crispness and bite.

If you like your fruit juices to be tart and sharp, then Green Gorilla will definitely be right up your street!

Throat Hit

Even though there is an increased level of VG in these juices there is still a nice bit of throat hit, in particular with Tobacco Royale, Pomegranate Pleasure and Green Gorilla which is all in line with the respective flavour profiles.

There’s definitely a nice bite present here with these three juices! There wasn’t much throat hit of note with the other four juices I reviewed but again, this is in line with the flavour profiles.

Vapour Volume

If you are a cloud chaser then you are going to love the vapour volume produced by these juices! Nice, heavy thick clouds were produced with both a dripper and a tank, and the cloud volume was certainly better than many juices with a similar 60/40 mix ratio.

Production Details

I couldn’t find out online as to whether these are mixed and produced in an accredited pharmaceutical grade production facility and clean room, however I did find that these liquids are produced within the EU and they contain no alcohol or animal extracts.

Final UK E Cig Store Enhanced VG Juice Review Verdict

I’ve been very impressed with the smoothness and the flavour punch that these juices provide. The flavours are very authentic.

The only thing I would like to see is a dessert range, as UK Ecig Store could build on these juices to make a really good dessert range, and dessert juices really tend to flourish with a high VG mix.

The 7 juices I got to try however I was left really satisfied with, the clouds were great and there is some really intense flavour, without being too overpowering.

Tobacco Royale
Purple Rain
Blue Cola
Pomegranate Pleasure
Green Gorilla
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