The US total flavour ban could dead in the water after another u-turn from President Trump.

Rumours coming out of the White House – and they are just that at the moment – suggest the president has been swayed by the staggering number of job losses a ban might bring.

US flavour ban wevapewevote

Of course there’s no mention whatsoever the effect the #WeVapeWeVote campaign is having on his polling numbers.

Put simply 13 million vapers voting against him on this single issue – could see his bid for a second term fail.

Come to that, there’s also NO mention of the positive health benefits vaping brings over smoking and in particular the need for flavours to give smokers looking to quit, and current vapers options other than tobacco and menthol.

Trump Appears Indecisive Over US Total Flavour Ban

The Trump administration has failed on two occasions now to deliver what he’s been calling a “big paper” on vaping.

Initially the president – under pressure from the growing anti-vaping crowd in the US – the Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar AND First Lady Melania no less – was keen on a total ban to ‘protect the children’.

It then emerged he was considering an age limit of 21 for buying all things vape and then it was suggested flavours would remain but only to be sold in vape shops!

us flavour ban flotus potus us flavor ban
THAT look! image via: AP

Given Melania – FLOTUS – was firmly in favour of a total flavour ban – Thanksgiving dinner might be uncomfortable to say the least 😉

After all, the First Lady has hardly been front and centre of any of the Trump policies – this was her first and it looks like hubby is going against her wishes – ouch!

This was a point picked up by the NY Times – suggesting in this tweet that “the Donald” was all about what’s best for him rather than the country or those around him:

I’m sure the vapers of America won’t be losing any sleep over the president’s marriage or indeed his continual flip-flopping on this crucial issue – just so long as ALL flavours are saved.

Anti Vape Groups Slam Trump’s Inaction

However, Trump’s hand may be forced thanks to anti-vaping billionaire Michael Bloomberg.

The former New York major is a vociferous anti-vape and tobacco campaigner and there’s suggestions he may be throwing his hat into the ring as a democrat candidate for the next presidential election.

He made no bones about his feelings towards Trump’s seemingly indecision over vaping tweeting:


Gregg Haifley, from the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network was equally scathing – if a little shall we say ‘over dramatic’:

With every day of delay, our kids are picking up these products and becoming addicted.

We want Congress or the FDA to permanently remove the flavors from the market that we know are used to target kids, and act in the interest of public health.

The White House has remained tight lipped on just what the hell is going on with spokesman Judd Deere saying:

President Trump and this administration are committed to responsibly protecting the health of children.

At this time, we are in an ongoing rule-making process, and I will not speculate on the final outcome.

I guess until Trump makes up his mind – the vapers of America face an anxious wait.

Final word to the US Vaping Association that warned even if the flavour ban is halted…there’s still the worry of the PMTA process to contend with:

We’re glad @realDonaldTrump has softened his tone on the #flavorban.

However, we also cannot find a way to participate in this conversation.

This means others could go in there, endorse the PMTA process that small businesses cannot afford, & write us out of the future of vaping.

Absolutely and something I’ve been warning about.

Of course the fight to overturn the possible total US flavour ban is important – but once you win that – the PMTA’s will devastate the smaller vape companies.

I have a sneaky suspicion these are ‘controlled’ leaks – meaning they’re a sounding board to gauge public opinion across the board.

That might sound cynical – but as we can see – Trump is looking at what any move he makes on vaping affects his numbers…brutal but I reckon it’s true.

By letting out hints of possible vaping policy – he can see how how it affects his polling data.

Hey – call me an old cynic 😉

As to Trump and the total US flavour ban – as soon as anything concrete is forthcoming – we shall of course let you know.

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