Now is the very best time to download the awesome Vaffle vape app as there are some amazing vaping prizes to be won!

Vaffle is the number one global vaping community and unlike YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, there’s no shadow bans or censorship.


The Vaffle vape app is celebrating its 3rd anniversary this November and has really upped the prizes on offer!

Before we take a look at the cool vape related games, let’s see what else this vape app has to offer.

Users can share posts about their vaping experiences – ask any questions about vaping and get answers from the highly knowledgeable community.

The posting of photos of your latest mod or vape collection is extremely popular and there’s a ton of vaping videos to scroll through.

Best of all is the wealth of knowledge among the Vaffle vape app community – if something has you stumped there’s always someone around to help you out.

And a quick search will throw up a huge catalogue of vaping tutorials that will soon have you vaping like a pro!

Vaffle Vape App – Points Mean Vape Prizes!

The beauty of the Vaffle vape app is, taking part means prizes!

That means every single time you post a video, photo or interact in a thread you get points, and in this case points mean vape prizes!

vaffle vape app

Collect as many points as you can and cash them in for a new piece of vape kit or merch such as caps and t-shirts.

And as an added bonus, there are even more vaping prizes to be won through the weekly competitions shown on the home page banner!

If that isn’t enough, invite a friend using the code: 615039990 and you’ll be in with a chance of winning one of the latest vape devices!

Vaffle Vape App – You Are the Vape Expert!

If you’ve always fancied yourself as a vape reviewer then now’s your chance!

Joins the hundreds of thousands of other vapers and get your thoughts on the very latest vape gear – or how about writing a few retro reviews?

Don’t forget you can also add video reviews – ideal for YouTube vape reviewers trying to attract a few more followers 😉

The app also has a huge catalogue of vaping tools to help your vaping journey go to the next level.

Checkout the tools that include battery status and DIY e-liquid calculators plus very many more.

Vaffle Vape App – Vaping Games Mean Prizes!

If you’re into playing games on your mobile phone then this definitely for you.

It’s raining vape devices with the Catch Falling Vapes game!


Move the character and catch as many as you can – collect the points and cash them in for top prizes!

There’s also the Invite and Win cube game where once you’ve invited a friend click on a box to see if you’ve won!

Plus there’s a very special and more detailed game called My Vape Factory.


This one takes a bit of time, however in a nutshell you are the boss of your own vape factory.

Each time you log in you’ll need to charge your worker robots to get them up to speed and once the game is completed a vape mod is made. You can also get others to help which makes this a great one to make and meet you vaping mates.

You can choose to make any mod from any of the big vaping manufacturers and you’ll get more batteries for the robots to charge if you take part in daily Vaffle vape app tasks!

Final Thoughts

As you can see, the Vaffle vape app is absolutely jam packed with great features for any vaper new or old.

From tutorials and tools to help your vape experience to great games with prizes to be won.


Not only that you can join an extremely knowledgeable worldwide vaping community meet fellow vapers and even become the vape reviewer you know you want to become.

And don’t forget when you’ve downloaded the app – invite a friend and get even more points for a chance to win even more vaping prizes!

Download the app now: Vaffle APP – Global Vape Social Platform

Once downloaded, use the code: 615039990 to invite your mates and be in with a chance of winning one of the latest vape devices!

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