atman owar vaporizer cheap

The Latest Wax Vaporizer At A Low Low Price

If you enjoy vaping on concentrates then take a look at the deal we’ve found on the new ATMAN Owar Wax vaporizer.

As you can see this is a pen style device that features the usual ceramic chamber however this one is heated by a triple quartz coil which is replaceable.

Powered by a generous 1100mAH internal battery that hits a high of 16.5W – medium 12W and Low at 8W – there’s also a nifty silicone storage ‘jar’ in the base.

Available in 5 snazzy colours this is a pre-order deal with devices shipping on or around June 21st 2019.

To get the full discount you’ll need to use our exclusive code ECC at checkout.

What’s the Deal?

  • This is a pre-order deal
  • Devices ship from June 21st 2019
  • Offer ends June 21st 2019
  • Use code ECC for full discount
  • Fast worldwide shipping options available
  • Currency exchange rate correct at time of writing


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