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Vape Shops Now In UK Hospitals – Canda Calls To Ban Vape Ads – California Cranks Up Anti Vape Laws – Cancer Foundation Says No To India E-Cig Ban and Edge E-liquids Gets Asda Deal

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Vape Shops Open Inside UK NHS Hospitals!

According to its Facebook page UK vape chain EcigWizard has opened up not one but 2 vape shops inside NHS hospitals.

If true – I do like to get external clarifications – then it’s absolutely amazing news and sets a precedent that I’m sure other hospitals up and down the UK will follow.

EcigWizard say the two in question are Birmingham City and Sandwell General Hospitals.

ecigwizard nhs hospitals

The company says:

If there was any doubt in your mind about vaping as a healthier alternative to smoking, may we have the absolute pleasure to announce that we have just opened 2 stores inside 2 amazing NHS Hospitals in Birmingham.

Social media has been buzzing with the news with many American based vape advocates amazed at the move and tagging the anti-vape brigade and even Donald Trump!

As I said at the start if this is true – and I have no reason to doubt it – it’s a fantastic move in the right direction and well done all those involved.


Calls For Vape Ad Bans In Canada

Local politicians in Edmonton Canada want a curb on vape ads especially ones found near ice cream machines!

The city Councillors are calling on the Mayor to contact both the federal and provincial government to put in strict regulations – to protect the kiddies!

ban all the vaping things

That line is really getting tired now lol.

The man behind the call is Coun. Michael Walters who said:

It started for me when I saw some pretty sloppy and aggressive advertisements for vaping products.

In the front doors of stores, as you walk into convenience stores you can see vaping advertising right there.

There’s spots in Edmonton where I saw it suspiciously close to Slurpee and ice cream machines.

I don’t want to think the worst of people, but that kind of placement is likely strategic.

I just want that cut out.

Suspiciously close to Slurpies…lol…OK, hands up anyone over the age of 18 that enjoys a nice slurpie or ice-cream!

I’ve got an idea let’s just blindfold all kids all the time to protect them from everything because this is getting ridiculous.

California Looking To Crank Up Anti Vape Laws

In what they describe as the “toughest anti-teen vaping policy in the nation” California lawmakers are looking to tighten the retail rules of selling vape gear in a bid to protect the kids.

Here we go again…

no vaping

The new law would mean:

  • Ban e-cigarette manufacturers from advertising products to children
  • Limit the sale of flavoured e-cigarettes to tobacco shops
  • Increase penalties for selling tobacco products to underage individuals
  • Increase penalties for individuals who provide tobacco products to underage individuals
  • Require retailers who sell tobacco products to use age verification technology
  • Ban individuals under 21 from entering a tobacco or vaping store

The new law would mean the complete ban of all vape sales from gas stations and liquor stores and any shop that doesn’t have a 60% volume of tobacco or vape sales.

Bill AB 1639 will get its first discussion early next week and given the current levels of hysteria – particularly in California – I’m guessing this one might sail through.


Cancer Foundation Questions India Vape Ban

As a total ban of all things vaping in India looms, the Cancer Foundation asks why not ban lit tobacco?

Now that’s a sensible question!

The non-profit charity has written to the Minister of Health and Family Welfare, the Prime Minister’s Office and the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), and is calling for a rethink of the ban.

cancer foundation of india

It’s the white paper from the ICMR that the organiation is most concerned about and says there should be no ban imposed and instead a regualtory approach should be made to vaping similar to the one in New Zealand.

The letter states:

…many scientific institutions of repute have acknowledged that tools such as Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS) pose significantly less risk to health compared to traditional cigarettes or bidis.

These devices, which contain addictive nicotine, but do not emit the toxic medley of carcinogens found in cigarette smoke, are growing popular as an alternative that smokers can opt for to reduce their exposure to toxins and lower risk of cancer and other tobacco-related illnesses.

The Cancer Foundation is also concerned about a possible thriving black market appearing – with all the risks that involves – should the countrywide ban be imposed:

If India opts to impose a ban on ENDS, it is inevitable that a black market will emerge where it will become impossible to prevent sale to youth and non-smokers.

Global regulations also set benchmarks for manufacturing standards, battery and e-liquid quality, and nicotine content, but in the event of prohibition, these parameters will also be beyond control, and if anything, black marketing may lead to an influx of poor quality ENDS into the market, which could pose serious risk of injury and harm.

As to how vaping should be handled in India they say:

India, too, can use a combination of regulatory and programmatic awareness tools to help existing smokers make an informed choice about their health.

Wise words indeed.


UK E-Liquid Company Gets Asda Deal

You could say UK based Edge E-liquids has definitely got the edge over its competitors as it rolls out its juice range across 350 Asda supermarkets.

The Stockport based company produces high quality e-liquid at affordable prices and what’s even more incredible is they’ve only been a round a couple of years.

edge e-liquids

Despite being so young, Edge has managed to corner a huge slice of the UK’s convenience store market and the deal with Asda will secure that for quite some time.

Chris Carr, Sales Director of NextGEN360 Ltd, said:

EDGE being listed in one of the country’s largest and best loved retailers is a fantastic opportunity for the EDGE brand, for ASDA and for our ever growing customer base.

Good news indeed.


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