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VPZ Creates 1,000 New UK Jobs – JUUL Scientist Launches New Device – Anti Vape Gun Control Tactics For San Fran Vape Mail! – New Zealand Council Bans Vaping – Councillors Caught Vaping In Chamber and the £5k JUUL Cover!


VPZ Announces Ambitious Expansion Plan

As new legislation means vape shops in their droves will be shutting down in America, UK company VPZ is planning a massive expansion creating up to 1,000 new jobs.

The company has ambitious plans to open 200 new stores over the next three years as it goes from strength to strength.

VPZ has been hi-lighted as one of the country’s fastest growing companies by none other than the Sunday Times Virgin Atlantic Top 100 business list.

vacancies VPZ

There are currently 125 VPZ shops all doing brisk business and the recruitment drive to fill future vacancies begins now. VPZ covers everything from product development, distribution and retail. And it’s not just vacancies for store assistants either with openings in marketing and mixology to finance.

VPZ director Doug Mutter said:

We are a people business, developing products that respond to the needs of our customers and bringing a personalized experience that educates on the evidence-based health benefits of vaping.

As we forge ahead with our rapid ambitions for growth, we are looking for energetic and enthusiastic talent to join us and make a real impact in a truly disruptive business space.

Opportunities span across the whole of the UK and our business operations as we maintain our focus of helping more smokers realize the health benefits of switching from smoking to vaping.

Again and unlike America, much of the company’s success is down to health organisations here in the UK recognising the health benefits of vaping compared to smoking. Indeed part of the UK’s green paper of ridding the UK of smoking completely by 2030 suggests smokers should be encouraged to take up vaping instead.

Doug said:

Vaping represents a huge public health opportunity and the market will continue to grow as increasing numbers of smokers recognize its effectiveness in helping people to quit smoking.

As we grow our footprint and staff numbers, we will continue to invest heavily in our people strategy to bring an unrivaled experience to our growing customer base and truly cement our position as the UK’s leading vaping specialist.

Some good news for a change!


Former JUUL Scientist Launches Competitor

The scientist behind the hugely successful JUUL vape pod has released a new device aimed at the Chinese vape market.

Xing Chenyue helped develop JUUL but left after the company made a foray into herbal vaporizers.

Her new company is Myst Labs and after 2 years of research and development, the P1 series is almost ready for release.

myst labs pod kit

It’s aimed predominantly at the pretty much untapped Chinese vape market and with 350million smokers in the country any device that catches on will be a gold mine to say the least!

China has only recently begun taking up vaping – despite it being the spiritual home of all things vape. And as I mentioned last week, the country has a grey area when it comes to vaping with some areas operating an outright ban – the government is currently working out new legislation.

JUUL announced last week it was about to launch in the country and will now be going head to head with one of its early developers.

Be interesting to see how this pans out.


Gun Control Tactics On Vape Mail In San Francisco

Despite the San Fran vape ban not coming into force until possibly next January, some locals are finding it hard to buy gear online.

And officials say they will be using the same methods that successfully stops certain gun magazines from getting into the city limits to stop vape mail!

Jeez – a vape starter kit classed the same as a high round capacity gun magazine??? Absolutely mental and then some lol.

san fran vape ban

One resident was recently turned down from buying a battery charger as she had a San Francisco address and it’s about to get worse.

City officials say they will be taking legal action on any company shipping to the city – however this say some could be unconstitutional.

Retired teacher Judy Smith was the customer refused a battery charger and she ain’t happy:

I’m so sick of the ‘Just say no’ stupidity.

If we hide stuff from kids, it just pushes them to do it even more.

Wise words.

However the San Fran vape ban politicians are sure they will place a ring of steel around the city stopping any vape gear getting in.

John Coté, spokesman for the local powers that be said:

San Francisco has a successful track record of ensuring that unlawful products aren’t bought online and shipped here.

The city has multiple ways to make sure the law is followed.

It wouldn’t be prudent to publicly disclose specific investigatory or enforcement tools.

One thing for sure policing this stupid all out ban is going to cost a city, known for hundreds of drug addicts roaming the streets, used needles and human feces on the sidewalks, a ton of cash it can ill afford.

Worst of all, they’ve deprived smokers the healthier alternative of vaping, condemning smokers to slow painful deaths.

Shame on them.


New Zealand Council Bans Vaping

Despite the government of New Zealand recently launching a pro-vaping website one local council has banned vaping.

The government has placed vaping at the core of its goal to stub out smoking by 2025, however the Matamata-Piako District Council – which covers three towns, has placed vaping in its smokefree outdoor policy, claiming it looks “distasteful” lol.

vaping facts nz

Jonathan Devery the director of vape company Alt New Zealand says it’s ridiculous:

We think it’s going to have a negative impact on the numbers of people switching to vaping products, and it’s going to have a negative impact on New Zealand moving forward towards the smoke-free 2025 goal.

If they want to be a part of helping New Zealand meet the 2025 smokefree goal, they need to enable vaping products and accessibility to them, instead of demonising them.

…they’re making decisions that are going to have an incredibly negative effect on both the health of individuals and obviously the wealth of those individuals too.

Absolutely – I do wonder what some of these local power mad politicians are smoking…pun intended 😉


and finally…Councillors Under Fire For Vaping In the Chamber!

Local politics can be stressful at the best of times but vaping to ease the stress of long winded meetings can lead to a right telling off from the Mayor!

It was the vaping Councillors of the Derry City & Strabane District Council in Northern Ireland who were reminded that vaping inside the Guildhall was banned – as was smoking.

It was apparently a pretty heavy 6 hour meeting and some councillors felt the need for a toot after just 2 hours of the marathon sitting.

no vaping no smoking

Mayor Councillor Michaela Boyle, told the nicotine starved politicians:

There are some guidelines within Council around smoking, particularly within the chamber, and it includes vaping.

So, just to members who vape: you are not allowed to vape in the chamber.

You have to vape outside the chamber.

I think maybe a point of order should be raised to allow them to vape – after all we know there’s no such thing as passive vaping, and just imagine what an example it would set 😉

and finally part two…£5k JUUL Case Anyone?

When I say case I don’t mean a court case, though JUUL seems to be facing a raft of those!

In this case it’s a case to encase your JUUL in either 18k Gold or Sterling Silver!

gold juul vape case

The work is from jewellery [or is that juulery?] company Miansai and they’ve already sold 15 of them!

I did say in my JUUL review it was a little bland looking and I guess this will bling it up a bit!

Not my taste…is it yours?

You can order the £5k Vape Case Here


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