Vapestick: Leaf Tobacco

Vapestick Leaf Tobacco Review

The first of a small selection of e-liquids we were sent from Vapestick is the Leaf Tobacco, this is the ‘V Liquid’ (as Vapestick call it) that comes as standard with their new Vapestick MAX Clearomiser kit.

Vapestick Say: “The new and best-tasting tobacco flavour we have ever launched!”

E Cig used in this review: Vapestick MAX


One thing I should really mention is that I’m not really a tobacco flavour vaper anymore so I will do my best here.

One thing I will say though is that I can still appreciate a flavour for what it is even if it may not be something I’d usually vape! Making sense? No… Thought not. Lets move on!

The smell from the bottle is extremely subtle but there is a hint of tobacco coming through.

Before I get to the flavour, the first thing I noticed was the firmness of the bottle (is this just me?), it’s a touch on the hard side when squeezing that e-liquid out. Maybe it’s the way I do it!

On vaping I’m surprised, this tastes pretty realistic. It has that familiar hint of woody flavour with a very slight sweet edge. This taste also lingers in the mouth afterwards creating a familiar smoking experience.

As mentioned, a tobacco flavour isn’t one I will turn to for my daily vape.

I know how it can be very important especially for new vapers to replicate the smoking experience though and from my hazy memory of my smoking days I would say Vapestick have done a very good job here.

Vapour Volume

Vapour volume is decent using the Vapestick Max.

Throat Hit

I am using the 18mg nicotine strength here which provides a good throat hit without being too harsh.

Production Details

The V-Liquids from Vapestick are manufactured in the UK. Here is a video of the e-liquid in production.


  • 10ml – £4.99


A good, realistic tobacco flavour.

I prefer a lower strength but for new e cig users I can’t see the strength being a problem.

Have you used the Vapestick Leaf Tobacco e-liquid? Would love to hear your thoughts below!

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  1. Dear all, for the past few years I have used a product from Smokenic (supplied in Huddersfield) Leaf Tobacco in 18mg strengths being an ex smoker & have found it to be the best liquid for me & my son. Unfortunately they appear to have ceased trading & I can no longer buy it. I have been to many shops who offer “authentic” tobacco liquids but come away disappointed. Was going to try the vapestick leaf tobacco but are out of stock.
    Any good suggestions?


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