VapeWild e liquid hails from Dallas and is a company that prides themselves on customer service – freebies – amazing prices and quality e-liquid at a budget price.

They seem to have an endless list of flavours – some ‘out there’ whilst others are more in keeping with their competitors.


The company’s About Us page is very upbeat as to how good their juices are and a quick look at other reviews around the net seem to back their claims up.

VapeWild E Juice

I received 10ml e-liquid bottles (EU Ready) and as these were free of charge for review purposes I wasn’t able to choose the flavours.

I did receive a few goodies – a vape band – pair of sunglasses – snap back cap and lovely t-shirt though sadly both are too small given you could describe me as ‘big boned’.

By far the best freebie is the inflatable pink flamingo – I know… I’m easily pleased.


It’s one of those bottle/glass floaty in the pool things but as this is the UK and the local swimming baths frown on folks talking a bottle of single malt in with them it’s now in my bathroom holding a bottle of shampoo 😉

All merchandise is available to buy off the site.

Taste is Subjective


Given some of my e-liquid reviews have caused a stir in the past to say the least – as always my opinions are my own 🙂

Taste as they keep telling you is subjective, however, I can only say that my integrity as a journalist cost me my career so it naturally follows as a vape reviewer I come from the same principle.

I can’t be bought and I tell it how I see it and vape it.


Let’s see if the VapeWild e liquids tamed my apparent tasteless tongue 😉

The e-liquids are available from zero up to 12mg nic strength.

I received a mix of 50/50 VG and PG as well as a couple of 65/35 – up to 80% VG is available.

I used a single Clapton coil on the Serpent Mini and a dual Clapton coil on the VaporFi Venom RDA – freshly wicked each time. Lets see if this is some of the Best Vape Liquid we have used.

Slo Mo 50/50

VapeWild says:

Introducing April’s Mystery Flavor… SLO-MO! Slow it down with SLO-MO, a mix of juicy berries and ripe melon topped with rich whipped cream.

You will enter the 4th dimension and defy space and time with the sweet and creamy flavor of SLO-MO. It’s something that has to be tasted to be understood – even Einstein couldn’t resist!

Primary Flavors: Watermelon, Berries, Whipped Cream

slo moI say:

I get the watermelon and berries and the whipped cream rather than fresh cream tastes like the stuff out of a can.

It’s not a bad taste, neither is it a great taste. If anything it’s a little artificial but not in a chemical aftertaste kind of way.

Fresh fruit and cream it isn’t but as a kind of over sweet candy vape it’s OK.


VapeWild says:

With this upgrade of the legendary “Strawberries and Cream”, you may notice more cream and strawberries! If you loved Strawberries and Cream, you will absolutely adore this elegant, rich, and creamy addition!

Primary Flavors: Strawberry, Cream

s+cI say:

I received a 50/50 and the 65/35 – both tasted identical with obviously more clouds from the higher VG version.

The world is filled with failed strawberry and cream vapes with not that many coming close to capturing the sweet yet tart freshness of strawberries washed over with fresh cream.

Again this e-liquid to me verged over again into the too candy sweet flavor profile.

Again it’s not a bad vape far from it – just a little, dare I say, cloying and certainly not what you’d call ‘an all day vape.’

After dinner or with a pint maybe.

Cowboy Cooler 50/50

VapeWild says:

Cowboy Cooler is a complex blend of menthol with sweet and sour berries. This tart concoction of fruit and menthol flavor is sure to make you want more!

Primary Flavors: Berries, Menthol

Cowboy_CoolerI say:

I was expecting big things from this one even though menthol doesn’t do it for me I do like sour tarty things.

The menthol is very low key which might make you think a none menthol loving vaper like me might like it.

Sadly and once again the berries are super sweet rather than tart and with the lack of a menthol punch the whole thing is a bit over sweetened.

L.B.C. Long Beach Crush 65/35

VapeWild says:

Tart refreshing tropical flavor on the inhale and a sweet smooth finish.

Primary Flavors: Peach, Pineapple, Cranberry, Coconut Rum

LBCI say:

Again I think the word ‘tart’ is how shall I put this – OK – how about mistaken.

Pineapple – peach and cranberry are three of my favourite fruits and sadly they have been swamped by a sickly over-sweet rum.

Sure the coconut arrives but that too is a little overpowering leaving you feeling as if you’ve eaten a box full of Bounty bars or just downed a shot of neat Malibu.

Lose the coconut and rum and those three fruits would make a stand out vape – but then it wouldn’t be the rum cocktail they’re trying to recreate.

King Cake 50/50

VapeWild says:

Feel like a true King of New Orleans while vaping this magnificent cinnamon treat.

Primary Flavors: Cream, Cinnamon, Sugar, Dough

King_CakeI say:

I can’t see it anywhere in the ingredients but I kept getting a smell and back note of coffee with this one.

The cinnamon is very low key which is a good thing – you get the hint which is enough.

Again the cream is a little synthetic and despite searching I wasn’t getting that doughy squidgy taste.

Not a bad ejuice at all if you have a real sweet tooth – again a little sweet for me to be an all day vape.

Murica 50/50

VapeWild says:

Murica is a blast of sweet and refreshing layers of red cherries, tart lemon-lime and blue raspberries. Murica tastes just like that red, white and blue popsicle from the ice cream truck on a hot Summer day.
Primary Flavors: Popsicle, Lemon Lime, Raspberry, Cherry

MuricaI say:

OK things are looking up a bit with this one.

I do love cherries but not when they are overly ripe and the flavor here is bordering on too sweet but is saved by the raspberries and lime.

Again it can be cloyingly sweet after a few drips or a half tank – but it is very vapable in short blasts.

The Americans liken it to a Bomb Pop Popsicle – maybe if they added a dash of coolada it might take the sweet edge off.

Pinkle Twinkle 50/50

VapeWild says:

This classic e-juice flavor is a fan favorite among candy lovers. It is a burst of candy fruit goodness! You won‘t have to go through the bag to find the pink candies you love, because we bottled it!
Primary Flavors: Pink Strawberry Candy Chew

Pinkle_TwinkleI say:

Despite having reservations about the name of this I actually quite liked it!

In the UK think strawberry Chewits and you’ll have some idea of the taste.

Again it’s not fresh and it’s actually not that sweet.

I got through this bottle first which says it all I guess.

VapeWild E-Liquid Review Final Thoughts

There’s more than a few flavours on the site I would have leaned towards rather than the ones I received so to judge them all is difficult.

What I can say is the ones I’ve tasted are all very sweet and dare I say very samey samey.

Yes I drank plenty in between and yes I split the review over a few days – but they all had a very familiar back note to them.

Cloud production even for 50/50 mixes was pretty good and unlike other e-liquids I’ve tried there wasn’t really much difference in taste at higher or lower wattage.

So would I recommend or buy VapeWild e-juice?

Judging on the flavours I’ve tried I’d say those of you with a sweet tooth will enjoy them. There is also no doubting the pricing is great too.

And do checkout the freebie offers which includes a free bottle with some orders.

And so my seemingly never ending search for my ADV [all day vape] continues…

Slo Mo
Cowboy Cooler
King Cake
Pinkle Twinkle
Neil Humber
I began vaping in 2012 and found it easy to give up a 40 per day roll-up habit! DTL: Lost Vape DNA75C BF - Dead Rabbit SQ - MTL: JacVapour Sandstorm DNA 75 + Augvape Merlin Nano RTA...Daily set-up Lost Vape DNA 250c and Geekvape Zeus X I'm a former journalist and now a writer and author.. I'm an Army veteran - adore dogs and never happier than with a good book on a beach.


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