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A Look at High End Vaping Mods – Atomizers and Mechs

I think the most expensive mod I ever bought came in a little under fifty quid which is still quite an expensive purchase for my wallet lol.

The last set up I bought cost me $14 – for a cloned squonker 😉 so as you can see I’m a big spender.

Most of us came into vaping for health reasons and of course the fact that many say ‘vaping is cheaper’ – unless you get bitten by the bug and end up building up a collection of all the new shinny things that constantly seem to appear!

At the recent Vaper Expo I spent an inordinate amount of time talking myself out of buying the Loch Ness by Envii finally deciding the £70 was too much for my budget – like I said I’m skint most of the time lol.

glas signature mech mod $325
glas signature mech mod $325

Also at Expo I hovered around the SX Mini stand and stared lovingly at the Glas collection of mods that quite literally had me licking the glass cases.

So if you think the SX Mini G Class coming in at around £200 is high end – you ain’t seen nothing yet!

So let’s have a look at vaping where money is no object starting with box mods then on to the mechs and ending with atomisers that cost an arm and a leg.

Shisha Sticks Sofia

So who’s got a spare half a million quid in their back pocket?

Actually it’s a little more than that coming in at £550,000 – $890,000 for a vape pen.

Shisha Sticks Sofia

That’s the price paid by a Russian billionaire for the kit he commissioned as a gift for his girlfriend.

He called on UK vape company eShisha Sticks to create the vape pen and literally nothing was spared creating the ultimate in vaping bling.

The Shisha Sticks Sofia – named I assume after his girlfriend – has 246 2karat diamonds – 46 Swarovski crystals – the battery features a £46,000 diamond with another on its gold tip!

Shisha Sticks Sofia expensive vape mod

The whole thing is made out of solid gold and even the clearomizer has that all important touch of luxury being made from Murano glass.

I gave my ex-partner an Aspire K2 kit just before Christmas and I was dumped a few weeks later – nothing to do with the kit I’m sure and hey it’s the thought that counts lol.

Duke SX Stabwood Edition by Vicious Ant

If that one might be a little out of your price range then how about this little beauty from Vicious Ant?

The Duke SX Stabwood Edition comes in just a touch under £800 and given there’s only a handful of this beauties made – I would expect it’s a pretty solid investment – or at least would hope it is!

vicious ant stabwood mod

The chassis is made from aluminium with the stabilised wood imported from the USA – there’s a stabwood drip tip too.

Sadly for the price no battery is included lol.

Amber Mods – Spot Mod

At just under 700 Euros the Spot Mod from Amber Mods has been designed by a guy called Sebastian – a former jeweler.

The main body is sterling silver whilst the fire button is made from amber gemstone.


It’s a single 18650 battery and hits a max 60watts so not a lot of bang for your buck.

Pretty though…

Nextasis Atomizer

I thought the price of the new Goon 1.5 was a bit steep until I started looking around the net at the high end stuff lol.

Made by a company called Vapeware Mods the Nextasis Atomizer is a little out of my price range to say the least.

Nextasis Atomizer

You’re looking at paying around $249.99 for this dinky little 22mm atty – *gulps*.

Now for that price I’d want it made on the thighs of dusky Cuban babes with maybe a bit of gold dust thrown in and possibly one of the ladies phone numbers.

It’s a 4ml top fill design with 10 different airflow settings and x3 drip tips with a bag of spares thrown in.

Nextasis Atomizer 2

I’ve looked high and low for a company website but – and this seems the case with a lot of the real high end vape gear – to no avail however they do have a Facebook group should you wish to find out more.

Rose 3 TPD Edition

At around half the price of the one above the Rose 3 TPD edition is made right here in the UK by Eden Mods.

This is another top filling 22mm tank with precise juice flow control operated via the drip tip and a wide range of airflow control options.

rose 3 tpd

It’s a 2ml TPD compliant tank that can be used as both a MTL and DTL tank and there is a slightly more expensive none TPD compliant version out there if you can find it.

Satburn 22

Now if you thought those two were expensive – check out the Sat22 which would have cost you the best part of $225 new a couple of years ago – probably more now second-hand if you can actually find one!

It would seem this is one of the holy grails in the vaping world as the production ended a while back – so Lord only knows the price of them now!


Again I’ve looked high and low for a website and can’t seem to find one nor can I find any social media links – all very mysterious.

The only way to contact them or find out more appears to be via an obscure vaping forum!

Timekeeper Mod Custom Set Up

It’s on to the mechanical mods now – and I have to say I’m never absolutely sure why some of them are so expensive.

Yeah I can see the design – materials and machining is top notch but looking at this custom set up from Avid Lyfe whilst it certainly looks bad ass the price tag of an eye watering £774.49 seems shall we say steep!

mech mod expensive

However these custom kits have sold out so I guess the real collectors out there know a good deal when they see one!

V3 Rig Mod V3 Roughneck Punisher Set

At around the $400 mark this set up is I guess mid-range high end lol.

This is a limited edition mech mod kit made in the US and features the The Roughneck V3 RDA on board the Rig V3 copper tube.

uk punisher

There’s a US and UK version – the only difference being the flag within the Punisher logo and each kit has its own serial number.

Silver Dragon Mod by J2P

If sub £200 is more to your wallet and you already have a decent high atty then maybe the intricate designs of the Silver Dragon might have you breathing fires of desire.

Coming in both an 18650 and 26650 size this wonderfully crafted mech mod can be yours for around £180 – that’s the mod only.

silver_dragon mech mod

Made by J2P of the Philippines is made from 304-grade stainless steel with the deep engravings of a dragon.

A little bit intricate [and expensive] for me with the box it comes in looking pricier than most most expensive mod!

High End Vape Kit – Is it Worth It?

Buying high end vape gear is of course a matter of both choice and whether you can afford to spend that much.

You don’t need justification – unless the missus spots your credit card statement!

Vaping is pretty much like anything – a decent car for instance will get you from A to B whereas a sports car will also get you to A to B but I guess with more style.

To be honest I don’t think if I owned a £200+ mod I’d ever take it out the house – not with my clumsy reputation!

silver_dragon mech mod

And for me over $200 for a tank seems a bit excessive – especially as some of those £20 ones I’ve reviewed give an absolutely amazing vape – which after all is what vaping is really about.

But hey more power to you if that’s your thing and I genuinely hope you’re enjoying your product.

Most of us gave up smoking to save out health and money – sadly for many of us – yeah even tight wads like me – vaping is turning out to be quite an expensive hobby to say the least!

I met a guy in the bar at Vaper Expo who was a real high end vaping connoisseur – the tank he had on his mech cost more than the 3 mods and two tanks and one RDA [plus e-juice] I’d got in my bag.

He let me have a blast on it – after swapping drip tips lol – and if I’m honest – really really honest?

The vape off that MTL tank was pretty much identical to the Nautilus 2.

But then I’ve always been classed as having no taste 😉

Have you shelled out or been tempted by any higher end vape gear? Let us know in the comments below!

I have simpler vape tastes these days - I never leave home without a Caliburn G, a Vaporesso Luxe 40 or Innokin EQ FLTR and a CBD vape pen or bottle of CBD drops in my rucksack...or indeed an Aspire Nautilus Prime X in my pocket... At home I'll be using various mods topped with the GeekVape Zeus X RTA or the Signature Mods Mono SQ topped with the Augvape BTFC RDA... I'm a former journalist and now a writer and sometimes author... I'm ex Army - adore dogs and never happier than hiking over the hills or with a good book on a beach.


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