Vape News Headlines: E-Cigs Twice As Good As Patches – VPZ To Conquer Europe – Pro Nicotine Film Needs Funding – Brainwashing American Kids – Youth Vaping Prevention Act of 2019 – New Zealand Prescribing E-Cigs to Australia!

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Vaping Is The Key To Quitting Smoking – Fact!

A new study shows that if you want to quit smoking forget nicotine patches gums and sprays – e-cigarettes are the most effective.

It’s something most of us who’ve made the transition know however we do need those scientists to back up the wealth of anecdotal evidence out there.

Researchers from Queen Mary University of London followed 886 smokers attending NHS stop smoking clinics and found just one in ten users of pharmaceutical based NRTs [nicotine replacement therapies] were successful in quitting whilst 2 out 10 using e-cigarettes made the switch successfully.


Our old friend Professor Peter Hajek led the research adding:

E-cigarettes were almost twice as effective as the gold standard combination of nicotine replacement products. Health professionals have been reluctant to recommend their use because of the lack of clear evidence from randomised trials. This is now likely to change.

The results back up the article I did a couple of years ago – Smokers Turning Their Backs on NHS Stop Smoking Clinics – which showed smokers looking to quit were turning to vaping.

Given Big Pharma is taking a beating financially is it any wonder there’s such an anti-vape lobby over in the states..?


UK Vape Company Eyes European Market

Despite the shadow of a deal or no deal Brexit UK vape company VPZ are preparing to take on the European market with a view to floating their business on the stock market in the near future.

VPZ – formally known as Vaporized – are currently rolling out one new vape shop per week aiming to have 300 outlets by 2021. However as vaping takes hold on the European mainland the company says preliminary sales over there show huge potential.


The Edinburgh based company employs 500 staff and has an annual turnover of around £27.5 million and currently has stock selling through Spanish associates however VPZ director Doug Mutter said VPZ was eying most of Europe:

Germany has a huge smoking population and an up-and-coming vaping industry – but not quite where the UK is yet. We have got a tried and tested model in the UK and we know what to do here – it’s getting that understanding in these other countries.

The company plan to fund the continued expansion by launching on the stock exchange in the next two years or so.


“You Don’t Know Nicotine” – New Film Needs Funding

Aaron Biebert the film director who brought us the pro vape documentary A Billion Lives is asking for help to fund his next movie “You Don’t Know Nicotine”.

He really couldn’t have timed this one better given the current nicotine hysteria over in America but needs help getting the film out to the public.

Do checkout the trailer below – it really will open your eyes to the BS currently being spouted about nicotine…

He said:

We just launched the public campaign and it’s now the #2 most popular movie on Kickstarter. We’re beginning to reach more of the general public!

Would you mind giving at least $5 to push this movie to #1? The number of backers we have sends a strong message.

Click here to give $5

It’s time to reach the public. It’s time to end the lies. Early support gets this project momentum.

Definitely a project I can get behind and maybe you could too?

Kickstarter Campaign

Lies Lies And Brainwashing – US Kids Given Anti Vape Lessons At School

The program is called ‘Catch My Breath’ and US kids as young as 11 are being given slick anti-vape lessons from so called experts.

Hey I’m all for education however a quick look at the ‘facts’ this young audience is being force-fed is shall we shall lies lies and more lies.

Strangely the experts don’t seem to mention lit tobacco but are concentrating purely on e-cigarettes with a particular emphasis on yeah you guessed it JUUL.


I mean flashback a few years and did we see this amount of effort on educating kids around the world on the dangers of smoking?

Anyway…I digress…

The program comes as American Academy of Pediatrics launched its new policy statement calling on tighter controls on the sale of e-cigs including:

  • Minimum age of 21 to buy vape products
  • Banning of online sales
  • Regulation of marketing e-cigarettes
  • Banning of flavoured products

Front and centre of the Catch My Breath ‘message’ is the same old chestnut this one spouted by Dr. Susan Walley, a professor of pediatrics at the University of Alabama-Birmingham who blatantly lies saying:

Youth who use e-cigarettes are more likely to go on to use conventional cigarettes.

E-cigarettes are not safe because they contain toxic chemicals, many of which that are found in cigarettes as well as nicotine, which we know is an addictive substance.

Yup nicotine is addictive I’ll give you that…the rest though?


As to how the Catch My Breath program is funded?

Unfortunately the group has a Donor Privacy Policy…meaning of course for all we know Big Tobacco and Big Pharma could be pumping millions of dollars into yet another high profile America anti-vaping program…

Slap my hand and call me a tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist…


Youth Vaping Prevention Act of 2019

It’s a catch all bill that would change the face of how tobacco is used and sold in America including the banning of flavoured e-liquids.

You see the key here is to keep all things vape in the ‘tobacco products’ category which yeah I know makes no sense whatsoever!

It’s called Bill H.R. 293 and known as the Youth Vaping Prevention Act of 2019 which is a clever phrasing given the main thrust of the act is to put a stop to flavoured cigars/tobacco and the selling of such products across state lines.

bill hr 293

Indeed the bill doesn’t appear to single out the so called American teen vape epidemic looking more like a tax cash grab.

Dig deeper and you see it’s not about health at all but to stop internet savvy Americans buying their products online and getting them cheaper from different states so avoiding heavy tax levies!

It’s always about the money honey!

Dig even deeper and the bill wants to see a new tax bracket for all things vape…money money money and sod all to do with the health of the nation…

If the bill is passed in congress it would become law within 12 months…I’ll keep you posted.

Bill H.R 293

and finally…NZ Vape Company Prescribing E-Cigs To Aussies!

In a very clever move New Zealand based vape company Nicovape has begun selling nicotine filled e-cigarettes to Australians…legally and with a doctor’s approval!

As it stands now it is illegal for Australians to vape on nicotine infused e-liquids unless prescribed by a doctor – few do.

However Nicovape has found a legal loophole and Aussies desperate to quit smoking simply have to fill out an online questionnaire. If their answers follow the criteria a doctor will prescribe the device and e-liquid and it will be posted free of charge to Australia!


The website explains:

To purchase and use nicotine inclusive iNRT (inhaled nicotine replacement therapy) products in Australia, legally you must possess an Australian issued medical prescription. Nicovape will cover the cost of your prescription when you subscribe to one of our plans, quick and simple.

Complete our online consultation to determine if you are eligible for a prescription at checkout. If one of our affiliated prescribing doctors determine that you are suitable to use iNRT products, your prescription will be sent to you as a PDF via email so you can get started on your smoke-free future!

Like I said…very clever and once again New Zealand beating Australia at more than just cricket and rugby… 😛

Checkout Nicovape Here!

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