Vaping News Headlines: Vape Shop Offers FREE Haircuts – Canada Says NO To Flavour Bans – Another UK Council Bans E-Cigs – “Vaping Vera” Banned On Trams and What Wrestling Rapper Had A Vape On A Plane?


Homeless Offered FREE Haircut In A Vape Shop!

It’s been yet another bad news weeks in the world of vaping – however let’s start with a heart warming vape story.

If you’re homeless in Nottingham UK you can get a free haircut once a month thanks to a vape shop owner.

Dan Bayliss who owns Herbal Tides has converted part of his store into a barbers shop and offering the chairs rent free so long as the hairdressers offer free haircuts to the homeless.

dan bayliss herbal tides
image via: Nottingham Post

He told his local newspaper:

We spent £7,000 refurbishing over half the shop that was just left unused. So I’ve got an offer for two barbers who want to come on a journey with us.

They can keep every penny they make, but all I’m asking is that they do a free day where they cut the hair of homeless people to give them some self confidence.

He’s not stopping there either with plans to open a soup kitchen very soon:

We get a lot of homeless people walk past, lingering around. One gentleman was so cold outside so we offered him in for a coffee.

He was telling me how there are a lot of homeless people around the area and it’s getting colder and colder outside now.

Not everyone is privileged, so we’re doing this so we can give back to the community. We’re doing something for people who cannot quite make it in society.

Nice job mate nice job indeed.


Canada Talks Sense On US Flavour Ban

Health Canada says it has NO plans to ban flavoured e-liquids and pods following the FDA’s lead last week.

As it stands sweeter e-liquids are not banned but do have strict advertising rules.

fight the flavoured e-liquid ban

Pediatricians in Canada had hoped the government would follow the US ‘example’ however Health Canada spokesman Maryse Durette has said no adding:

While Canada and the U.S. have both recently regulated the vaping marketplace, the situation is not the same in the two countries.

Flavours help make vaping liquids palatable to adult smokers seeking a less harmful alternative to tobacco. Therefore, the use of flavours in vaping liquids is not prohibited under the TVPA [Tobacco and Vaping Products Act].

As to if the so called ‘teen vaping epidemic’ had reached its shores she said:

Canada has not seen a similar spike in the use of vaping products by youth.

One wonders why…answers on a postcard.

Another UK Council Bans Vaping In the Workplace

I reported last week that Dundee Council had banned its employees from vaping and smoking anywhere during work hours and now another one has joined the crazy club.

The Redcar and Cleveland council announced last week it would be banning vaping on any of its premises which brings it into line with other councils on Teeside.

The decision was unanimous despite Stockton council’s health department advising smokers looking to quit to take up e-cigarettes.

‘Justifying’ the ban order a spokesman said:

The use of electronic smoking devices has become more prevalent. Whilst current research suggests that they are much less harmful than tobacco products and, therefore consideration has been given as to whether such devices should be treated differently to tobacco products.

However, whilst there may be some benefit to those who are seeking to stop smoking tobacco products and find that switching to electronic devices assists with that process, it is felt that treating the use of e-cigarettes differently would create inconsistency and potentially cause ill-feeling within the workforce and/or users of council buildings.

Whilst electronic smoking devices may be less harmful that tobacco products, they are not risk free, still emit fumes and odours, and can be unpleasant for those in their vicinity, applying a different approach to such devices may be seen to condone their use.

Overall, therefore, it is felt that they should be treated consistently with tobacco products and the policy has been amended accordingly.

That line about causing ill feeling in the workplace is a bit lame to say the least especially given a recent study shows that smokers who spend time with vapers are more likely to try to quit smoking.

And of course as a responsible employer you bloody well SHOULD be condoning the use of e-cigarettes at workthe use of e-cigarettes at work …after all most of the medical profession do here in the UK…

It seems in the world of vaping no sooner do we make very many positive steps there’s always a bunch of ignorant jobsworths out there ready to drag it back down.


£1000 Fine For Tram User ‘Vaping Vera’

If you vape on a tram in Manchester you could be fined up to £1,000 from next year.

Bosses at Metrolink – which covers the Greater Manchester area has had the temerity to list vaping as illegal alongside littering – abusive behavior and being drunk on board. They reckon making vaping ‘illegal’ on their trams is covered by ‘key bylaws’ that already exist…ummm I’m sure smoking is covered by any laws…but vaping?

The public is being ‘educated’ about the new fines through a variety of colourful cartoon characters including Smoky Joe, Drunken Duncan and Vaping Vera… *sighs*

vaping vera banned from trams
Vaping Vera lol

You have to laugh at that image…most responsible vapers tend to use an MTL device on planes trains and trams…take a look at my article on considerate vaping to see what I mean…


Metrolink MD Aline Frantzen said:

Behind the light-hearted nature of the campaign is a serious message.

There are some unacceptable behaviours which spoil the Metrolink experience for law-abiding passengers, and we want to make it clear that these actions have serious consequences.

From January, those who engage in illegal activity will face fines and court action, so it’s better for everyone to avoid becoming a ‘Smokey Joe’ or a ‘Naughty Nelly’.

Once again I’m pretty sure vaping ISN’T illegal…anywhere in the UK…

And whilst we’re here might I add another character to the ensemble?

How about ‘Ignorant Ian?’ or even ‘Crazy Colin’…it’s an endless list lol…


…and finally…Rapping Vaping Wrestler Thrown Off Plane

As an old English fart I had absolutely no idea who Enzo Amore was…

However you gotta love this vaping rapping former WWE wrestler who was allegedly upset at not being allowed to vape on a plane.

vape on a plane
image via: DeadSpin

Despite an attendant trying to ‘pin’ him down he refused to submit and give up his kit lol.

Apparently his catchphrase is “How you doing?” which of course other passengers shouted as he was led off.

Back on the ground the former WWE star is believed to have said it wasn’t him but another passenger that was vaping…

Obviously he’s looking for someone else to take the fall… 😉


*Shuffles Papers*

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