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Australian Smokers Used As A “Cash Cow”

Yet another Australian MP has called for the legalization of nicotine based e-liquids down under but fears the government can’t afford to!

Buying cigarettes in Australia is among the most expensive in the world with prices pretty much tripling over the past few years.


And it’s this potential loss of tax income that is really stopping the government doing a u-turn says Senator Peter Georgiou.

He said:

We seem more concerned about slugging smokers as much as we can to fatten up the government coffers. Is the government more concerned about its coffers drying up if people switch to vaping?

Acknowledging the fact vaping helps people quit smoking he added:

If we are genuine in helping people to stop smoking why don’t we encourage this option?

Good question mate – but I’m pretty sure the tax revenue that you’ve mentioned is one of the main reasons for sure.


FDA Considering Banning Vape Sales In Corner Shops

Stopping sales of vape related products in convenience stores could be the next move by the FDA as it goes all out to stop teen vaping.

It’s been labelled a ‘teen vaping epidemic’ over the pond however recent reports showed most under age sales were NOT made in vape shops – but other stores.


FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb said:

We’re looking at what can be sold in brick-and-mortar stores and whether or not flavored products can be sold in regular stores like a 7-Eleven and a truck stop and a gas station, or whether or not flavored products on the market should be confined to adult vaping shops, which generally tend to do a better job of checking ID.

Not a bad idea actually…especially as a lot of the kits sold in those places are usually pretty crap…


Thailand’s E-Cig Ban Could Be Overturned

The Ends Cigarette Smoke Thailand advocacy group is calling on the government to lift the countrywide ban of all things vape.

Thailand banned e-cigs back in 2014 and since then the ban has not only led to more people smoking but also tarnished the country’s image with tourists given many have been arrested fiend and even jailed for vaping.

The ECST is asking the Law and Litigation Department in the Office of the Ombudsman Thailand to do a u-turn and legalize vaping again.

Spokesman for the ECST – Marit Karunyawat – said lifting the ban would be a win win for all concerned with the government getting much need tax and smokers in the country able to choose a healtheir lifestyle.

The government office has been considering the request for the past couple of weeks and we shall of course keep you informed.

Hip Hop Making Vaping Cool…

If you wanna look hip and get down with the kids you’d better hop down to your local vape shop…apparently!

Yup vaping is now cool – allegedly – as it features in almost half of the latest Hip Hop videos…yeah I watch ’em all the time…

Sadly lit cigarettes and joints also feature and that was really getting the do-gooders in spin…

However they’re really going into meltdown as many ‘famous’ Hip Hoppers [is that how you describe them?] have brought out their own branded vape kits.

Artists such as Snoop Dog – Action Bronson – A$AP Rocky and The Weeknd [yup I dig them all bro] have all jumped on the vaping gravy train and are or will be bringing out vape stuff soon.

I understand that even here in the UK our very own hip hopper [is he one?] Professor Green has a line of e-liquids and apparently he was at Vaper Expo back in May…sadly I had no idea who he was so didn’t get an interview…

I guess we might need some younger blood in the team lol.

Anyway the Daily Mail [Fail] ran a very lengthy article on this and asked the question is hip hop fueling the vape culture?

My answer?


Now where did I leave my Best Of Mantovani CD…


FDA Gets Even Tougher On Vape Companies In the US

21 vape companies have been targeted by the FDA to see if they are ‘illegally’ selling vaping products.

If they are found guilty they could face huge fines – have the products taken off the shelves and seized.

40 products are under scrutiny and this stems from the rule that any vape products produced after August 2016 needed FDA approval.

myblu pod removal

The Vuse Alto kit – the MyBlu starter kit and the Rubi by Kandypens are among the items being checked however JUUL has not been included as the FDA raided their offices a couple of weeks ago!

FDA supremo Scott Gottlieb – who seems to have done a full 180 and is now a crusader against vaping warned:

…we will take swift action when companies are skirting the law…

Crazy – if a little worrying – times over the pond…

American’s Still Unclear About E-Cigarettes

Much of the American public are confused about the benefits of vaping – despite the amount of users of e-cigs rising.

A new survey conducted by website Health Day spoke to 2,000 people and the results show that maybe the barrage of negative press and dodgy science is stopping more smokers making the switch.


A whopping 85% said they were worried about long term damage vaping may cause whilst 43% think vaping is worse for your health than smoking.

We had similar misconceptions here in the UK a couple of years ago however a more positive spin from organizations like Public Health England has helped the image of e-cigs with most people now realizing they are indeed 95% + safer.


The Philippines Should Take the UK Approach To E-cigarettes

Smoking and vaping is banned in many public places in the Philippines with those caught facing huge fines and even imprisonment.

However advocacy groups in the country are urging his government to follow the UK’s stance on tobacco products and to relax legislation around vaping.

President of The Vapers Philippines – Peter Paul Dator said:

E-cigarettes are helping many people in the UK quit smoking. The government should seriously consider the UK tobacco control model in order to reduce the harms caused by conventional cigarettes to Filipino smokers.

Wise words indeed – however don’t hold your breath mate governments and common sense especially around vaping really don’t tend to go hand in hand…but good luck!


Brighter Smiles For Vapers!

E-cigarettes don’t stain your teeth like lit tobacco does – now that should put a smile on your face!

Boffins at British American Tobacco no less published the results of the study in the American Journal of Dentistry and say:

While cigarette smoke caused significant enamel discoloration, vapour from the EC and aerosol from the THP caused only minimal staining.

BAT Tobacco smile test
Top row: The discoloration of enamel exposed to cigarette smoke. Middle row: Minimal discoloration of enamel exposed to the aerosol from a Tobacco Heating Product. Bottom row: Minimal discoloration of enamel exposed to the aerosol from a vapour product.

Another reason to smile if you’re a vaper!


…and finally…South Park’s Take On The JUUL Epidemic!

I haven’t seen the show but social media has been awash with the South Park episode featuring vaping.

To be honest I haven’t watched the show for years but always loved their at times viscous take down and mockery of anything that takes their fancy lol.

via comedy central

It seems the kids at South Park Elementary school are now part of the JUUL epidemic and I imagine chaos ensues lol…

“OMG Big Tobacco killed Kenny…the bastards…”

*Shuffles Papers*

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