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Singapore’s Vapers WILL Return To Smoking As Vaping Becomes Criminalized.

Singapore looks set to be the next Asian country to ban and criminalize the use of e-cigarettes.

At the moment it’s illegal to import any type of vape gear into the country however new laws coming into force over the next few months will see the use of e-cigs becoming illegal.

‘Offenders’ caught importing face fines of up to $10,000 and/or 6months in jail – with these penalties doubling for ‘repeat offenders’.

It’s not clear what the punishments will be if vapers are caught using e-cigs even in their own homes – a crazy state of affairs to say the least.

e-cigarette breaks tobacco cigarette, isolated on white backgrou

The writing has been on the wall for the country’s vapers for some time as back in July 2016 the Health Ministry issued a press release advising of the ‘dangers’ of vaping and warning of the punishments for importers.

The Straits Times of Singapore spoke with vapers who said they’d have no alternative but to return to lit tobacco products.

Words fail me…

First Pro Vaping Film Festival Announced

The next Global Forum on Nicotine [GFN] will feature the first ever pro vaping film festival.

Aaron Biebert – the Director of the powerful documentary A Billion Lives will be organizing and selecting the short films to be shown between Friday 15 and Saturday 16 June 2018 at the Marriot Hotel in Warsaw Poland.

Film makers looking to submit their up to 15 minute productions should in the first instance contact Aaron at – Aaron @ – with a secure link to their Vimeo or YouTube movie.

GFN Film Festival

Aaron said:

Reversing propaganda and fear tactics will take more than a single movie.

It will take a community of educators, leaders, and influencers who are educated and excited. A film festival focused on tobacco harm reduction will make a huge impact by inspiring filmmakers to take up the cause and help get the truth in front of the public.

I am delighted to be leading this effort and believe that together we can make a difference.


Big Tobacco’s New Year Pledge To Quit Smoking

Phillip Morris Inc the company behind iconic cigarette brand Marlboro says they are planning to ‘stop selling cigarettes in the UK…’

The company took out full page newspaper ads explaining their reasoning behind the ‘surprise announcement’ and you can read two articles I’ve written on the matter:

Marlboro Men Announce They Are Quitting Smoking and The New Nicotine Alliance Gives Cautious Welcome to Phillip Morris Incs Pledge To Stop Cigarette Production.

smoke free future
The PMI backed website

To recap PMI is doing this as a step towards a ‘smoke free future’ and has already created a how to quit smoking website.

Other aims here in the UK includes:

  • Offer to support Local Authority cessation services where smoking rates are highest
  • Seek government approval to insert, directly into its cigarette packs, information on quitting and on switching;
  • Expand the availability of new, alternative products in the UK

Peter Nixon MD of PMI UK said:

We believe we have an important role to play in helping the UK become smoke-free.

The commitments announced today are practical steps that could accelerate that goal. We recognize that never starting to smoke – or quitting altogether – are always the best option.

But for those who continue to smoke, there are more alternatives than ever available in the UK.

Deborah Arnott – chief executive of health charity Action on Smoking and Health was dubious about the company’s motives telling the BBC:

As Philip Morris well knows the government isn’t allowed to accept ‘donations’ from the tobacco industry.

However, it does show that the industry has money to burn. Rather than making donations, it should be forced to pay the government more of its enormous profits.

I have a feeling this will rumble on for some time and as always we’ll keep you informed.


North Yorkshire Council Backs Vaping

It’s OK to vape up t’north with the North Yorkshire council backing the latest hard hitting national stop smoking campaign.

I reported on the new Public Health England campaign in last week’s Vaping News and featured the shock video showing tar coursing through a smokers body.

Smokers in the area desperate to quit are being advised to contact Smokefreelife North Yorkshire for advice and support on how to stub out the life threatening habit.


A spokesman for the council said they were ‘e-cigarette friendly’ adding:

That means anyone who wants to use an e-cigarette to help them to give up can still use face-to-face support and clinics that the service provides. E-cigarettes are now the most popular aid to quitting smoking and carry only a fraction of the risk that smoking tobacco does.

Public Health England advice is that smokers – particularly those who have tried other quitting methods without success – should try e-cigarettes and people who are both vaping and smoking at the same time should make the full switch and stop smoking completely.

Good to see another UK council getting behind vaping – wish more of them would wake up and smell the vapour…


More Scientists Say Vaping Is Far Safer Than Smoking

Researchers in the USA say a long term study shows e-cigarettes’ are ‘significantly safer’ than lit tobacco products.

Robert L. Cranfield MD and his team studied the results of 573 smokers and former smokers over a three year period and found that vaping:

…a dramatic and positive effect on the health of those who are able to switch from cigarettes.

The actual figures showed that vapers were showing 96% LESS adverse health conditions since quitting smoking and taking up e-cigarettes.

The study – as seems to be the case with all positive findings around vaping – has been largely ignored by the mainstream media after it was published in ResearchGate back in October.

However other medical research sites and Google Scholar has now made the findings available to a wider audience.

To find out more read the excellent article in ChurnMag – or read the full study over at Google Scholar.

China Facing Tobacco Epidemic

Despite being the center of the universe for all things vape China is now the world’s fastest growing user of tobacco.

The Chinese Government has been aware of this growth for some time and has put measures in place to combat the ‘epidemic’ including tax on cigarettes that equates to 59% of the price and a total smoking ban in some major cities – still the numbers are rising.

In fact some areas of China have vaping – something I’ve always found quite bizarre!


The rise in smoking coincidences with the average Chinese worker seeing wages rise by 85% since 2001 and doubled among the country’s lowest earners.

Studies estimate there’s a staggering 316 million smokers in China with around 6.4 million deaths from tobacco related illnesses in 2015 alone.

Treating tobacco related diseases is costing the country dearly with 10.59% of the health budget spent on treating the sick.

Hu Angang – a professor at Tsinghua University – calls for even more tax on tobacco adding:

…higher incidence of smoking in poverty-stricken areas and poor families is the main cause of poverty reoccurrence due to the treatment of tobacco-related diseases.

I could say I wonder if Phillip Morris Inc will be ‘quitting smoking’ in China with all those profits to be made…but I won’t…oops…


…and finally That Award Winning Irish Stop Smoking Video

Get your dancing shoes on because THIS is the way you produce an anti-smoking video!

Not only will this have you tapping your feet – but when you see the guy following his tobacco disease related chest operation – you’ll get a shiver down the spine too – powerful stuff indeed.

OK the ad was commissioned by the Irish Government’s health department the HSE and features ‘smokers’ of all ages and from all walks of life miming to the 70’s disco classic [I was there lol] I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor.

A song I’m pretty sure most women – and some men *sniffs* – have bawled their eyes out too after a break up!

In this case the break up is smoking and the end result is bloody brilliant – see for yourselves:

Wow – I get goosebumps every time I watch that – fantastic!

The ad created by BBDO Dublin and produced by London-based 2AM films- has won numerous awards and rightly so – and has now been picked up by the New York State Department of Health’s Bureau of Tobacco Control and is being used as part of their anti-smoking campaign.

Fidelma Browne from HSE said:

We’re excited and incredibly proud that the campaign has traveled in this way and hope that it can help do some good.

We are really proud of all our campaigns, but the QUIT campaign is one of our strongest, and has given us such a sense of achievement, seeing smoking prevalence drop year after year.

For the record: Ireland now has more ex smokers than smokers which is a brilliant achievement.

*Shuffles Papers*

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