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Some UK Vapers Denied Fertility Treatment

Women who vape or use nicotine patches are being denied IVF treatment by some NHS Trusts here in the UK.

This despite Public Health England suggesting vaping during pregnancy is far far safer than smoking.

According to a survey carried out by the Mail On Sunday of the 117 clinical commissioning groups [CCGs] that answered the survey 16 said they had a ban.

Those operating the ban includes all 10 from the Greater Manchester area and according to the Mail many more health authorities are considering a similar move.

Given many scientific studies say nicotine has little if any effect on fertility or pregnancy experts say this is more about cost cutting for the cash strapped NHS rather than anything to do with safety.

is vaping safe while pregnant

Aileen Feeney speaking on behalf of charity Fertility Network said:

This is another example of how health bosses are trying to ration NHS fertility services by introducing arbitrary access criteria.

Tobacco harm expert and pro vaping professor Peter Hajek of the Queen Mary University of London said this was worrying as it might make women that smoked think there was nothing to gain by turning to vaping.

Just last week UK MPs were told vaping in pregnancy is relatively safe – read my article HERE for more info and a more detailed piece: Vaping When Pregnant – A Report For Midwives.

Full Story.

Vape Shops Raided In Dubai In Vaping Crackdown

As the United Arab Emirates counts down to legislation surrounding vaping 11 vape shops were raided in Dubai last week and vaping gear and flavoured tobaccos were confiscated.

The sale of vape gear is banned in the UAE and tobacco products were slapped with a 100% tax hike last year.

As the current legislation stands given there’s no import license for vape gear the country’s government believes that means everything vape related is therefore ‘smuggled’.

Smokers desperate to quit rely on buying online and from the thriving e-cigarette black market however the penalties can be severe with repeat offenders can be fined a staggering $136,000!

Yet another country happy to take the inflated tobacco tax but refuse to even consider a safer alternative.

Crazy times.


Academics and Vapers In Thailand Call Debate Vaping

It was only a small debate held in Thailand last week but academics and vapers are urging the Thai Government to lift the ban of vaping.

As it stands now it’s illegal to vape in the country with those caught facing huge fines and lengthy jail sentences.

The seminar was held on April Fool’s day – lol – and actually who was there is unclear – but what is clear from the small news articles coming out of the country is there’s a consensus the ban should be lifted asap.


Vaping – NO More Harm Than Drinking Coffee!

I’ve used the analogy a few times that vaping with nicotine is on the same health risk level as drinking a cup of caffeine enriched coffee and as VApril enters it’s second week the boss of JAC Vapour agrees!


Neil McCallum – CEO of Scottish based JAC Vapour told the Scottish Sun:

There is a chance it can elevate your heart rate, but in my opinion, it’s not any riskier than having a cup of coffee, which can have the same effect.

For me, vaping has been life-changing. I believe it’s added many years to my life.

Scientific studies show that the steam from vape has nothing harmful in it when it blows into the atmosphere.

It doesn’t come with the same risks as passive smoking. E-cigarettes do contain nicotine, but that itself is fairly benign.

Nicely put mate.


Should Snus Should Be Kicked Out of Professional Football…?

You don’t have to go too far back in time in the world of football [soccer to our Americans friends] to see the stars of the day necking a dozen pints a night and lighting up a fag as soon as the half time whistle blew.

However times change and whilst pretty much all performance enhancing drugs are banned in all sports there’s a grey area around nicotine and caffeine.

Caffeine was banned and now it isn’t due to it being in many food and drinks but its use is ‘monitored’.

The European Food Safety Authority says caffeine is a mild stimulant as is nicotine.

New nicotine Alliance Snus

Snus as we know is a little pouch of moist tobacco and nicotine that can be flavoured – users place the pouch under their top lip and get a slow measured dose.

It’s use is banned in Europe however it’s widely used in Norway and has led to a complete collapse of smoking rates.

Many premier league clubs use caffeine based pills to give players a mental and apparent physical boost and a new investigation by the Daily Mail says Snus use is now ‘prevalent’.

However the New Nicotine Alliance has called this ‘moral outrage’ based story ‘nonsense on stilts’ – I’d have said nonsense on steroids but that may have muddied the waters somewhat 😉

Chair of the NNA Sarah Jakes said:

…according to the world’s most respected public health bodies and scientists that is completely wrong. Action on Smoking and Health says it is 100 times less harmful than smoking.

The WHO says it is “considerably less hazardous” and the EU says the lower risks are “undeniable.”

A report in the Lancet last year found no evidence of harm caused by decades of widespread snus use “for any health outcome.”

Smokers who are choosing alternatives to smoking need to hear real experts,not the nonsense on stilts served up by publicity hungry campaigners.

The title of the ‘investigation’ is The Drug That Is Swamping Football – great headline but given caffiene and nicotine are so very much alike I ask the question once again – should coffee and tea be given a health warning and should professional sports men and women be banned from drinking them?

Or would you rather see fit high profile people in the public eye promoting safer alternatives to smoking?

Read the NNA response.

and finally…Has Glasgow Rangers New Vape Sponsor Scored An Own Goal?

I reported last week that Glasgow Rangers FC had a new sponsor in the shape of vaping company Vaporized.

The news was not welcomed by all the Scottish clubs fans and neither it would seem by a rival ‘firm’ and we’re not talking Celtic…

vaporized sponsors Rangers FC
image via: Rangers FC

Vapouriz are suing Vaporized for trademark violation as they say the company names are too alike and therefore confusing people.

And just like the soccer old firm derbies this one looks like it will go to the bitter end with Vapouriz chief executive Brett Horth saying:

The names are very alike and people get confused. We’ve got a raft of evidence. We are both successful companies, so it’s quite a big deal.

The case going through the courts, which is expensive, but we are unlikely to back down and neither are they.

If it does go to court and we win, they won’t be able to use that branding on the Rangers shirts.

Come the final whistle on this grudge match the lawyers will be the ones taking home the silverware…

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