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PARIS, March 31, 2024 – On March 24, VAPORESSO unveiled its strategy upgrade at the VAPORESSO Vaping Ecosystem Strategy Conference of Europe in Paris, France.

This upgrade involves extending the brand’s product categories to meet consumer demands. By crafting a diverse range of products tailored to specific needs, VAPORESSO is building a comprehensive service ecosystem that encompasses more categories, ensuring a cohesive and integrated consumer experience.

The upgrade also involves enhancing the localisation layout in Europe, establishing a branch in Europe, and intensifying the development of localised operations within Europe. Both the comprehensive service ecosystem and the European localisation layout underscores VAPORESSO’s dedication to delivering top-quality, varied products and services to consumers.
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A Comprehensive Service Ecosystem to Deliver Top-quality, Varied Products and Services to Consumers

Since its inception in 2015, VAPORESSO has been dedicated to providing consumers with high-quality vaping experiences through innovation-driven efforts and has become a leading brand in the global open-system vaping sector.

With a keen eye on consumer preferences and a commitment to meeting their dynamic needs, VAPORESSO’s strategic upgrade is set to guarantee the provision of superior products and exceptional service.

E-liquid stands at the heart of category innovation and device innovation, serving as a crucial element in fulfilling consumer preferences for taste and flavor. Therefore, VAPORESSO is expanding from open-system categories to include e-liquid products under its e-liquid brand DELICIU.

DELICIU, powered by VAPORESSO and positioned as a leading global e-liquid service brand, focuses on delivering unparalleled taste by authentically replicating original flavours using high-quality raw materials and top-tier manufacturing standards. This dedication to quality ensures seamless compatibility with all vaping devices going forward.

With this comprehensive service ecosystem, VAPORESSO aims to flourish across more categories, while continuously enhancing services, pursuing product innovation, and striving to deliver an expanded range of premium products to consumers.

A New European Branch to Serve as Central Hub and Foster Development in Europe

In its pursuit of excellence, VAPORESSO’s European branch will serve as the central hub for the brand’s operation in Europe, embodying the core of their market development plans in the region. It is committed to localizing and streamlining processes to enhance efficiency.

This move is designed to work in close coordination with the headquarters in Shenzhen, enhancing the support provided to partners and contributing significantly to their success.

Moreover, the branch will establish three centers including European Flavor and Sensory Research Center, European Product Design Center, and European Marketing Center for sustained growth and expansion in Europe.

These initiatives aim to penetrate the local market through taste experience, product quality, and marketing strategies, enabling the company to thoroughly establish its presence in the European market, delivering products and services that perfectly align with consumer preferences. Vaporesso VP's

Continuous Efforts to Promote Harmonious Advancement of European Vaping Industry

VAPORESSO’s strategic upgrade is an innovative approach to exploring more possibilities in the vaping industry.

With the establishment of its comprehensive service ecosystem and the strategic advancement of its European localisation efforts, VAPORESSO is ready to pursue a wider range of business collaborations with partners, navigating the changing market landscape side by side and sharing the benefits of future market possibilities
in Europe.

VAPORESSO is fully dedicated to supporting the sustainable development of the vaping industry in Europe. Starting with the supply chain, VAPORESSO commits to consistently offering high-quality products to ensure a reliable supply and maintain product standards.

On the sales side, VAPORESSO plans to work closely with various partners to explore new collaborative opportunities and strengthen the industry as a whole.

In addition, VAPORESSO intends to enhance the capabilities of retail stores, improving the shopping experience for consumers and supporting the growth of retail partners.

By focusing on local needs in Europe and building a comprehensive service ecosystem, VAPORESSO is actively contributing to the healthy growth of the European vaping industry.

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