The Vaporesso Gen vape mod is from a brand that is known for developing solid products along with the very well performing Omni board with great power user options.

They have made some very attractive devices recently with the Luxe Nano and the Aurora Play to name just a few.

When Vaporesso release a new product, with a new chip, well, it’s time to get a little excited.. Or is it?Vaporesso Gen In Hand

What Can We Expect From The Gen Mod by Vaporesso

One thing is for sure, Vaporesso have certainly made a super sexy looking device in the Gen and it offers excellent power, super economy and simplicity all rolled into one. Powered by dual 18650 batteries it is capable of upto 220W.

The Gen mod comes in 4 colours, Silver, Blue/Black, Black and the colour which I received, Red/Black. Let’s see if this has the potential to hit our best vape mod list.

Vaporesso Gen Colours

The Vaporesso Gen was sent to me for the purposes of review. As always, I will give you my own, honest opinion of this product after a lengthy testing period.

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In The Box

  • Vaporesso Gen
  • Instruction Manual
  • Warranty Card
  • USB Cable

Vaporesso Gen In The Box


  • Product Size: 93.5 x 27 x 53mm
  • Output Wattage: 5 – 220W
  • Battery: 2 x 18650 (not supplied)
  • Modes: Pulse, TC, CC, VV, VW, Bypass, Eco, Smart TC
  • Resistance Range: 0.03 – 5ohm
  • Chipset: Axon
  • Display: 0.91in OLED

Vaporesso Gen Specifications

Design and Build Quality

The design and build quality of the Vaporesso Gen is simply superb, or at least it was until the 510 connector developed a wobble.

Let me firstly talk about the design.

The Gen mod is designed with a super slick feel. When the Mod is held in the hand, the Vaporesso Gen’s body feels like a soft rubberised material yet looks like a metal body.

Vaporesso Gen Coating

The fire button and adjustment buttons are all perfectly placed on the front of the Mod within easy reach of the thumb when held in the hand. The OLED screen is very easy on the eye and viewable just as well in bright daylight as it is indoors.

Vaporesso Gen Button Placement

On the bottom of the device, as well as battery venting ports, you can also see the small notch to easily pull away the battery door.

Vaporesso Gen Battery Venting

The 510 connector is nicely centered on top of the Mod which is the favored location for me on all my devices.

Vaporesso Gen Centered 510 Connector

The build quality of the Vaporesso Gen, at first, was excellent, simply top quality. That was until just after a week, the 510 connector developed a wobble, not a massive wobble, but I did get movement from side to side when an RDA or RTA was attached.

It isn’t coming away at the moment of writing after 2 weeks of testing but I would certainly question it’s survivability after a month or two of adding and replacing RDA’s and RTA’s. In the picture below, you can see the 510 connector slightly raised up on one side.

Could this be down to this being a sample? Possibly but I can only report on what I have.

Vaporesso Gen Wobbly 510 Connector

OLED Screen | Functions

All the functions you require, Modes etc are accessed via 3 short presses of the middle selection button then pressing the + and – buttons allows you to navigate through the various Modes.

Vaporesso Gen Mode Selection

When you add a new atomiser to the Vaporesso Gen, you are asked if it is a new or old load then, if it is a new load, it goes through a “scan” process to determine the ohm’s of the current atomiser.

Vaporesso Gen New Attomiser

ECO Mode

One function that is very handy on the Vaporesso Gen is the Eco Mode.

When you are vaping away and reach 40% battery life, the device asks you if you want to enter Eco Mode. This is ideal if you are out and about and have no spare batteries with you or no way of charging your batteries up.

Vaporesso says the Eco mode will optimise your device and it’s settings to get the maximum life for the remaining power left in your batteries.

Vaporesso Gen Eco Mode

Pulse mode

Another function you can choose in the Vaporesso Gen settings is the Pulse Mode. For as long as you have the fire button pressed and you are taking a vape, every 0.02 seconds, the Vaporesso Gen will give you a “hit” keeping the vape at a constant high wattage and not waning off after a few seconds.

Vaporesso Gen Pulse Mode

Batteries and Placement

The batteries are placed into the sled by removing the battery door. The battery door is held in place by 2 very strong magnets. In the time I have spent testing the Vaporesso Gen, I have had no movement from the battery door at all.

On the inside of the battery door cover, Vaporesso has put a battery warning about battery wraps and about using high rate discharge batteries. In my opinion this is a nice welcome addition.

Vaporesso Gen Battery Door

The battery contacts inside the sled are gold plated with the top contacts being spring loaded.

There’s a good length of ribbon to remove your batteries easily.

Vaporesso Gen Battery Compartment

Again, like so many others, the positive and negative fade into the background and aren’t easily recognisable in dimly lit places. I really wished the markings on devices were more clearly marked.

How Does The Vaporesso Gen Mod Perform?

The Vaporesso performs superbly. The Axon chip is very accurate and performs as good as some other so called “high end” chips out there. If you were to do a blind test of devices and how they performed, I think you would be pleasantly surprised indeed.

Vaporesso Gen Design Quality

The Pulse Mode works very well and does keep the vape at a constant level throughout the time your thumb is pressed on the fire button.

Battery Life

The battery life, running the Vaporesso Gen in Pulse mode throughout the day with Samsung 30Q’s, lasted around 5 hours depending on my vaping style.

I tested out the Eco mode, when I was asked at 40% battery life, if I wanted to change.

When I chose to go with the Eco mode, it added another 60 minutes on top of the normal vape time. Admittedly, you don’t get the same power vape and experience but you do get your device lasting longer.

The last thing you is to be out and about with no spare batteries and no means of charging your device, right?


  • Excellent feel and quality
  • Good battery life
  • Great looks
  • Power efficient Eco Mode
  • Pulse Mode that just works
  • Easy use menu system


  • Loose 510 connector

Final Review Verdict

If the 510 connector hadn’t become “wobbly” during this test, the Vaporesso would have had a clean sweep of Pro’s on the board. Looking around though, so far, my review has been the only one with the 510 connector problem so I am assuming it is a one off, it happens.

The Vaporesso Gen mod is very user friendly and very easy to use. The Pulse Mode works as intended as does the Eco mode.

This is a great looking device and the design and feel of it is excellent. Another job well done from Vaporesso.

WorldWide Shipping – Save 10% With Code ECC

Build Quality
Ease of use
Battery Life
Replacement if lost or damaged
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  1. The Vapresso Gen gives u smooth, powerful hits. So far flavor keeps on and on. Only I had trouble charging the batteries. They wouldn’t charge past about 40-45 percent. Please let me know if anyone has the same problem!! Thanx

  2. Thanks for your written review. Does the Gen have the CCW setting like the other Vaporesso mods like Polar and Luxe? I am a big fan of this feature. Thanks again.


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