Introduction To The Vaporesso SWAG Kit

Today we are looking at the Vaporesso SWAG Kit, which consists of the SWAG Mod which is a single 18650 device that outputs a maximum of 80w and has different modes such as the standard Variable Wattage, Temperature Control and bypass!

Vaporesso-Swag-Kit-FullOn top of this we have the NRG SE tank by Vaporesso. It’s a 22mm diameter tank and comes in either a 2ml or 3.5ml e-liquid capacity depending on whether you are in Europe or not.

You also have the option of using one of five ‘GT Cores’ (Coils) ranging from a 0.4Ω GT2 Core, all the way up to a 0.15Ω GT8 Core. There is also the option of using a 0.5Ω GT CCELL which uses ceramic!

The Vaporesso SWAG Kit looks to appeal to new vapers rather than your seasoned box mod user, but it may also be good for people that need a handy little pocket sized device for going out and about!

In this review we will be looking at the black on blue version of the SWAG Kit!

UPDATE: Check out our new Vaporesso Swag 2 review

As always my opinions are honest and my own.

See The Vaporesso SWAG Kit In Action With My Video Review

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What’s In The Box

  • Vaporesso SWAG Mod
  • NRG SE/SE Mini Tank
  • GT2 Core (Pre-Installed)
  • Replacement Glass
  • Replacement O-Rings
  • Braided USB Cable
  • User Manual


  • Size: 75 x 48 x 25mm
  • SWAG Weight: 64g
  • NRG SE/SE Mini Weight: 46g/44g
  • SWAG Construction: Zinc Alloy
  • NRG Tank Construction: Stainless Steel
  • Regulated Box Mod
  • Battery compatibility: 18650
  • Maximum output Wattage: 80W
  • Resistance Range: 0.05~5.0 ohm
  • 2A Fast charge support
  • USB Charging
  • 0.91″ OLED Display

Vaporesso SWAG Kit Build Quality & Design

Vaporesso NRG SE Mini TankVaporesso-NRGSEMini-Parts

We’ll start from the top and make our way down the RDA…

The Drip Tip:

At the top we have the drip tip. It is just your usual 510 size and made from delrin. It’s nicely shaped and feels great in the mouth. It attaches to the barrel via an o-ring. It is removable and you can switch it out for your own preferred drip tip if you wish.

Top Fill Port:

Beneath the drip tip we have the top fill port. Simply push in the direction of the arrow and the top cap will swivel round to reveal the top fill port. It has a silicone gasket there to prevent any leakage, It does the job very well as I haven’t had any leaks at all from the top of this tank.Vaporesso-NRGSEMini-Fillport

There could have been an extra hole up top to allow the release of air from the tank whilst filling as I did have a few issues with air getting locked inside the tank and it got a bit messy.Vaporesso-NRGSEMini-Filling

The Airflow Base:

At the bottom of the device we have the airflow control which consists of two large cyclopse holes that are adjustable by twisting the outer ring. Once you’ve reached either fully open or fully closed, there is a stop which prevents you from turning further so that you’re less likely to accidentally open or close the airflow.Vaporesso-NRGSEMini-Full

Vaporesso NRG SE Tank – Overall:

Overall, the NRG SE Mini Tank by Vaporesso is pretty well made and designed. The top fill function is nicely designed, but I think that the addition of a hole to allow air to escape would have been great as well as a bit more knurling on the airflow adjustment ring to make turning it a bit easier. Other than that, I’m happy with it.

Find out how the tank performs further down in the article as well as an in depth opinion of the flavour and cloud production

The Vaporesso SWAG Mod:

At the top we have the 510 connector which has a stainless steel surround and a spring loaded positive pin. Beside that we have the battery cap which unscrews to allow you to insert your 18650 battery.Vaporesso-Swag-Battery

The battery cap could have done with a bit more aggressive knurling on it, in all honesty. I found it a bit hard to undo at times, especially with the tank on.Vaporesso-Swag-Top

Working around the sides of the device, we have both sides covered in an iridescent-style wrap which adds a nice grippy texture as well as breaking up the blue of the device.

On one side we have the + and – button to control the wattage or temperature.Vaporesso-Swag-Side2

On the other side we have the Micro USB charge and update port.Vaporesso-Swag-Side1

At the bottom of the device we have two vent holes for the battery and chipset.Vaporesso-Swag-Base

Next, lets go around to where all the action happens. You have your fire button that protrudes from the device and is textured just for that little extra bit of grip.

Below that we have the 0.91″ OLED screen which displays all the information you need. The screen is nice and bright, and extremely easy to read in all lighting conditions.Vaporesso-Swag-Screen1

Below the screen we have the menu button. By holding down the menu button, it brings up all the different functions and settings. By pressing the menu button once you can scroll through the different firing modes as well as edit your settings. To go into that setting, press the menu button three times.Vaporesso-Swag-Screen2

The Vaporesso SWAG Mod – Overall:

Construction wise, I’d say that this is very well made. I wouldn’t say that it feels cheap at all. The SWAG also has a realistic weight to it, just enough to make you feel like you’re holding something, but not too light or heavy.

I do think that they could have made the device that little bit bigger to allow tanks over 22mm to be used on it, as well as a but better knurling on the battery cap to make it easier to remove it.

Another issue I have is that the + and – button on the side is recessed too much, I would have preferred the buttons to have protruded slightly rather than being set back inside the device.

How Does the Vaporesso NRG SE Tank Perform?

On the RDA, I have used both the included coils with the kit. which are the GT2 Core and the GT CCELL.

The GT2 Core

The GT2 Core is a 0.4Ω dual coil core, wicked with regular cotton and is recommended to be used between 40 and 80w and is suggested to be best at 55 to 65w.Vaporesso-Swag-Kit-C2-Coil1

As for flavour and clouds, I have found that the GT2 Core works best for me at 44w. Anything above that, the flavour deminishes and starts to get a bit dry. The cloud production was around about average.Vaporesso-Swag-Kit-C2-Coil2

The GT2 Coil lasted me about a week before the flavour started to plummet, which is pretty poor from my point of view. Another week would have been good at least!


The GT CCELL is a 0.5Ω ceramic wicked coil and is recommended to be used between 20 and 35w. Ceramic coils are supposed to give a cleaner and crisper flavour compared to cotton, but what do I think about it?Vaporesso-Swag-Kit-GTCCELL1

I find that the flavour on the GT CCELL was best for me at 30w. It gave a consistent and crisp flavour and the coil lasted me just over a week. Yet again, a bit disappointing in terms of longevity, but whilst it was working, the flavour and clouds were pretty good at 30w!Vaporesso-Swag-Kit-GTCCELL2

How Does the Vaporesso Swag Mod Perform?

As said previously, the SWAG mod is a single 18650 device, and generally single battery devices tend to last me a day, but is dependent on what resistance coil i am using. And in all honesty, the SWAG mod doesn’t disappoint. The battery life for me was around about average lasting me about three quarters to a full day.

The firing is pretty instant! There is literally no delay in between pressing the button to the coil bursting into life, which is great!

One thing I do love is the 2A Quick Charge function. When you plug this device in to charge, it gives you a counter to show you how long until the device will be fully charged. But as always, I recommend charging externally at around 1A to preserve the life of your batteries, but as a ‘worse case scenario’ I would say it is absolutely fine, but I wouldn’t use it all the time.


  • Airflow hard to adjust
  • Battery cap difficult to remove when the tank is on
  • Poor coil life
  • Tank could be colour coded
  • +/- buttons recessed too much
  • Menu system a bit difficult to navigate
  • Can’t fit bigger than 22mm tanks on


  • Fits nicely in the hand
  • Looks great
  • Screen easy to read
  • 2A Quick Charge Feature
  • Tank easy to refill

Final Review Verdict

Overall, the Vaporesso SWAG Kit a nice little setup for beginners. It’s compact, it looks great and the mod performs pretty well! The tank is the only thing that lets the kit down, or to be more specific, the coils let the tank down. The poor coil life just is a big negative in my eyes, and the restrictions you have on adding a different tank because of the battery cap is just annoying!

So if I were to say anything to potential buyers of this SWAG kit, it would be to try and buy the SWAG mod and avoid the tank. Just make sure you have a decent 22mm tank to go on top, otherwise you’ll be stuck.

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Build Quality
SWAG Mod Performance
NRG SE Mini Tank Performance
Likelihood of Replacing if Lost or Damaged
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