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ZOVOO, the innovative leading brand of disposable e-cigarettes, has recently released a preview on its official social media. It is noted that ZOVOO will officially launch its new product of VINCIBAR series on November 3rd.
zovoo-disposablesWe all know that the VINCI collection has been a hit with fans around the world for its
fashionable looks and excellent taste.

According to the preview, this new product follows the classic VINCI look, which is also very similar to the hot-selling VINCIBAR F2500.
However, there are some obvious differences, such as the slimmer look, compact body, and the attractive gradient colors. It is not hard to see that ZOVOO is determined to break into the fashionable female VAPE group. After all, ZOVOO has never stopped innovating in the field of disposable e-cigarettes.

As shown on the preview, the surprisingly thin appearance is a major feature of the new VINCIBAR. This reminds us of another product previously launched by ZOVOO, DRAGBAR Z700 GT, which also focuses on ultra-thin appearance.
dragbar-z700It seems that this time the new product is more colorful, then this will be very much in line with the needs of urban fashion women, portable and easy to carry around in pocket or handbag, just like they carry their lipsticks.

According to ZOVOO insiders, in addition to its attractive appearance, the new release also applies skin-friendly materials, with a great feel and a more pleasant atomization experience, and will become the new favorite of fashionistas.

So excited toward 3 November and let’s unveil the new VINCIBAR together.

Who is ZOVOO?

Launched in 2020 to high acclaim, ZOVOO now has a complete product line covering user scenarios, with VINCIBAR, CUBEBAR and POD series in addition to the star product DRAGBAR.

The current slogan of ZOVOO is “By your side”, which reflects the warm and vibrant tone of the brand, as well as the trendy user orientation.


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