The Wellon Beyond AIO is up for review today and I gotta say, it’s rather an interesting little device with a truckload of awesome features going for it!

Wellon Beyond AIO main

A pod sized AIO with a pod-like cartridge, replaceable mesh coil head, flashy color screen and, best of all, it’s single 18650 battery powered…which means plenty battery life!!!

What Can We Expect From The Wellon Beyond AIO?

Another relatively unknown, Shenzhen based vape brand with only a handful of products on the market, I can’t say I’m familiar with Wellon.

They seem to specialize in tiny little pen and pod style vapes, like the Stan and Lux pod systems but have been known to come up with larger devices, like the freaky looking Transformer Kit, which was reviewed by our own Mike Murphy!

Looking at the features list, this weird, hybrid AIO thingie has rather a lot going for it…the question is, as it always is, how the hell does it perform?!

Read on to find out.

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Inside The Box

Wellon Beyond AIO box

  • Beyond AIO
  • USB C charge cable
  • 2 x 0.3 Ohm mesh coil (one-preinstalled)
  • Bag of o-rings
  • User manual
  • Warranty card

Wellon Beyond AIO contents


  • Available in silver, black, red, gold, mint green and purple
  • Single 18650 powered (cell not included)
  • 0.9” TFT color OLED screen
  • Protections include: over-temp, over-time, output over-current, over-charge, low- battery, atomizer short-circuit, battery anti-reverse
  • No Liquid No Vape feature
  • Pod style 2ml cartridge
  • Replaceable coilhead
  • 5-35 Watt power range
  • Fire lock
  • Removable 510 driptip
  • Zinc alloy and PCTG chassis

Design and Build Quality


Diving into the high quality, white box packaging, I’m greeted by a credit card sized, round-cornered rectangular device that looks very much like a pod system.

Lifting the device out of the box I realize it is thicker than I expected and, judging by the hefty weight of it, I initially assume that it has an on-board battery.

Battery Compartment

Noticing a little tab at the bottom of one larger side of the device I pull off what, to my surprise, is not just a magnetic side cover to provide access to the cartridge, it’s also a cover for the battery chamber.

battery chamber

Yes indeed, I now understand why this “pod-AIO” is so thick…it’s designed to run on a single 18650 battery!!!

A snug spot for an 18650 is revealed with a removable pod-style cartridge on one side of it.

Wellon Beyond AIO Tank/Cartridge

The cartridge doesn’t have to be removed to fill up the tank, as there is a little silicon stoppered fill port on the exposed side of it.

You do need to remove the cartridge to remove and replace the coil head though…

To remove the 2ml cartridge, you tug on a little tab at the top of it and it pops out of it’s snug seating.

Wellon Beyond AIO exploded view

Below the cartridge tank there is a thick adjustable airflow ring, which can be turned, with difficulty, while the cartridge is still in place.

Airflow intake is nice and large, both on the cartridge itself and at the bottom of the side panel, through the gap created by the tab that allows you to remove the magnetic battery panel.

Wellon Beyond AIO back

The magnetic panel has a viewing slot at the upper right, just where the tank is, allowing you to see the juice levels all the way from top to bottom.

There is also a little Wellon brand at the bottom of the same panel.

Chassis, Charge Port and Controls

The Beyond is comfortable to hold, especially with the smooth, pearlescent and scratch resistant zinc alloy finish and those very rounded edges and corners.

The narrower sides are featureless save for an indent framed, rectangle that wraps around either side, a decorative feature, with no variation in surface texture or colour.

The controls and screen are all on the side opposite the removable panel, running down the left side, they include a clicky, round fire button that’s completely flush with the side and also the same color, a large screen bellow that and an elongated, adjustment strip that’s also clicky and flush like the fire button.

I love the way all the controls are flush with the side as it really improved the hand-feel.

There is a removable 510 drip tip on top but I don’t like the finish, it looks tacky, like it’s been sprayed in a fake gold coating.

I’ve fitted my own, awesome resin 510 and now the device looks class!

OLED Screen

The 0.9” TFT color screen is adorable, with bright color readings of mode, wattage, counter, timer, pictorial battery level, resistance and voltage.

All displayed down the rectangle,s vertical face in a mishmash of vibrant, luminous colours, with purple colored lines running across the screen here and there, just to make it look even spiffier.

in hand

How Does The Wellon Beyond AIO Perform?

To be blunt, this little bugger chucks clouds!!!!

Thanks to a wide open airflow and ample intake, as well as 18650 power and mesh coils, this device chucks awesome, thick-ass vapour clouds in a way that will come as quite a surprise!

I like this airflow, allowing me to do full on, slightly restricted DTL hits with ease and really solid MTL when the flow is dialed low.

Wellon Beyond AIO airflow

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The airflow is nice and smooth, with a little crackle only here and there when you really heat the device up.

Heat distribution is good with a comforting, mild warmth permeating the whole device when you crank it full and chain vape your stress away.

I like the fire lock feature, as well as all the protections, which make me feel safer when I’m carrying an 18650 battery in my pocket.

The no juice feature, which stops vaping when the tank is empty, is a real godsend and works a charm.


A also really appreciate the screen, which is so comprehensive and groovy-colourful for such a small little device.

Power range is perfect for the included coils, which I like since it’s irritating to have redundant range on a device like this, where coil selection is limited.

I find the adjustment buttons a little sticky and sometimes have to press and press to get a scroll started when I want to up the wattage a lot…but the incremental click adjustments work just fine, even though they adjust very finely and quite tediously, in 0.1 watt increments.

Fire works great and ramp is super fast, I chucked a large cloud on my very first draw, which impressed me, although I found the flavour from the coils really dull at first. Luckily that did change!

0.3Ohm Mesh Coil

Incredible vapour production from this tiny mesh coil head, which does the trick anywhere from 20 to 35 Watts.

I found the coils a little flavorless at first but flavour actually improved as I went along through the week.

I’m enjoying the flavour more now, as well as the cloud (though cloud is more prominent than flavour here) and especially like this coil above 25W, where it starts to get warmer and the flavour deepens considerably.

Wellon Beyond AIO Battery Life

Thanks to the puff counter, I am pleased to inform you that, with an 18650 battery of 2500 mAH, a puff length of 4 seconds and a wattage of 25w, you will get 250-300 draws from this device!

That’s a good day’s work if you ask me.


  • Ergonomic hand feel, smooth and scratch resistant
  • Massive battery life
  • Awesome screen
  • Intense clouds
  • Excellent airflow
  • Tons of protections


  • Dodgy looking drip tip
  • Sticky adjustments
  • Flavour only comes out at the highest wattage

Final Review Verdict

The Wellon Beyond AIO is a nifty little AIO/POD for anyone who wants to chuck clouds and enjoy long battery life on a pocket sized device.

Wellon has packed in some great features here, although I see room for improvement on the flavour front.

This is a vape with an identity crisis, to be sure: 18650, pod cartridge, removable coil, small but super heavy…but then in 2019 /2020, I guess that’s just a sign of the times!

Worldwide Shipping – Save 15% With Code ECC

Build Quality
Ease of Use
Cloud Production
Would I buy Again If Lost?
Greetings Vapers! I’m a 34 year old writer, editor and massive vaping enthusiast (since 2015) based in the beautiful Helderberg region in South Africa. My passion for vaping has steadily grown since I started vaping in earnest (as has my scorn for smoking). See, I tried vaping years before that but returned to cancer sticks after a bad experience (PG sensitivity). When I finally got back on the vaping train I decided to make it my business to educate beginners and vapers in general, so that they don’t jump to the conclusions that I did. I visualise a world without cigarettes…not just for health reasons: I’m tired of picking thousands of cigarette butts up off my lawn every morning, tossed over the wall by passers by. I can’t believe I used to be one of those people!


  1. Another nice review! I love the screen and dry hit protection, which will help me save some $ for coils. I think no problem to vape at 35W all day long to get best flavor as there is a 18650 battery there.


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