The Fling Wide Mini Disposable from White Cloud

The Fling Wide Mini is a disposable device which offers more features than a standard cig-a-like.

It is a ZERO maintenance starter device.

This is an update to the previous Fling Disposable cigarette from White Cloud. It promises twice the battery life, twice the vapour and twice the value than its predecessor. I haven’t tried the original version so sadly can’t comment on whether their claims are correct.

This is an all in once device – you buy it singly or you can buy a pack of multiples.

You choose the device by choosing which flavour and strength liquid you would like.

The 20+ flavours of the Fling Wide Mini come in 6 different nicotine strengths – including a 0% nicotine and going up to an incredible 5.4% nicotine.

Four Fling Wide Mini in Light Strength (1.6% nicotine) were sent to me for reviewing in the following flavours:

Espresso : “Packed with the bold taste of coffee beans, this popular flavour is so smooth and satisfying, you’ll forget about reaching for that 2nd, 3rd or 4th cup of Joe.”

Cavendish : “Cavendish tobacco blends are a worldwide favourite and this e-liquid lives up to that rich tradition of bold, robust flavours. So fill your tank up with this exquisite e-liquid and vape your way to tobacco-flavoured satisfaction.”

Vanilla : “With this White Cloud favourite, there’s no need to deny yourself the sweet and creamy taste of smooth vanilla ice cream. This popular e-cig flavour masterfully embodies all of the sweet things you love about vanilla—minus the calories.”

Bora Bora : “Named for the small South Pacific Island, Bora Bora is a unique blend of exotic tobacco and Pacific Spice. With just one puff of this sweet tobacco e-cig flavour, you will be whisked away to a faraway island while you vape your cares away.

What’s In The Package

  • Fling Wide Mini Device


    • Length : 3.23 inches (8.2 cm)
    • Diameter: 0.69 inches (1.7 cm)
    • Weight: 15.5g
    • Liquid Volume: 2ml
    • Battery type: LiPo
    • Battery capacity : 450mAh
    • Charge time: not rechargeable
    • Available in 6 nicotine strengths and over 20 flavours

Build Quality & Design

The price of a single device is pretty similar for what I would pay in the UK for a disposable cig-a-like. That makes this appealing price wise – if the claims of better performance are true.

You can’t charge or refill these – when it’s done – it’s done and becomes bin fodder. Which I do find a shame.

I hadn’t heard of White Cloud – I live in the UK and it’s not a brand name which I was aware of. So I did have a good mooch on the internet and see what the general feeling is about them. They have a lot of loyal customers who are happy to keep using the brand and get excited about new releases.

There is a lovely rubber mouthpiece which is translucent. This feels lovely in the mouth and the vapour is cool.

The device is small, light and feels pretty solid – looks a quality item. The end of the device lights up red when you inhale with it.

For the price of a disposable cig-a-like in the UK this really does feel a step up in performance, taste and quality.

How Does the Fling Wide Mini Perform?

No starter or set up guides here –unless you want me to detail how to open a package – which would be seriously soporific!

Battery Life

These have a 450mAh non rechargeable battery. Which is 2-3 times more battery capacity (life) than a similar priced Cig-a-like so in theory this is much better value.

Vaping Experience

There is no mention of what coil resistance is fitted to this – so I have not got a clue which makes it hard to compare to the output of similar rated coils.

Looking at the E-Liquid on offer on White Cloud website it is listed as being all PG and VG (but no proportions given) apart from the addition of nicotine and flavour – which vary according to the flavour and strength.

The airflow is great as this is a MTL(Mouth to Lung) device aimed at those switching to vaping from smoking. Inhale on this, the red light illuminates and it really does feel a very close sensation to smoking. It doesn’t get hot or uncomfortable – I was able to take some pretty long inhales comfortably.

It is an automatic device – no buttons or switches. Just inhale and the sensor kicks in and heats up the liquid.

I didn’t find there to be a huge cloud of vapour but there is a definite throat hit – which again comes very close to smoking a cigarette and is very satisfying.

It is pretty quiet to use with a slight hiss sound. No spitting or dry hits at all throughout my use of these.

The taste and smell comes through more than I expected it to without it feeling too strong or making my taste buds ache. The taste didn’t dull significantly during use either.

I started with the Bora Bora flavour as I consider this to be most to my preference and worked my way through the others.

The different flavours performed as follows:

Bora Bora : This was the first I tested as this appealed to me the most. I often find some tobacco E-Liquids taste and smell a bit “chemically” to me – however I found myself really enjoying this. It is a little bit chocolatey mixed with a bit of spice. Really tasty and I kept picking this one up a lot.

Vanilla : This didn’t appeal to me to start with! I have horrible memories of a vanilla air freshener in a car so I was a bit reluctant to unwrap this one! I didn’t have to be – it smelt really lovely the second I ripped the top off the packet. The smell and taste reminded me of Drumstick Lollies – which were my favourite as a child and I was in heaven! It isn’t the sickly air freshener vanilla but more of the taste of a sweet. This was a lovely lovely surprise! This is a mellow ice cream flavour and not a synthetic over-powering vanilla.

Espresso : As someone who detests coffee – I gave this a quick try. When you open this it straight away smells heavily of really strong coffee like walking past an industrial coffee machine. As predicted I didn’t like the taste at all – which is a good thing as it does show it accurately represents coffee! I thought to get a fair review I handed it to my coffee drinking best friend to see what she thought. She agreed it was a very strong coffee flavour but did enjoy the taste and said it was very close to the real thing.

Cavendish : The smell of this when first opened reminded me of Aniseed. There is a hint of aniseed in the flavour but also a dry note which I can’t quite put my finger on. Like a slightly stale tobacco taste – which I imagine is similar to a pipe type tobacco. I didn’t really enjoy this but this is purely personal opinion – taste is very subjective.

What I Like

Great for the price – equally priced cig-a-like devices seem poor by comparison.

What I Dislike

As someone who fixes things I find the throwing away of the whole device when empty/discharged a bit of a shame.

Final Review Verdict

I would definitely buy the Bora Bora and Vanilla flavours for myself – very enjoyable. Huge surprise at how lovely the Vanilla was – really impressed. I’m tempted now to buy these flavours in E-Liquid to use in my existing devices as I liked them so much.

I would pass on the Cavendish and Coffee flavours – but that is just personal taste. All 4 devices performed perfectly straight from the packet with no dry hits or spitting.

The “Mom” test – could I give the White Cloud Fling Wide Mini device to my (cig-a-like using) mom to use? Without a doubt- she only has to unwrap and use. I think she would be very impressed and view this as a big step forward.

These are not cloud chasing big hitting devices (the 5.4% nicotine strength might set your throat alight though).  I am a Dual Fuel-er (Vaping and smoking) and find that these are really satisfying. If you are looking to swap over to vaping these would be an excellent starting point and would not give you any negative impressions of vaping at all.

These are a clever little device I only rated the design as a 4 as you can’t re-use it. Which I suppose is the point of a disposable- but I want to tinker with it and make it work again!

If you want to move up a level try the ZFG Starter kit from White Cloud – which is a rechargeable version of this with E-liquid Cartridges in the same flavours.

These are pleasantly surprising and perhaps even consider a variety pack of flavours. Even some which you don’t fancy may end up being your favourite – in my case the Vanilla blew me away!

The ratings in my review represent this device in comparison with other starter disposable devices – not big cloud chasing advanced sub ohm equipment.

Let me know in the comments below if you are a White Cloud fan or have used their products!


  • Good as a trial – to test which liquid and strength you like.
  • Excellent price.
  • Extremely high nicotine strengths available – have not seen anything this strong in the UK.
  • So easy to use.
  • Lovely taste and nice to inhale on – very very close to smoking sensation.
  • All 4 devices worked perfectly straight from the pack.
  • A huge range of strengths and flavours.
  • Flavour is pretty accurate to description.
  • ZERO maintenance


  • Waste – throwing the whole device away when battery discharged or liquid runs out.
  • Not economical in the long term as a primary device – upgrade to something rechargeable.
  • Nicotine strengths on website were initially confusing – seeing 5.4% really threw me! I wouldn’t really recommend that high strength to a new vaper.
Build Quality
Ease of use
Vapour volume
Replace if lost or damaged?
My name is Michelle - I am 43 and an engineer and Technical Author by trade. I started vaping many years ago in the days of Tornado tanks, Ego batteries and Variable Voltage. My journey in vaping began again last year and have started to move up in the shiny shiny gadget department and love vaping! I have finally stopped smoking as of February 2018 and that is all thanks to vaping! I am a huge dog lover and volunteer for my local dog rescue.


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