Upgraded and Safer – What to Expect from the WISMEC Noisy Cricket 2-25

WISMEC’s original Noisy Cricket gained a bit of a bad boy reputation mainly it would seem due to inexperienced over zealous builders’ who simply didn’t understand the awesome power it could unleash.

However those vapers who knew what they were doing hailed it as one of the best mods ever – high praise indeed.

The upgraded version aptly called the Noisy Cricket 2 has addressed some of those reported issues and the WISMEC team has incorporated some safety features as well.

wismec noisy cricket 2-25

Of more interest is the very cool addition of being able to change the mod from parallel to series – giving you the choice of extreme power or longer lasting battery life.

The unique voltage switch can be turned setting the mod from between 2v and 6v.

This is a mod strictly for the experienced and those competent enough to understand its complexities – and of course you’ll need an external battery charger.

WISMEC Noisy Cricket 2-25 Specs

noisy cricket 2 specifications

  • Dimensions: 87 x 48 x 25 millimeters
  • Cell Type: Two high-rate 18650 batteries
  • Atomizer Protection
  • Short-Circuit Protection
  • Low-Voltage Protection
  • Voltage Regulating Switch
  • 510 Spring Connector
  • Circuit Board Can Run Parallel or Series
  • Battery Life Indicator

Noisy Cricket 2 specs

WISMEC Noisy Cricket 2-25 Photos

adjustable voltage

battery charger

noisy cricket 2 batteries copy

Noisy cricket 2 battery light

Noisy cricket 2 circuit boards

Noisy cricket output modes

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