XEO is a vaping company I hadn’t heard of before so I really was stepping into the Void with an open mind.

xeo void german vape kit

They’re a German company and have produced a wide range of products including starter kits – e-liquids and disposable e-cigarettes.

All of their products are fully TPD compliant and are designed in Germany and assembled in China.

Dual Purpose Kit – XEO Void

The XEO VOID appears to be their jewel in the crown and so with German design and engineering I was expecting big things.

So is it a case of “vorsprung durch technic”?

Let’s take a closer look.

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Inside the Box

It’s a very well presented kit coming inside a tough clear plastic box – which I shall now be using to store my vaping nik naks.

TPD warning labels are on the cellophane cover – which I ripped off before taking the photos ooops sorry lol.

void kit box

Inside you’ll find:

  • 1 x VOID Vaporizer (1500mAh) with a 2ml Tank
  • 1 x VOID Atomizer Head 0.6 Ohm for Sub-Ohming (direct to lung vape)
  • 1 x VOID Atomizer Head 1.0 Ohm (mouth to lung vaping)
  • 1 x Micro USB Cable
  • 1 x Instruction Manual

void kit contents 2

This is a dual purpose vaping kit as in you can choose between MTL [mouth to lung] or DTL [direct to lung]. Read our MTL vs DTL Guide here if you are unsure of the difference.

The kit contains a separate coil for both styles of vaping neither of which are connected straight out of the box – more on that in the Quick Start Guide.

XEO Void Kit Specs

void vape pen in hand

  • Innovative and protected German design
  • Totally compliant to the TPD (Tobacco Products Directive, ECC)
  • 100% Leak proof
  • Child proof function
  • Highest quality raw-materials
  • Size: Length approx. 12 cm, Diameter approx 1.9 cm

Key Features

Simplicity and functionality is the key here.

It’s definitely a kit that beginners to vaping will enjoy as it really is refreshingly simple to use.

void vape pen

The 1500mAh battery whilst not the most powerful in the world certainly delivers enough of a punch but maybe not quite enough to fire the sub ohm coil into life – more on that later.

Whilst MTL vapers will enjoy its longevity – this vape pen keeps on rolling.

I say vape pen – it is pen shaped however it does have a three sided design which not only stops it rolling off your desk or table – but adds to its looks.

From underneath it’s the same shape as a guitar plectrum if that makes sense!

It’s available in a variety of colours the one I received was a very classy Gun metal.

Other colours are: Black – Burst Silver – White – Pink – Navy Blue.

It’s most definitely a ‘clean hands coil swap’ given the coil screws into the mouthpiece and lifts away from the tank.

coil swap

It’s a top fill with plenty of room in the juice well – but do keep a close eye on the unobtrusive ‘max fill line’ on the device itself.

Adding too much e-liquid will cause displacement and well you’ll get sticky hands and a stickier device – and no just for once I managed clean hands lol.

XEO Void Quick Start Guide

  • XEO Void vaporizer quick start guideOK it’s x5 clicks on the fire button for on and off.
  • To add your chosen coil you’ll need to press down gently on the mouthpiece and then unscrew – like a child proof pill bottle.
  • The coil is screwed directly into the mouthpiece/tank top
  • To replace your coil you do the same but in reverse and you do not lose any e-liquid.
  • You fill the tank up to the max fill line.
  • To vape you press the fire button [and hold down for as long as you want to vape].

XEO Void Safety Features

  • Short circuit protection
  • Shuts off if fire button pressed longer than 15 seconds
  • Low voltage protection – battery flashes 40times and shuts down
  • Battery stays lit when charged and firing
  • Light flashes when power too low
  • Lights up red whilst charging which goes out when fully charged
  • Light flashes very slowly if the resistance is too low or high and wont fire

Design and Build Quality

Hey this is designed in Germany so it’s going to be good right?

Yeah sort of but more on that in a moment.

First up the build quality – and yes it is a well put together piece of kit.

Everything screws together nicely and despite its solid look and feel it’s surprisingly light.

tank light

Speaking of ‘light’ you get a very bright bluey-white light inside the tank when firing which is quite a nice touch.

Apart from the airflow and mouthpiece it’s a well-designed piece of kit.

It’s a top airflow which many of us think dims the flavor a little but my main issue is you have no idea how open or closed the airflow is.

The ring is the knurling you see just below the mouthpiece and it basically spins and spins.

I think I can see the ring lowering or getting slightly higher but I have no way of knowing and if I’m totally honest the difference between 10 turns left or right seemed to make no difference.

So total control airflow it isn’t – however that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy vaping on the XEO Void – far from it but more on that later.

As to the mouthpiece it is proprietary and does get extremely warm particularly chain vaping on the sub ohm coil.

How Does XEO Void Kit Perform?

As a MTL vape kit the Void is up there with some of the best I’ve used – it’s a great beginner’s kit.

However as far as proper sub ohm vaping goes it’s a great introduction to that style of vaping but personally I was willing it to kick a little harder if that makes sense!

And then I realized what was wrong.

void coils

The kit comes with a 0.6ohm coil, however, inscribed on the coil itself is the max wattage of just 28 watts.

I’ve always vaped at a minimum of 30 watts for sub ohm vaping.

A minor point but it certainly explained – to me anyway – the lack of a kick.

However as a ‘gentle’ introduction to the world of sub ohm vaping I guess we’ll let that slide.

As I said at the start for a MTL kit it really is a very good vape – looks cool too.

VSAVI E-Liquids – 100% VG

A quick mention of the x3 juice samples sent through by Pure E-Liquids.

I received a Classic Virginia – Cherry and Coffee Cream.


The Classic Virginia was a little too sweet for me as was the Cherry however the Coffee Cream was absolutely delicious.

Whilst the flavours overall weren’t for me, the cloud production was superb, which is down to the 100% VG.

The e-liquids come in 10ml bottles and are fully TPD compliant and tested in state of the art Bioscience Labs. If you have an intolerance to PG then these may be worth looking at. Check out Vsavi E-Liquid here.


I really like the design it reminds me of the J Well Lumea I reviewed recently – but much more stylish.

As an MTL vape it vapes very well and despite the annoying top airflow the taste is very good too with little loss of flavor using the so called DTL coil.

Cloud wise with the MTL coil it was acceptable though poor when switching to the DTL coil – as in very similar.

I like the fact it charges extremely fast and holds its power very well.

Using both coils I was able to get a full day before I sensed rather than the device telling me – it was time to charge.


The mouthpiece whilst extremely comfortable [and shiny] does get alarming warm after a few puffs – particularly when chain vaping on the sub ohm coil.

I did try using one of my own drip tips however none would fit snug.

The airflow – for me any way – seems pretty pointless and just seems to spin around without it affecting the airiness of the vape very much.

One thing though – if you like an airy vape you’ll love this no matter which way or how far you spin the wheel!

Final Review Verdict

It’s a smart looking extremely stylish and very durable vape kit.

The battery lasts an age and the easy coil swap and e-liquid filling is refreshingly clean and simple.

Despite its solid somewhat sturdy appearance it is as light as the proverbial feather and certainly not bulky in your pocket.

It’s leak free too and has been in my jeans and coat pocket with no spillage whatsoever.

void and juices

Speaking of e-liquids it isn’t a juice guzzler either even when in ‘sub ohm’ mode and with my frantic chain vaping inhales trying to get a kick 😉

UK/Europe – Save 10% With Code ECIG10

Build Quality
Ease of Use
I have simpler vape tastes these days - I never leave home without a Caliburn G, a Vaporesso Luxe 40 or Innokin EQ FLTR and a CBD vape pen or bottle of CBD drops in my rucksack...or indeed an Aspire Nautilus Prime X in my pocket... At home I'll be using various mods topped with the GeekVape Zeus X RTA or the Signature Mods Mono SQ topped with the Augvape BTFC RDA... I'm a former journalist and now a writer and sometimes author... I'm ex Army - adore dogs and never happier than hiking over the hills or with a good book on a beach.


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