When I opened the box for this product, I was hit with ‘blinking heck what is that?… It’s huge!’

The Yosta Livepor 256w box is reminiscent in shape to that of Lost Vape Triad DNA mod or the Wismec RX 200 but without the weight!yosta livepor 256 styles

I will admit to knowing very little about Yosta so research on the company was the order of the day.

Shenzhen Yosta Technology Co Ltd are (unsurprisingly) based in China that specialize in the development, production and sales of vape gear; their website says that “through scientific management and precise innovation, we have provided our customers with wonderful products and service.”

A few of their other products include the Livepor 160, 80 and 60w devices as well as a range of tanks and RDTAs under the brand of IGVI.

So with my usual warbling on, let’s go take an up and close look at the Livepor 256w box mod from Yosta.

Hands On Video Review of the Yosta Livepor 256 Mod

In The Box

  • 1x Livepor 256 MOD (no cell)
  • 1x Micro USB cable
  • 1x Manual
  • 1x Warranty card

    yosta livepor 256 box

Main Specs/Features

  • Triple 18650 box with max 256W Power
  • Various working modes
  • Mode: VW/Mech/TC(Ni/Ti/SS)/PTC
  • Big fire button
  • Quite light weight 112g without cells
  • Three LED colours blue, green and red
  • 4 different colours available all with different battery door skins
  • Size: 94.5 x 42.4 x 55.5mm
  • Power: 10W – 256W
  • Resistance range: 0.06 – 3ohm
  • TC range: 100-300°C/200-600℉
  • Voltage: 9 – 12.6V
  • Max charge current: 2A
  • Screen: 0.96-inch TFT
  • Battery: 3x 18650 cells (Not included)
  • Thread: 510

Design and Build Quality

The Yosta Livepor 256 gives the appearance of a very large and heavy metal x3 battery mod. The sheen the mod has adds to the illusion making the device look extremely heavy and expensive!

However looks can be deceiving as the Livepor 256 is actually made from a high quality composite plastic weighing 112g without batteries. I’ve not been able to find details of exactly what the material is, but they say on the site that the mod is antiflaming and fireproof, they also say it is crash worthy!yosta livepor 256 fandc However this is one good looking mod that is incredibly light weight for a device that holds 3x 18650’s.

The front of the device has a micro USB charge point, 2 adjustment regulatory buttons, a 0.96inch TFT screen and a large hidden fire button.

yosta livepor 256 front

The 510 connection point is raised from the body of the device by a moulded stainless steel plate the contact pin is gold plated and is spring loaded, behind the 510 connection is their Logo and the word YOSTA printed on perspex.yosta livepor 256 510yosta livepor 256 plate

The Livepor 256 has plenty of battery venting on either side of the body as well as on the base of the device!

yosta livepor 256 side Ayosta livepor 256 bottom The mod has 4 LED lights either side of the device which act as a secondary battery indicator as well as for decorative purposes, these lights change colour from blue to green and then red as your batteries degrade.yosta livepor 256 led


The battery sled is nice and clean with clear marking for battery polarity.yosta livepor 256 sled

The battery door is held on by 4 strong magnets and is covered by an imitation sticker, Yosta have different colour styles of these mods and battery doors which adds to a truly unique look.yosta livepor 256 bds

Available Frame Colours

  • Black
  • Silver
  • Gun Metal
  • Antique Brass (received for review)

Battery Doors

  • Python or Snake Skin (received for review)
  • Carbon Fibre Grain
  • Litchi Grain
  • Colour change leather

The build quality of this device, while made of plastic, is extremely good and makes for a very attractive mod.

The design has me scratching my head somewhat, more on that later.

A quick guide to setting up the Livepor 256w Box Mod

Remove the battery cover and insert 3x 18650 batteries, replace the cover you will note that the cover will only go back on one way due to the polarity of the 4 magnets.yosta livepor 256 bplacement

Screw on your prepared sub ohm tank or RDA/RTA to the 510 connection point.

  • Press the fire button x5 to turn the device on or off.
  • Press the fire button x3 to choose the device mode of firing
  • Using the adjustment buttons you can switch between Power (watts) Ni200, Ti, SS316, Bypass and Reset.
  • Pressing the fire button and the + adjustment button puts the device into stealth mode (turns off the screen)
  • Pressing the fire button and the – adjustment button locks the ohms of your wire.
  • Pressing both adjustment buttons together will lock the adjustment buttons only. Pressing them together again will unlock them.

How Does The Yosta Livepor 256 Box Mod Perform?

For this review I used a stock coil tank, the Procore SE Tank from Joyetech and the “Recoil RDA” by GrimmGreen along with 2 sets of three Avatar 2100mah 30a batteries, brand new and freshly charged.

ProCore SE Tank

yosta livepor 256 pro1

0.4ohm coil and a homemade coconut cheesecake e-liquid

30w airflow almost closed, I was able to get a fair mouth to lung the vapour while cool was ok.

50w airflow set to half the resulting vapour was warm and thick with a straight to lung style.

Running at 50w with this tank I was able to toot away for a good 6 hours before my batteries needed changing.

Recoil RDA

yosta livepor 256 recoil

0.3ohm coil and Vimto e-liquid from Juice Junkies

60w using the clouds bro clouds cap straight to lung style the vapour was warm thick and very tasty.

Changing up my wire for 0.2ohm SS316L same liquid

90w 420F the Livepor 256 makes the leap from power to TC very well, the resulting vapour and flavour while not overly warm was extremely tasty

130w 420F the curse of micro lungs struck me at this setting lol even dropping the temperature down to 220F I found it simply too hot for me, however the flavour was good.

I have finally settled for a 0.2ohm SS316 coil in TC at 80w 420F and or 66.6w in power mode and kanthal, these settings give me a good balance of heat vapour and flavour.

With these settings I was able to use the mod for up to 5 hours before changing the batteries.

Chain vaping this device did not cause a notable heat transfer from the RDA to the top of the mod, over chain vaping does make the batteries warm up which is noticeable if you remove the cover.yosta livepor 256 oled screen

The Livepor 256 screen is nice large and clear and tells you everything you need to know about your current setup showing Power or TC wire selection, Ohms, Amps, Puff count, battery indicator including remaining volts.

The mod also features LED lights which serve as a secondary battery indicator, the lights flash blue to green and red when the batteries need changing or charging.

I mentioned earlier that this mod make me somewhat scratch my head! The overall size of the Livepor 256 is huge which is fine as I happen to like the bigger mod, however, I feel that Yosta have wasted space inside and could quite easily have made the mod slightly smaller by altering the battery sled take a look at the photo below.yosta livepor 256 sled

What I Like

The overall look of this mod is quite simply eye catching, the Yosta Livepor 256 screen is large and clear allowing you to quickly see what setting you are using and the screen is visible outside which is a bonus. I like the idea of the LED battery indicators that run different colours as your batteries loose power. The sticker on the battery door complements the overall look of the device.

What I Didn’t Like

The Plastic case makes me nervous – while the Livepor 256 looks very attractive and simulates the look of metal excellently, I have no idea how well the device would stand up to normal everyday wear and tear not to mention being dropped. I am not about to drop it and find out lol I guess only time will tell how well it stands up!

The battery door again made of plastic could easily be broken if care is not taken. I have noticed that if left unused for a couple of hours and your coils are cold the device will ask if it’s a new coil not a big problem just a pain to me.

Final Review Verdict

The Yosta Livepor 256 box mod is a well presented plastic light weight mod. It works well in both Power and TC modes, the LED lights add a bit of extra glam to the device as does the battery door sticker.

Should this device be stolen, lost or damaged would I replace it? No I wouldn’t as I am not convinced this mod will stand the test of time.


  • Good looking device
  • Works well in whatever mode
  • LED lights
  • Plenty of battery venting


  • None upgradeable firmware
  • Design is large and may not suit everyone
  • Plastic case and battery door
Build Quality
Ease of Use
Likelihood of Replacing if Lost or Damaged
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