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Recently, ZOVOO exposed a mysterious new product with the slogan “Party Must-Have” in its official social media. The preview poster is dazzling, radiant and eye-catching. According to the poster, this new product will be officially launched on May, 9th.
Zovoo New ReleasePreviously, ZOVOO, as a new force of prefilled vaping devices, launched DRAGBAR series of disposable vape products, which achieved 1 million sales in half a month by virtue of its beautiful appearance and high-quality product characteristics, and was highly praised by many vertical authoritative media.

The poster shows that the appearance of this mysterious new product of ZOVOO is very similar to the previous DRAGBAR 600, with sleek, compact overall look and flat mouthpiece. The difference is that the translucent design of the lower part of the device, combined with its sparkling background and “party” elements, makes people wonder if the translucent area is equipped with flashing lights, but the name is not yet known.

As a brand-new prefilled vape brand, ZOVOO was highly appraised by the industry as soon as it was launched at the end of 2021. ZOVOO now has a complete product line that covers the user’s using scenarios, in addition to its star product DRAGBAR series, a new series of products will also be released soon.

The current slogan of ZOVOO is “By Your Side”, which shows the warm and energetic brand tone, as well as the user orientation of fashion trend.

The mysterious new product announced by ZOVOO breaks the current standard situation in the industry. Compared with the disposable vape products with highly homogeneous appearance and function, the new product of ZOVOO is a leapfrogging breakthrough.

It is understood ZOVOO team will continue to develop new disposable vape products based on the market trend to meet the ultimate needs of users worldwide. It is speculated that there will be many new features in the mysterious new product.

Let’s look forward to its official release on May, 9th!

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