What Are The Best Squonk Mods Currently Available? We Take a Look At Our Top Picks for 2017.

Best Squonk Mods for 2017Plus, All You need To Know About Squonking.


Introduction To Squonking

Squonking is a term you may have seen an awful lot of recently, as squonking is fast becoming one of the most popular vaping methods around.

Offering the convenience of a tank, with the flavour benefits of an RDA. Vapers have become enamoured with squonkers recently as they offer an excellent all in one solution.

Not only that but they enable you to vape all day long with the large capacity bottles found with most squonking mods.

Squonking has really entered the mainstream of vaping recently, with many major manufacturers such as Kanger, Steamcrave and Aspire releasing squonking units and squonking compatible products.

You might be left scratching your head as to what squonking actually is though, so we have put a guide together below that will explain what squonking is, and make things a little bit clearer!

What Is Squonking and Who Is It Aimed At?

Squonking is a style of vaping that involves a squonking mod, and a bottom fed rebuildable tank atomiser.

It’s aimed at any style of vaper, with products available to cater to everyone’s needs, but more specifically people who are looking for an ‘all in one solution’.

The bottles contained within squonkers tend to be of large capacities, doing away with the need to carry around separate bottles of juice through your day.what is squonking?

The atomisers used are rebuildable dripping atomisers with bottom feed pins, meaning you get the very best flavour and vapour!

Unless they have been specifically converted, or fitted with a compatible bottom feed pin, you can’t use an RDA with an every day 510 connector, as there will be no way for the juice to be fed up from your mod to your atomiser.

Likewise, you don’t want to use an RDA with a bottom feed pin fitted on a standard mod, as juice will drip down through the bottom feed pin and get into your mod through the 510 connector.

Which can of course give you some serious issues with your mod.

Only use an RDA with a BF pin on a squonking mod, never on a standard every day mod.

How Do You Squonk?

It’s actually pretty simple, and easy to get to grips with.

You’ll need a specific squonking mod (We have some of the best squonk mods listed below), which is a mod that has a removable squonking bottle and a hole cut out for you to squeeze the bottle.Kanger Dripbox Squonker

Squonkers come either regulated or unregulated (mechanical).

Popular chips such as the Evolv DNA series and Yihi’s SX series can be found in many high end squonkers.

You’ll also need an RDA with a bottom feed pin fitted. Bottom fed squonk atomizer

When you squeeze the squonk bottle juice will be fed up from the bottle into your RDA from underneath, which will coat your wicks with juice.

You then hit the power button of your mod to take a puff.

A quick couple of squeezes on your juice bottle every few puffs or so is usually enough to keep your wicks coated and your vape dry hit free.

It’s dripping without even needing to remove your top cap!

What Kit Do You Need?

  • Squonking mod
  • Squonking bottle
  • Bottom feed compatible RDA
  • Bottom feed pin
  • Juice!

Squonking – The Good

One of the best things about squonking is that you have the convenience of a tank, with the flavour and vapour benefits that a dripper provides.

Most squonking mods come with bottle capacities of 7-10ml. This means that you can carry around an entire day’s worth of juice on you, with no need to refill throughout the day, making a squonking mod extremely convenient to carry.squonk mod guide

Plus, the bottles only tend to feed juice up to your atomiser with a squeeze, so you can carry your squonker around with you with no fear of leaking.

One of the biggest plus points in my opinion is that on top of your squonker, is a fully fledged RDA.

Many of the best and most popular RDA’s have bottom feed pins either included or available, which means they can be used with squonker mods.

It is no fuss dripping, a simple squeeze of a bottle feeds juice up and re-juices your wicks with little mess (unless you squonk too hard and flood your deck). You can drip all day long without needing to remove the top cap of your atomiser.

There’s real value for money to be found as well, with quite a few ‘all in one’ kits available that provide you with a squonking mod and bottom fed atomiser, at very competitive pricing too.

Kits such as the Council of Vapor Wraith and Kanger Dripbox 160 are well priced all in options, which can work out cheaper than many vape mod and sub ohm tank combos.

Squonking – The Bad

Under-squonking and Over-squonking.

Unless you have a clear cap on your bottom fed dripper to see your build, you might struggle at first with ensuring your wicks are juiced correctly. This can result in Under-squonking, which gives you dry hits. Never a pleasant thing.

Or Over-squonking which floods your deck, causing leaking and spit-back. That’s never a nice thing either!

You might find you have an adjustment period whilst you work out the best balance and what works best for your mod and atomiser.

Limited choice.

The squonking market is rapidly expanding, and with major manufacturers involved it is only going to get bigger over time.

However, at present you are limited if you are looking for a squonking kit that is widely available and cheap.

There is a huge market from artisan high end suppliers. However, they are limited to what they produce which in turn means the chance of you finding rocking horse crap may be a more likely outcome.

If you stick to the more well known manufacturers, there isn’t a whole lot of choice right now, (or at least at the time of writing) but what there is will certainly do the trick.

Will Squonking Be For Me?

If you already use drippers for the vast majority of your time, trying out a squonker should be an absolute no brainer.

There are squonking mods and atomisers out there that cater for just about every style of vaping.

Bottom feed pins for various popular drippers are now available too in order to make them compatible with squonking mods.

I would recommend squonking to everybody, beginner to experienced vaper.

It’s something that every vaper should try at least once due to the excellent all in one solution it provides, and the market is only getting bigger in size.

Have a look at our ‘Top Squonkers’ guide below to get a feel for the best products available right now in the squonking market!

We have a mix of the rare and high end, regulated and unregulated, right down to more budget friendly alternatives that still offer excellent performance.

So, lets take a look at some of our favourites.

Top Picks – Budget Friendly Squonk Mods

Kanger Dripbox 160

Kanger Dripbox 160 Squonk modKanger were one of the first major manufacturers to jump into the squonking game, with the release of the original Dripbox, and their first venture was a massive success for them, however it was limited by its fixed 3.7v output.

Kanger quickly moved to capitalize on this, and released a variable wattage version in the form of the Kanger Dripbox 160.

This squonk device features a dual 18650 battery (sold separately), 160w power output and a hefty 7ml capacity juice bottle.

The SubDrip RDA isn’t great by any stretch, however you can swap this out for another RDA with a bottom feed pin.

The Kanger Dripbox 160w is one of the most powerful squonkers out there right now, and with two 18650 batteries this will keep you squonking for a long time indeed!

Check Out Our Hands On Kanger Dripbox 160 Review

  • Available as a full kit, including Dripbox 160 mod and SubDrip RDA
  • 160w max output
  • 7ml capacity juice bottle
  • Takes two 18650 batteries

Steamcrave Squonk Mod – 60W

steamcrave squonk modLike Kanger, Steamcrave were also quick to jump on the squonking bandwagon, and their Squonk Mod/Aromamizer V2 combo was available not long after the Kanger Dripbox made an appearance.

The Aromamizer V2 is one of the best flavour RDA’s available, and this is coupled with the Squonk Mod that has a 60w max output, temperature control support plus a massive 10ml squonking bottle, enough to keep you going for a day or two!

  • Available as a full kit, including Steam Crave Squonk Mod and Aromamizer V2
  • 60w max output
  • 10ml capacity bottle
  • Single 18650 battery

UK/Europe – Use Code ECIGCLICK2015 For 5% Off

Council of Vapor Wraith – 75W

council of vapor wraith squonker modA single 18650 battery squonker, that has been designed to sit ergonomically in hand and be easy to operate, it also offers plenty of punch with a 75w output as well!

Council of Vapor have also got previous good form when it comes to RDA’s, with the Royal Hunter being a fantastic and budget friendly RDA, and the Wraith RDA bundled in with the kit is another flavour machine from the Council of Vapor guys.

  • Available as a full kit, including Wraith Squonker and Wraith RDA
  • 75w max output
  • 8ml capacity bottle
  • Single 18650 battery

Eleaf Pico Squeeze – 50W

Eleaf Pico Squeeze SquonkThe Eleaf Pico mod proved to be a winner and they have taken this on board with the creation of the ‘Squeeze’, a squonking version of the mod.

The Pico squeeze is one of the smallest squonk mods on the list with dimension coming in at 46 x 23 x 75mm. Don’t let the small size put you off. The Squeeze squonker still has 50W of power, a 6.5ml capacity tank and is powered by a replaceable 18650 battery.

If simple and straightforward is what you want then this could be a good choice. If you want more control or temperature control capabilities then this may not be for you. There is no variable wattage selection or TC.

  • Available as a full kit, including Pico Squeeze Squonker and Coral RDA
  • 50w max output
  • 6.5ml capacity bottle
  • Single 18650 battery

High End / Specialist Squonk Mods

Lost Vape Therion BF Mod – 75W

Lost Vape Thrion BF Squonk boxLost Vape have taken the vaping world by storm recently with their Therion range of mods. The first noticeable things with these mods is that they look the business.

Luckily for us we now have the Lost Vape Therion BF mod. This is powered by the same DNA75 chip found in the standard Therion although the squonker features just one 18650 battery.

The Therion BF is Escribe ready, can be fully customised with with various sleeves and also comes complete with temp control functionality and the Therion BF RDA.

  • 75w max output
  • 11ml capacity bottle
  • Single 18650 battery


Frankenkull Squonk ModA 3D printed fully mechanical squonker, with virtually no voltage drop at all.

The popularity of the Frankenskull has exploded since Vapefest UK this year, and has made Frankenskulls one of the most sought after vaping mods on the market.

For a ‘high end’ mod, the Frankenskull is available relatively cheaply (should you be lucky to get your hands on one), and for the price you get serious bang for your buck.

Many rate the Frankenskull as one of the hardest hitting mods on the market, it’s simple though extremely well made, plus you have the ability to change the unique looks with additional buttons and doors available for purchase.

  • Mechanical 3D printed squonker
  • Virtually no voltage drop
  • Ability to accessorise and change the looks

Authorised Retailer

SVA Aluminium

sva squonk modAnother stylish Italian squonker, SVA tend to specialize in delrin and aluminium squonkers that just feel incredibly comfortable in hand and are ergonomically perfect.

Build quality of these is flawless, with various colour options available. The mod itself is powered by a DNA40 chip, offering up to 40w of power with TC compatibility for Ni200 wire.

  • Regulated squonker
  • DNA40 chip
  • Various styles available


REO Squonk modConsidered by many squonking purists as the most rock solid squonking mod available, a Reo is virtually indestructible and your investment should last you many, many years.

The Reo is a fully mechanical squonker, milled out of block aluminium, and available in 18500 and 18650 battery configurations.

If you want a hard hitting squonker for sub ohm builds then the Reo won’t disappoint, with minimal voltage drop ensuring you get maximum power delivery.

  • Mechanical squonker
  • Minimal voltage drop
  • Exceptional build quality

Art & Mod Evo

Art and Mod Evo SquonkerBased out of Italy, Art & Mod churn out some of the most stylish and best looking squonkers on the market, with top of the range build quality.

Each Art & Mod piece is virtually an art form, hand crafted with utmost attention to detail, with the finished article being a real thing of beauty, and the most popular is the Art & Mod Evo.

The Art & Mod Evo box features finishes from either stab wood or hybrid resin, and has 22mm or 14mm catch cups available to accommodate the most popular bottom fed RDAs.

Until recently they were solely available with DNA40 chips, however now a DNA75 version is available, bringing all the benefits of eScribe with it!

  • Regulated squonker
  • DNA40 or DNA75 chips depending on model
  • Various finishes from resin, stabwood and delrin available

Squonker Compatible Atomisers

Geek Vape Tsunami RDA

Geekvape Tsunami ReviewOnto a look now at some of the best squonking atties available, and the Tsunami RDA is one I personally rate very highly.

Initially this was released without a BF pin, however one became available shortly after, and this made one of the best budget drippers available for squonking.

The flavour and clouds you get from the Tsunami are exceptional, and it’s a solid all rounder that will suit regulated or unregulated squonkers.

  • Bottom feed pin available separately (Included with the ’24’ version)
  • Dual or single coil options
  • Two post velocity styled deck
  • Large adjustable airflow options

Hastur V2 RDA

Hastur V2 RDA - Squonk AtomiserThe Hastur V2 RDA is an absolute steal, and it makes the list as one of the cheapest compatible RDA’s available.

Cheap doesn’t mean a compromise on quality however, with the Hastur RDA V2 offering performance on a par with some of the more higher priced RDA’s available.

It’s a low profile RDA, with top airflow eliminating leakage from over squonking, and spit-back protection included as well.

You have a two post build deck that offers a pretty easy build, and great build quality that belies the price!

  • Bottom feed pin included
  • Top airflow
  • Two post build deck
  • Deep juice well

Hobo Drifter

Hobo Drifter RDA - Squonker compatibleOne of the most flavourful RDA’s on the market, a recently released bottom feed pin has made the Hobo Drifter compatible with squonkers, bringing with it 3D machined airflow that forces air up underneath the airflow for maximum flavour and cloud performance.

You have the ability to use dual or single coils with the Hobo Drifter, and this RDA has fast become one of the most popular available!

  • Bottom feed pin available separately
  • Under coil airflow
  • 3d machined airflow
  • Single or dual coil options

Snapdragon V1.5

eden mods snapdragon v15Possibly one of the most versatile RDA’s available to date, the Snapdragon V1.5 caters for pretty much anyone.

It can be built with single or dual coils, catering for mouth to lung or direct lung hitters, and can be built for low or high wattage.

It comes with a deck that features clamps for the coil legs, however this can be swapped out for a two post Velocity styled build deck, and the top cap can be swapped for an airier Cloud Cap.

You have a bottom feed pin included in the kit, which means the Snapdragon V1.5 is squonking ready right out of the box!

  • Bottom feed pin included
  • Easy to use build deck featuring clamps for coil legs
  • Two post velocity styled deck available
  • Mouth to lung and direct lung hitters catered for

So there are some recommendations to get the ball rolling. Do you have a favourite Squonk Mod?

Let us know what it is in the comments below!

Been vaping full time for three and a half years, started on cigalikes for a fair while then curiosity got the better of me and I moved onto an ego/ce5 set up after, a month or two later I was seeing people walking around with these interesting shiny tubes and I thought 'I gotta get one of those'. Before I knew it a trip down to my local B&M got me my first VW mod, an Innokin SVD, paired with an iClear 30, and I was hooked. Soon after that I was jumping to VW mods both box and tube shaped, before I then made the jump to rebuilding and thus sub ohming, with my first RDA and mech mod. These days I'm still preferring mechanical mods, but using VW mods with both RDA's and tanks alike whilst on the move, most importantly I am still loving vaping!


  1. I have just replaced my Tsunami 24 with a Druga. I just love the Druga. It comes with std and squonker pins.

    Plenty of room for just about any dual coil build. I’m running mine with a pair of Claptons giving me a build measured at .22 ohms.

    The sweet spot seems to be about 115 to 125 watts running on a Kangertech Squonker (Dripbox 160). Unfortunately the Dripbox fits only a 22 mm RDA nicely while the Druga is 24 mm giving an overhang which I find aesthetically displeasing.

    However I’ve decided to live with that because the flavour is soooo excellent and it runs cool. The Druga isn’t as tall as the Tsunami 24, which it replaces, and puts out massively HUGE plumes on VG.

    The Druga has an ultra wide stumpy mouthpiece that I love, doesn’t spit back or even crackle. The airflow is widely adjustable and I’ve set it for a brisk flow over the coils.

    I had to run the Tsunami wide open which seemed about right to be fair but left no room for further options or eventualities.

    Overall I found the Tsunami very good and could recommend it but the Druga for me is superb.

  2. Don’t bother. I have a squonk mod (kangertech)and wish I had never bothered.
    All they do is leak everywhere. All my clothes and jackets are covered in vape juice.

  3. I have The dripbox 160 paired with The velocity v2 bf rda ,what a combo !! From the price point I believe it can’t be beat! The v2 also has the option of a full glass top cap ! Letting you keep an eye on your coils and wick so you don’t under or over squonk!! I Love it !! I recommend it to anyone thinking of squonking and it won’t break the bank !!

  4. Recently purchased lost vapes drone dna 166 I’ve paired it with cthulhu aria rdta what a combo !! Having previously used my sviampo 75w squonk paired with the hadaly rda on a daily basis my mind was made up to upgrade (more power) wit rhe drone .. highly recommend

    • Hey Neil!

      Great to hear.. We’ve actually just got the Drone in for review, Dean AKA TheDevilVaper will have a written/video review up soon. Looking forward to it though for sure!

      We’re a little partial to Lost Vape! As you can see from the Therion, Triade and Skar reviews 🙂 Beautiful devices.

  5. The Kanger DripBox 2 never seems to get much love for some reason. It’s got all the bells and whistles of a fully regulated mod, a pretty decent chip, Especially for Kanger. ( Same 80W chip as the CUPTI 2) It is very affordable and the Stainless Steel version looks especially nice. I honestly believe that if you combine price, features, and looks, it’s easily the overall best value on the market. Especially for newbies because of the prebuilt dripcoils that Kanger provides for the RDA.

  6. The 2 best squonk rda’s by far are the Velocity v2 and Hadaly. One dual coil and one single. Both give great flavour and vapour production.

  7. Also did not mention the Coppervape mod. Got one under a Velocity V2 1:1 clone and doing a real nice job. Have a brass one coming. I am liking the Coppervape authentic mods more so than the affordable Reo Grand clones.

  8. Didnt mention either the Velocity V1 or V2? Those are a staple in squonking RDAs especially with the V2 having a bottom feed pin in place that you reove a plug screw from for squonking.


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