Series E – A New Addition To The Jacvapour E Cig Range

I’ve got to say whenever I learn of a new Jacvapour e cig product I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

That was certainly no different, possibly even more so, with the release of the Jacvapour Series E kit.JAC Vapour Series E Review Feature

There have been loads of E Series reviews hitting the web, some within hours of the product being received, I haven’t rushed into reviewing this kit as I wanted to have a good stretch with it before sharing my opinions.

So with all the above out of the way I’ll shut up and get on with showing you the product!

For purposes of full disclosure, this product was received free of charge for this review. As always my opinions are my own.

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What Will I Get With The Series E?

The Series E starter kit comes with a nice compact plastic case and contains:

  • 1 X Series E 1000 mAh Battery (option to add another)
  • 1 X Aero Tank 3 (Also available with Pro Tank 3 & Genitank)
  • 2 spare coils
  • USB Charger

Series E Battery / Performance

The first thing I noticed from viewing the Jacvapour Series E promotional video was the streamlined looks with Pro Tank sat on top. It looked fantastic.

I’m glad to report, if you have seen the video, that it looks just as good in ‘the flesh’ as well.Series E 510/EGO BatteryIf you are already using the Jacvapour 510 or VGO e cigarettes then I will say now that there is a size difference.

The thing is once you have it in the hand you don’t really notice. It’s not so much that it is longer (it’s the same length as a 400 mAh 510 vv battery and 650 mah EGO) just that bit fatter.

Jacvapour Batteries Size Comparison (Series e|510vv|510)

Jacvapour have managed to fit a 1000 mah capacity battery into a chunkier form but it really doesn’t look out of place.

For me it actually sits better in the hand than the smaller EGO/VGO batteries and doesn’t have a protruding power button.

The Series E is similar to the EVOD batteries in design that the power button is flush, another positive.

So The Battery Design Is Good But How Does It Perform?

At 1000 mAh It was getting me  through a full day of moderate vaping no problem. I was using the 4.2v ‘green setting’ mostly, using the 4.8v or 3.7v will of course give more or less battery time respectively.

Heavier vapers won’t have any issues here either and lighter vapers will likely get a couple of days.

It has the standard 5 click on/off function that should be used when not in use and especially when carrying around in the pocket. This will help with accidental ‘switch on’s’ and prolong the battery.

Variable Voltage Settings and Functions

The Jacvapour Series E is of course a Variable Voltage e cig that allows for three different settings. These settings are switched easily by clicking the button 3 times in quick succession.

The available voltage settings are:

  1. Red = 3.7v
  2. Green = 4.2v
  3. White = 4.8v

Jacvapour Series Variable Voltage Setting 3.7v

If comparing with other variable voltage e cigs such as the Jacvapour 510 VV you may notice that there are actually less voltage options.

For me the three options available are enough and I’ll say this is the same for the normal everyday vaper.

I personally always hover around 3.8v-4.2v for a vape that suits me so the Series E fits perfectly for my needs.

There is a noticeable difference in vaping from the three settings with the higher voltage providing that deeper warmer vape.

As mentioned already though the 4.2v was the setting I found myself using as it gave me great results with the tank and e-liquid used, which I will cover in the following vapour/flavour section.

The only issue I can think some may have is that they may prefer a different way of selecting voltage such as a rotating wheel.

Not a big deal for me though, it’s still all very easy to use and doesn’t have a rotating wheel spoiling the dynamics of the battery.

Buying Spares and Replacement Batteries

It’s worth mentioning that when you go to buy the full starter kit you have an option to add a spare battery for a little extra. I recommend you take advantage of this discount and by the spare as well.

This way you can easily rotate batteries and be sure you are never without a fully charged battery.

Overall – The Series E battery has a 510/EGO connection and has an overall feel of quality. It looks great and performs very well.

The VV function is simple to use. Some may find the three voltage settings are not enough but the majority of vapers will find these settings all they need.

Vapour / Flavour

The Jacvapour Series E is available with a few tank options, the Aerotank, Pro Tank 3 and Aero Geni Tank. I received the Aerotank with this kit and with the supplied beauty ring attached it looks the absolute doggies.

The Aerotank itself is built by the guys over at Kangertech who manufacture some quality e cig components.

I have used Aerotanks for a while now and have had no problems with them and the same can be said for this.

Jac Vapour Series E Vs 510 VV 400 mAh E CigIf you are a new vaper don’t be put off by what can look like a bit of complicated kit, it will only take a few minutes of messing with the tank to get used to all the parts. Just be sure to play around with it before filling with e-liquid!

I also tried the Pro Tank 3 as well and while this is also a good tank I actually prefer the Aerotanks performance overall.Jacvapour Series Aerotank


E-liquid is the only extra you will need to get started with this kit. Jacvapour have loads of great flavours to choose from, check out my Jacvapour e-liquid reviews here for ideas.

For this review I was using Banana Milkshake with the Series E and the flavour and vapour volume on both counts was impressive.

Prices For Series E Replacement Parts

When it comes to replacing the tank all you will need to change is the coil heads, that is of course unless you have a mishap and smash the glass tank.

The coils are available in 1.5ohm and 1.8 ohm resistances (at the time of writing). I’d suggest giving both a try to see which suits you the best.

Replacement glass is also available for the tank.

Overall – The Aerotank performance is very good, producing good flavour and vapour volume. The Aerotank looks fantastic on the Series E Battery.

Jacvapour Discount Codes

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We also have a special discount specifically for the Series E vape pen. Save 10% by using the following voucher code – JAC184.

PLEASE NOTE: Jacvapour voucher codes have been updated as of 11th December and 5% is the biggest discount available for sitewide purchases! The 15%/20% coupon codes have now been discontinued. So if you see them they are incorrect and will not work.

We have 12% off the Series E and the Jacvapour Series S, discount for the latter can be found here.

JAC Customer Service

This is where the company really excel. They are only available via email but they go that extra step to ensure their customers are happy.

They are also active on Facebook and Twitter.

Guarantee / Warranty

There is a 14 day refund period offered by Jacvapour as well as warranties on batteries and other devices. Please check their website for up-to date T&C’s.

What Do Jacvapour Customers Have to Say About The Series E Vape Pen?

Jacvapour Series E Vape Pen- What Customers Say

Final Jacvapour Series E Review Verdict

I have to say the Jac Vapour Series E is a fantastic addition to the UK brands range and my favourite in it’s class that I have tried so far. Here is a quick breakdown.

The Pros

  • Looks fantastic with both the Aerotank and Pro Tank 3 sat on top.
  • Excellent quality.
  • 1000 mAh battery in a compact form makes the size very reasonable.
  • Battery life excellent.
  • 510/EGO thread connection on battery provides plenty of options for trying different tanks in the future
  • Flavour & Vapour volume very good with the Aerotank
  • Suitable for light, moderate and heavy vapers.

The Cons

  • Some may find the three voltage options (3.7v-4.2v-4.8v) lacking.
  • The voltage selection function may also not be liked by some.
  • I personally had no issues with any of the above

12% Discount On The Series S – Coupon Code – ECIGCLICK10
12% Discount On The Series E – JAC184
5% Discount On All Products – Use Code – ECIGCLICK15

Build Quality
Vapour Volume
Ease Of Use
Likelihood Of Replacing If Lost Or Damaged
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  1. Obviously I like the build quality, there is nothing plastic about this vape pen. The battery is holding up well to moderate (subjective) use. My first day with this product has left me convinced that it was not only good value but will help me fulfil my goal of quitting smoking.( Note using nicotine liquids at present).
    It’s hard to be negative as I’ve literally not owned this pen for long, but on the face of it, it appears durable and at present more than meets my needs. Time will tell in terms of reliability etc.

  2. I have been a customer of Jac Vapour for just over a year and previously used the smaller vgo e cig which was great. After seeing the release of the series e just before xmas I decided to give it a go and after the initial shock on the size (lot bigger than the small vgo2) I have to say this thing rocks!

    Battery lasts me ages and the tank spits out loads of vapour clouds.

    Jac vapour customer service has always been brilliant and I feel confident when buying their products. Would heartily recommend this to anyone that is on the fence.


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