jac vapour originals nic salt e-liquid review

JAC Vapour Goes Back To Basics With A New Twist On Old Favourites And A New Nic Salt Range

As the name suggests the JAC Vapour Originals line of e-liquid is from back in 2010 and brought bang up to date with a little bit of tinkering.

These are now 80PG 20VG meaning deeper more intense flavour and a harder hit to the back of the throat making them ideal for new vapers and those of us who still enjoy a good mouth to lung vape. They are available in 6mg, 12mg and 18mg nicotine strengths.

There’s a mix of tobacco and menthol with another dessert based flavour for those with a sweet tooth.

The company has also released two flavours in their new Smoking nic salt based range (available in 12mg and 18mg) and we’ll look at those too.

I’m a huge fan of JAC Vapour devices and e-liquids but as always and despite these being sent to me for the purposes of this review – my thoughts and opinions are my own.

For the record I ran 2ml of each e-liquid through the Innokin T20S Prism tank and dripped on the GeekVape Ammit MTL RDA.

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British Blend Tobacco – 6mg-12mg-18mg – 80PG/20VG

jac-originals-british-blend review

JAC says:

British Blend Tobacco is a smooth and mellow tobacco option, carefully crafted for those looking for the flavour of popular UK tobaccos.

I Say:

As I’ve already stated I’m a huge tobacco flavour juice especially in the mornings – old habits and all that.

Before I packed up I was on 40 plus roll ups per day using the Amber Leaf brand and this one took me back to say the least!

The smoothness is what comes through the most with rich deep woody tones with the merest hint of sweetness on the exhale.

This one has replaced my go to brand lets put it that way!

American Blend Tobacco – 6mg-12mg-18mg – 80PG/20VG


JAC Says:

American Blend Tobacco has been carefully crafted to offer a more intense, authentic replication of popular US tobaccos.

I Say:

Ah remember thinking you were cool smoking Marlboros from a squashy packet given we only had boxes here in the UK?

You could always tell a red pack smoker was in the room because let’s be honest the smell even to smokers was horrid – think burning camel turds lol.

However I bloody loved the harsh rich deep flavour with a real throat hit and JAC has replicated that whole sensation perfectly.

A strong deeply satisfying tobacco vape with layers of flavour.

Turkish Blend Tobacco – 6mg-12mg-18mg – 80PG/20VG


JAC says:

For lovers of more exotic tobacco flavours, Turkish Blend is packed with rich, nutty flavour that’ll hit the spot.

I Say:

I don’t think I’ve ever actually smoked real Turkish tobacco however I have vaped on a popular e-liquid brand and enjoyed it very much.

I found this one a little drier than the previous two and even a little harsher on the throat which new vapers might really enjoy.

It wasn’t an issue for me given I still enjoy that tickle on the tonsils and the exhale does indeed give a hint of a nutty sweetness.

This one has grown on me as I’ve emptied the bottle.

Classic Menthol – 6mg-12mg-18mg – 80PG/20VG


JAC Says:

Classic Menthol is packed with cool, menthol flavour that’ll blow the cobwebs away. Refreshingly chilling.

I Say:

I’m not a big fan of menthol vapes – probably due to me making myself sick as a kid smoking a packet of my mom’s Consulates lol.

This is indeed a strong menthol to say the least that whilst not actually making my eyes water did leave my tongue numb.

Sorry not for me but I’m sure regular menthol vapers will adore this one.

Ice Menthol – 6mg-12mg-18mg – 80PG/20VG

JAC Says:


Want to take your menthol vape to the next level? Ice Menthol dials up the intensity to 11, for when only an arctic blast of menthol will hit the spot.

I Say:

I wasn’t even going to try this one lol – but in the interest of fun and science I had a toot or two…

If the normal menthol left my tongue numb this one felt as if I’d got it stuck in the freezer.

Even my head got brain freeze!

Yeah I know I’m a bit of a wimp but trust me if you’re looking for an ice storm in your mouth this one is it!

Cherry Tart – 6mg-12mg-18mg – 80PG/20VG


JAC Says:

In the mood for something a little fruity? Cherry Tart is packed with tasty cherry notes which fans of cherry bakewells will appreciate.

I Say:

I absolutely love Bakewell Tarts and JAC has absolutely nailed this one.

Cherry is one of those flavours that not handled right can come across as a bit of a chemical aftertaste – not so in this case.

The sweet almost jam like cherries are washed with almond/marzipan before a gentle crust arrives creating a truly delicious and extremely moreish exhale.

If you like sweet dessert vapes this one is ideal – though the taste does seem to linger in your mouth for quite some time!

Two From the JAC Vapour Smoking E-Liquid Range

I guess some folks might be a little indignant at labeling this line Smoking – but hey snowflakes will be snowflakes lol.

OK here’s how JAC describes their new Nic Salt range:

Using nicotine salts, we’ve created the most authentic tobacco e-liquids available.

The SMOKING range is designed to replicate the sensation on smoking with a fast, smooth nicotine hit. If you’re ready to make the switch to vaping, or just seeking a new and truly authentic and effective tobacco alternative, give SMOKING a try.

I guess those last few words will trigger a few of you out there lol…

OK there’s just two flavours in the line up so far.

UK Tobacco – Smoking Nic Salts – 18mg – 70PG 30VG


JAC Says:

Packed with rich, smoky flavour – you’ll barely notice the difference. No need to change your behaviour – SMOKING UK Tobacco mimics the sensation of smoking, delivering a fast, smooth nicotine hit. A super smooth vape, even at higher nicotine strengths.

I Say:

You’ve gotta love nic salt based e-liquids and by now we know how useful they are for newbies to vaping.

The hit off this 18mg strength is wonderfully smooth with no harshness at all.

Flavour wise it hits the spot too with a perfectly balanced dryness with layers of earthy notes finished off on the exhale with a hint of sweetness – reminiscent of a good RY4 blend.

Definitely one for beginners!

Tobacco Menthol – Smoking Nic Salts – 18mg – 70PG 30VG


JAC Says:

Carefully balanced smoky tobacco and cooling menthol notes for the most realistic menthol tobacco experience around.

I Say:

Oh dear…another menthol lol.

However and for some reason I quite liked this one – I can be such a fickle fellow at times!

Not sure if the nic salt element calmed things down on the menthol front but I really quite enjoyed this one – especially given the heatwave we’re currently experiencing here in the UK.

A very refreshing vape reminiscent of Polo Mints rather than Extra Strong mints – very nice indeed especially with that warming tobacco flavour coming through on the exhale.

Final Review Verdict

OK I’ll say it again – it was a JAC Vapour device that finally got me off the cancer sticks so obviously I have a lot of time for the company.

I’ve also had the pleasure of reviewing plenty of their e-liquids too – the Bryn’s Special Sauce ejuice range in particular is a personal favourite.

Whilst many vapers quickly move away from tobacco flavours – many of us still enjoy a crisp smoky vape.

I have to say every single one of the tobacco flavours – the Originals and the Smoking nic salt are perfectly balanced and a joy to vape on.

The menthol whilst not my cup of tea are definitely cooling and should hit the spot for those looking for that ice cold hit.

The Cherry Tart is a strange addition to the range tasting more like it should be a 3mg with an 80VG 20PG mix for sub ohm vapers – but regular MTL vapers and beginners to vaping will enjoy the sweeter taste.

JAC set out to go back to its roots and has done it perfectly – The JAC Vapour Originals and Smoking nic salt flavours are another highly recommended range of e-liquids.

BTW I can only review based on my taste experience – hence the lower scores for the menthols so don’t let that put you off 😉

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British Blend Tobacco
American Blend Tobacco
Turkish Blend Tobacco
Classic Menthol
Ice Menthol
Cherry Tart
UK Tobacco
Tobacco Menthol
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