Savour RTA – A Dual Purpose RTA Designed To Look High End – So Is This A High End Vape?

The 3CVape Savour RTA is, I think I’m right in saying, the first device to be released by a UK based YouTube reviewer – in this case Richard aka Vaping V1ck in conjunction with 3CVape.

It might be described as predominantly a MTL RTA [mouth to lung] but the inclusion of a 2.5ml extra post means it can be switched easily to a DTL [direct to lung] style vape.

Incidentally do check out our guide Mouth To Lung (MTL) VS Direct To Lung (DTL) Vaping: What’s The Difference? to find out more on the subject.

SAVOUR-rta review

OK Richard enjoys the look and vape quality off some of those high end tanks and RTAs such as the StattQualm Squape and that has most definitely influenced the design – it looks as pretty as a picture.

So a high end styled RTA at a price us mere mortal vapers can afford?

So what’s the catch I hear you ask…Let’s dive in and take a closer look.

BTW back at last May’s Vaper Expo I met up with Richard and was fortunate to have a toot and I was impressed then so has my opinion changed?

This was sent to me for the purpose of this review free of charge and as always that no way affects my opinion.

I’d also like to send my sincere apologies to both Richard and 3CVape for the delay in getting this review out – been a tough summer…

An Introduction to the Savour RTA From Vaping V1ck

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Inside the Box

Smart box covered by a sleeve and inside you’ll find:

  • 1x 3CVape Savour MTL RTA
  • 1x Extra Glass Tube
  • 1x Accessories Bag

savour rta review

3CVape Savour RTA Specs

  • 22mm Diameter
  • 2ml E-Juice Capacity
  • Threaded Top Fill
  • PEEK Insulated Positive Post
  • Adjustable Bottom AFC
  • 5mm bore 510 Drip Tip
  • Gold Plated 510 Pin

Key Features

It might be described [even on the tank itself] as a MTL [mouth to lung] RTA but the inclusion of a separate post system means this can be used in DTL [direct to lung] mode.

As to the kind of MTL and DTL vape you can expect I’ll cover soon.

It’s a bottom fed airflow system with three holes all of which appear to be the same size.

savour rta airflow

The 3CVape Savour is a single coil deck and given it’s just a 22mm RTA it’s very small to work on – however the clever raised posts means despite the lack of space building isn’t an issue at all – even for my clumsy fingers.

Being so compact the wicking ports are also tiny and it is suggestive of a genesis style deck – I’ll go into more detail on the building and wicking later.

It comes in x2 colours – black and stainless steel and in the box is a raft of extras including that extra post – plenty of spare O rings and screws and a spare clear glass tank.

It ships with a frosted and an Ultem drip tip – which despite my usual dislike of those I enjoy the look especially with the matching tank – comfortable on the lips too and other 510’s I’ve tried fit well.

Being a top fill 2ml RTA it’s fully TPD compliant and as you can see from the photos Richard has taken the design style to match those higher end tanks such as the Squape – that he freely admits to enjoying.

The chamber is extremely small and compact with slight doming which is designed to increase the flavour potential – more on that later.

Design and Build Quality

3CVAPE are not a brand I’m familiar with and their FaceBook link points to a site called Squirming Coils.

Incidentally the company has just released the Sahara RDA which looks awesome…

Either way and straight to the point the machining and overall build quality on the Savour RTA is without doubt sublime.

savour rta components

It breaks down completely – ideal for cleaning – and every single thread is a joy – for such a tiny device the workmanship is first rate.

Design wise I absolutely bloody love it and it really does replicate those gorgeous – but sometimes over-complicated high end tanks that cost up to 5x the price of the Savour RTA.

savour rta top cap

As you can see I received the black version and with that ultem tank and drip tip it looks absolutely stunning – and I love that tiered top-cap very very smart indeed.

So it ticks the build – key features and design boxes so how does it vape?

How Does the 3CVape Savour RTA Perform?

OK out of the box the Savour RTA is set up in MTL mode.

I popped in a simple stainless steel coil which read out at 0.67 ohms.

Wicking was a little fiddly the first time given the size of everything – key here is to really thin those cotton legs out and gently tease them through the tiny ports.

savour rta dna 75 jacvapour

I found barely seeing the bottom of the wicks through the deck and base gave the best vape – too much cotton stuffed in and you will choke the life out of it – finesse people!

Airflow MTL Style

Of the AFC I preferred vaping on the MTL deck with them fully open.

This gave me a much looser MTL vape but still restricted enough to give a proper mouth to lung experience.

Half open the vape was just about loose enough for me however the tiny air flow hole was much too restrictive for my MTL vaping style – if you like it tight this is one for you 😉

Flavour MTL Style

I vaped at 18.5w with the simple 0.67ohms coil and initially the first third of the tank was as I expect from most tanks a little weak flavour wise.


Once that coil and wick had bedded in the next two thirds and the next few fills were nothing short of stunning.

Intense flavour bringing out levels of new taste from the Black Note Sonata e-liquid I hadn’t appreciated before – wow!

Super smooth vape and pretty much silent even fully open too.

Whilst this is a flavour chasers dream the vapour was pretty good too.

I did push it to 21.5 watts and whilst it wasn’t an uncomfortably warm vape it did become a little to warm for my build and taste – the tank however did not.

Airflow DTL Style

Swapping out the post was easy and as I always say if I can do it you’ll have no problems lol.

OK I’ve reviewed and used many tanks and RTAs that ‘claim’ to be able to switch vaping styles and only a few have pulled it off.

I used a simple Clapton coil coming out at bang on 3ohms and vaped around 40 to 50w.

With the airflow open to the max the draw as you expect is on the restricted side of a lung hit – think the Asmodus Zesthia and Augvape Intake.

dtl post savour rta
2.5ml DTL post

It IS definitely on the more restricted side of things but what that does is intensify the flavour definitely but also gives a rich full vape in the mouth if you get what I mean.

On the medium and tight setting things got a little too restricted for me but the flavour if anything went up a notch as you might expect.

The vapour was impressive to say the least – even on the tightest setting – so a flavour chaser it might be but you certainly get your clouds worth 😉

Flavour DTL Style

I’m currently hooked on Contra from Wick Liquor and have got to know the taste extremely well over the summer.

It’s an 80 VG 20 PG blend so I was interested in seeing how the 3CVape Savour RTA wicked a thicker consistency.

I needn’t have worried as it kept up a treat even whilst chain vaping the bubbles were a sure sign that this little beauty wicks like a charm.

Vaping V1ck Tutorial On Building In DTL Mode

With the airflow wide open the flavour absolutely burst on my taste buds giving me one hell of a vape – a little restricted for me but wow that flavour was stunning.

It’s a lovely thick rich vape – which gets better the tighter you close off the AF and the clouds even at a lowly 47w were awesome.

I’ll say it again…wow!


  • Outstanding flavour
  • Fantastic build quality
  • Good clouds
  • Easy deck to build on
  • Spare post hole to switch styles
  • Plenty of airflow options
  • Quiet!
  • Stunning design
  • Gentle on the juice!
  • Great price


Just a niggle…

  • The Savour MTL RTA logo on the top a little in your face in the SS version

Final Review Verdict

OK for his first project Richard aka Vaping V1ck has absolutely nailed this one.

The design and yeah even the ultem tank and drip tip has absolutely blown me away – it looks bloody gorgeous and has a vape quality to match.

Anyone who’s used a high end RDA or RTA will immediately recognize the styling and design and whilst I have vaped on a few £100+ tanks [vaped not bought lol] this one certainly matches them and then some.

savour rta vaping v1ck review
Vaping V1ck With His ‘Baby’

Despite its teeny size building is as simple as it gets and whilst wicking can be a bit fiddly initially it soon becomes second nature.

And despite being a leaky old fellah I’ve not had one and this has been in my rucksack ALL summer long.

There’s quite a bit of airflow for a smaller tank but the options are enough to set it to your preferred style.

The fact you get a separate post to switch this to DTL is a massive bonus and in either style the flavour from the Savour RTA is quite simply phenomenal.

Fantastic job mate and trust me if you guys ‘n gals haven’t got one in your collection yet – I suggest you go out and buy the 3CVape Savour RTA now 😉

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Ease of Use
Replace If Lost Or Stolen?
I have simpler vape tastes these days - I never leave home without a Caliburn G, a Vaporesso Luxe 40 or Innokin EQ FLTR and a CBD vape pen or bottle of CBD drops in my rucksack...or indeed an Aspire Nautilus Prime X in my pocket... At home I'll be using various mods topped with the GeekVape Zeus X RTA or the Signature Mods Mono SQ topped with the Augvape BTFC RDA... I'm a former journalist and now a writer and sometimes author... I'm ex Army - adore dogs and never happier than hiking over the hills or with a good book on a beach.
3cvape-savour-rta-reviewA contender for RTA of 2018? I think so - it's adaptable delivers incredible flavour gives decent clouds and has a high end design at a brilliant price...highly recommended...and definitely one to savour...


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