Mysterious and Exotic Ingredients To Say The Least – So How Do The Wick Liquor Juices Vape and Taste?

To say I was delighted to receive the complete Wick Liquor e-liquid range for review is an understatement!

I have a bit of a head start on this particular taste test given two of the flavours are in my all-time top 5 and I’ve had a few goes on the rest at both Expo and my local vape shop.

Wick Liquor is a UK based juice manufacture and as you can see from the intriguing and exotic ingredients they really do live up to the description of a Boutique blenders of e-liquids!

wick liquor e-liquid review

Incidentally I reckon the company’s writer should get a job at the Tamworth tourist office because he or she has made that little town – not far from where I was born and brought up in a little village near Lichfield – almost magical lol:

Way out west, where the arid sands crash against the vice and vandalism of the big city, a passionate group of mavericks are rolling into town.

Weighed down with stories of a sumptuous ‎desert oasis that they encountered during their journey, carrying a fistful of contraband potions, messengers from the wild dunes, delivering their precious cargo to the eager taste buds of the city-dwellers.

Their gift to the skyscrapers carries the hallmarks of a midnight moonshine run through these desolate badlands. They are the brave pilgrims, they carry the Wick Liquor.

Love it! And as I once got a right kicking in Tamworth [very many years ago in my youth lol] I can testify that it was very much a badland back in the seventies!

OK enough trips down painful memory lanes – let’s get into the review.

The juice was sent to me from E-cigarette Direct – thank you – and whilst free of charge that in no way impacts on my thoughts or opinions…though saying that I bloody adore 2 of the flavours – regular use being an understatement.

You can buy the 80/20 PG/VG Wick Liquor e-liquids in the zero nic 50ml short-fill – or Big Block as they call them – nic salts and TPD friendly 10ml bottles and of course those 150ml Juggernauts that being a greedy sod I tend to go for.

For the record I used my go too flavour popping dripper – the BTFC RDA from Augvape – wicked with FUZZ cotton on top of the Lost Vape Triade DNA 250c with a pair of basic Clapton coils with a resistance of 0.17 ohms at 77. I didn’t add a nic shot.

Carnival – 50ml Big Block – Zero Nicotine

wick liquor carnival review

Wick Liquor Say:

Santa Monica glazed dough rings and Cholo sugar skull cake.

I Say:

Not a big fan of cake or donut vapes – I think the last one I quite liked was the one from Cheap Thrills.

The smell from Carnival is very sweet indeed with maybe a hint – and I mean a hint – of some kind of herb or mellow spice maybe? Can’t put my finger on it but there’s definitely a hint of something – the mystery (like the vapour) thickens!

The inhale is not as sweet as you might suspect – and there’s more of a vanilla laced cake than doughiness – that obviously comes from the glazed topping.

The exhale is a little calmer on the sweetness scale and whilst I wouldn’t class this as an all-day vape – I have found I’ve enjoyed this one with a cup of strong coffee.

BTW cholo appears to be a slang or derogatory name for a member of a Mexican street gang – whilst those skull cakes are usually baked for the Dia de Los Muertos – or day of the dead…

One to revive those taste-buds for sure and almost floats my flavour boat…think about it 😉

Déjà Voodoo – 50ml Big Block– Zero Nicotine

wick liquor deja voodoo review

Wick Liquor Say:

Santa Barbara coconut husk and Chula Vista sugar cane

I Say:

A quick Google tells me coconuts don’t grow in California…however the fitness and vegan freaks seem to power a really big market for all things coconuts…or should I say they seem to go nuts for the coconut…

Meanwhile Chula Vista is a seaside town and translates as ‘beautiful view’. So a coconut vape with a scenic view…interesting lol…

My view on this one? Bloody hell this is tasty yet weird lol…

The coconut certainly comes through but seems tamed if that makes sense – however that doesn’t mean the flavour is muted – far from it.

What you get is like a thick deep not to sweet but certainly sweet enough slightly coconutty creamy vape. I can only liken this to a natural coconut milk mixed with freshly pulped sugar cane syrup blended with fresh cream to make a very naughty and tasty smoothie.

There’s no hint of chemicals either – just a very clean yet creamy natural juicy flavour that you have to keep vaping on to actually get a handle on the very clever mixing.

Weirdly delicious and extremely addictive.

Boulevard – 50ml Big Block – Zero Nicotine

wick liquor boulevard review

Mardi Gras fruit punch and fortified Malibu Loganberry pulp

I Say:

This one’s a juice that has stayed in my top 5 of all time since last summer when it seemed everyone on Facebook was banging on about it and I gave it a blast.

No idea what a Mardi Gras fruit punch is supposed to be or come to that how a loganberry smashed into extinction tastes.

What I can say is fruit lovers rejoice – especially if you enjoy a deep and mysterious fruity vape that reminds me uncannily of Rowntrees fruit gums that I sucked and chewed on back in the day!

Not too sweet – not too sharp – just a wondrous explosion of levels and levels of flavour that still blows my mind – absolutely stunning…and then some.

Boulevard Shattered – 50ml Big Block – Zero Nicotine

wick liquor boulevard shattered review

Wick Liquor Say:

Charged with Matanuska Alaskan Crystals- Mardi Gras fruit punch and fortified Malibu Loganberry pulp

I Say:

It’s that same fruit punch but with a twist…

The twist in this case is those fantastical [ok invented lol] Matanuska Alaskan Crystals – or a posh coolada….or for down to earth types like me – a bit of ice chucked in…

OK that’s doing it an injustice to say the least – me snippy? Naw…because if the inhale gives a hint of things to come – it’s the exhale where those icy crystals hit the back of your throat. And what a hit!

I don’t do menthol vapes however this is more a palate cleansing clean fresh hint of menthol for sure – but more of a kick of a cooling agent that leaves your mouth tingling and fresh.

As you blow away the last of the vapour that awesome fruity punch lingers making this one of the most moreish vapes I’ve ever tasted…a wondrous refreshing clean mix that leaves you wanting more and more…wow!

Contra – 50ml Big Block – Zero Nicotine

wick liquor contra e-liquid review

Wick Liquor Say:

Sicilian vine citrus and Porta Fortuna fruit compote.

I Say:

I’ve saved the best to last. This is my favourite all time e-liquid and I’ve lost count of the number of the 150ml Juggernaut bottles I’ve ploughed through!

As soon as I first read the description I just knew this was bang on my flavour profile and as you can see I wasn’t disappointed.

That citrus is tartily acidic and almost cuttingly so on the inhale – a sensation I bloody love.

However before you pull that sucking on a lemon face in comes the sweeter notes of the Porta Fortuna compote – roughly translated as a lucky charm [as in jewellery not breakfast cereal] posh jam 😉

On the exhale the two collide bringing an almost sharp lemon and orange marmalade tangy taste that I can only describe as deliciously divine.

Absolutely wondrous stuff and as I said my best e-liquid of all time…buy some!

Final Review Verdict

I said at the beginning of this Wick Liqour e-liquid review I had a bit of a head start given two of the flavours are in my top 5 of all time and one is my absolute best tasting juice ever!

I even like the hit of ice that comes with the Boulevard Shattered and that – given I don’t do menthol or over cooled flavours – surprised me. I can see that one being a go too if we get another hot summer.

Even that almost too sweet coconut vape had my senses going into overdrive – it really is as mysterious as the ingredients and I still can’t pin it down as to why I actually really like it! The magic of mixing I guess!

As for the cake come donut? Almost too sweet but just and I mean just holds on to my preferred not to sweet flavour profiles. It’s another one that’s deep and delicious with layers of magical flavours that blend together perfectly.

The vapour off all five e-liquids is rich thick and almost bite-able and as you might expect from an 80/20 VG PG mix the clouds are phenomenal.

Wick Liquor have created one of the very best ranges of e-liquids you’re ever likely to taste…highly recommended is an understatement.

Déjà Voodoo
Boulevard Shattered
I have simpler vape tastes these days - I never leave home without a Caliburn G, a Vaporesso Luxe 40 or Innokin EQ FLTR and a CBD vape pen or bottle of CBD drops in my rucksack...or indeed an Aspire Nautilus Prime X in my pocket... At home I'll be using various mods topped with the GeekVape Zeus X RTA or the Signature Mods Mono SQ topped with the Augvape BTFC RDA... I'm a former journalist and now a writer and sometimes author... I'm ex Army - adore dogs and never happier than hiking over the hills or with a good book on a beach.
wick-liquor-e-liquid-reviewTruly the Nectar of the Gods - exotic and mysterious ingredients and clever mixology that create some of the finest e-liquids I've ever tasted...more than highly recommended...Bravo!


  1. These flavor profiles sound amazing. I love the fruity flavors most. What is your favorite flavor profile?
    I have been vaping since 2009.


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