Alchemists Cupboard: Turkish Delight

Our recent Chocolate Limes e-liquid review from Alchemists Cupboard gave some decent results, next up we have Turkish Delight. As soon as I saw this I had to order it, big fan of said chocolate bar! Again, this is part of the 5ml sample pack order and is nicotine free, a good way to try a number of e-liquids!

alchemists cupboard e-liquid

The Turkish Delight e-liquid comes in a 70PG/30VG split and with this particular flavour, as recommended by Alchemists Cupboard, I let it steep for just over a week before filling my clearomiser.

Alchemists Cupboard description: “The Alchemists Turkish Delight is another almost exact flavour replication. Vaping this exotic tasting E-liquid is just like eating that famous brand chocolate bar… soft, sweet, moreish, rose flavoured Turkish Delight that has been covered in just the right amount of rich milk chocolate.

The inhale predominantly draws in the sweet rose flavour, the exhale is more chocolate, leaving a wonderful combined flavour in the mouth that   will fool you into thinking you are eating it!”

E Cig used in this review: Innokin Cool Fire II at 9W with iClear 30B Clearomiser


There was the familiar smell drifting from the bottle, unmistakeably Turkish Delight, so a good start there.

My initial few vapes on this were not good at all, very floral flavour that leaves an almost numbing effect on the tongue.

I did almost give up on it but thought I would give it a fair chance and I’m glad I did. The floral flavour does mellow and mixed with a hint of chocolate it really does taste very close to the real thing, it’s a strange vape for sure but I do kind of like it.

Would it be an all day vape for me? No, this isn’t personally an all dayer for me, a small session now and then is about right and does enough to get the hankering for a Turkish Delight vape out of the way.

Vapour Volume

The 30% VG in the mix does help produce a decent vapour volume.

Throat Hit

This is a zero nicotine juice for testing purposes so there is no throat hit with this.

Production Details

Alchemists Cupboard go into detail on their website regarding their manufacturing processes and standards, great to see and something I would like more e-liquid companies to be more transparent about.

They have built a clean room with air locked gowning room which fits in with set guidelines for labs and green rooms.

Very reassuring to see that Alchemists Cupboard are very transparent with their facilities.


Initially a very strange flavour which I didn’t like at all, too much of a floral flavour. I did however stick with it and found it really did grow on me after a short while and the Turkish Delight flavour was very close to the real thing.

It is however as they mention a definite love/hate e-liquid.

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