Innokin Cool Fire 2 Military Inspired Design

UPDATE: Check out the new Cool Fire devices:

The Innokin Cool Fire 2 and Cool Fire 1 are the latest edition to the Innokin brand.

They have been producing electronic cigarettes for a number of years, the first product of theirs I tried was the Innokin AIO which at the time was a great mini e cig option and something that stood out from the cig-a-like crowd with their PCC.

Standing out from the crowd is something important in an e cig market that is seeing a whole host of products enter the market that do a very similar job to each other.

Aesthetically, Innokin tick all the boxes for me, from the iTaste VV 3.0, the 134 and the VTR 134, I’m really liking what their design department are doing. But of course, all that is for nothing if the performance doesn’t match.

That brings me to the latest addition to the Innokin family, the Cool Fire 2, keeping up with their military inspired themes.

cool fire 2 boxedIn the box / Presentation

The Innokin Cool Fire II comes in a very tidy and well designed cardboard presentation box.

In the box you will find the following:

  • 1 X Cool Fire II
  • 1 X Innokin iClear 30B Clearomiser
  • Instructions

Body, design & function

This is an 18350 battery setup that for me is good, I do tend to carry a spare around as a backup though if I’m out and about.

Of course the Innokin Cool Fire 2 doesn’t come with a battery so you will need to buy one separately if you haven’t already got one.

Cool Fire 2 Grenade ReviewThe actual looks of the Cool Fire II is the thing that is going to be a love/hate thing for a whole host of different reasons.

Now this sort of design isn’t going to be for everyone, it is after all designed to resemble the ‘Pineapple’ grenade, officially know as the MK2, used in WW2.

Maybe a bit of a ‘boys toy’?

I personally love the design but it was the actual quality of the finish and weight (it is weighty) that impressed me.

Add to this that it fits perfectly in the palm of the hand and the powder coated finish that adds a nice texture, I didn’t want to put it down!

Innokin Cool Fire 2 BodyThis is a variable wattage mod that has a rotating metal band at the base of the neck to choose your preferred wattage.

The band is easy to turn with while holding in one hand and has a satisfying click when each setting is selected, it’s also quite secure when it’s chosen wattage so there shouldn’t be any knocking it out of place accidental.

The wattage options are as follows: 7 – 8 – 8.5 – 9 – 9.5 – 10.5 – 11 – 12 – 12.5. The numbers look like they have been laser etched into the metal and as such they can be difficult to see in certain lights due to reflection.

Not a huge issue and one that doesn’t affect the overall product for me.

There is also a 3 button on/off function as well as a host of more technical features such as:

  • Reverse Battery Protection Circuit.
  • Built in 7A fuse for protection and stability.
  • Short Circuit Protection.( 0.6 +/-0.2 ohm )
  • LED Battery Power Display. The LED light in the button lights up green (full), amber (half) or red (charging required) when you click to vape indicating the remaining battery life.
  • Low Voltage Warning.
  • Overtime Vaping Warning – Device will cut off after 10 seconds
  • Maximum output voltage: 6v unloaded
  • Maximum output current: 5.oA
  • Maximum output wattage 12.5
  • Minimum clearomiser resistance: 1.0 ohm

Innokin Cool Fire 2 18350 batteryThere are 6 vent holes in the battery compartments screw cap, at first it feels a bit tricky getting the screw cap on as a bit of pressure is needed until you engage the first thread.

Once you get used to this, like most things it gets easier.

Also not the smoothest threading I have come across but this could be sorted quite easily if you need to.


The overall quality is fantastic and with a good weight to it feels great in the hand. The 18350 battery is fine for me and I always have a spare just in case.

The wattage bezel control is solid and won’t be knocked out of place easily. Only minor issue would be that the number markings can be difficult to see in certain lights and there is a slight stiffness to the screw cap threading.

Neither are serious problems though

Vapour / Flavour

Innokin have included the new iClear 30B clearomiser Dual Coil clearomiser that has a replaceable bottom coil and 360 degrees rotating mouth piece. The tank is also made from poly carbonate and has a 3ml capacity.

innokin iclear 30b clearomiserThey are of course a 510 fitting and once the collar, which has two air holes, is on top of the Cool Fire II they sit well together.

I would personally prefer it without the bumble bee stripes but that’s just me. I’m also really liking my rota-table mouth pieces at the moment which adds a touch more comfort to the vape as a whole.

iClear 30B ClearoPerformance wise, the iClear 30B did a great to start with. For this review I was using the Pear Drop e-liquid from The Flavour Factory and this was a real treat in this clearomiser.

I settled on 9 watts which for my taste buds gave me a good warmth while bringing the flavour out nicely.

The vapour volume this produced was also excellent.

I did have issues with leaking/flooding though that would require consistently removing the clearomiser and mopping up the juice as well as blowing juice out of the tube.

I am trying new atomiser heads to see if this was the issue and will update this Innokin iClear 30B review when I find out more.

Overall – The iClear 30B produced some great flavour and vapour volume minus any gurgling sounds. 


UK E Cig Store offer a 7 day return. Please see their website for full T&C’s.

Overall – Or For those that Skip to the end!

Innokin for me have produced another great product in the Cool Fire II. Is the design for everyone? I would say no. Will some people get a little upset about the design or even see it as irresponsible? Maybe. I for one really like the design but that doesn’t mean I’m going to be taking this through customs any time soon, that would be ill advised.

The good thing here is that Innokin have also produced a product that also works a treat as well, the VW function works as it should and is simple to control, it has all the safety functions expected and when paired with the right clearomiser the results are excellent.

Final Innokin Cool Fire 2 Review Verdict:

Excellent: Highly Recommended By

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